Here Are 5 Things Your Baby Loves In The Womb

No sooner does a woman announce her pregnancy, she’s flooded with advice and gifts by her friends and family members. It could be anything – her favorite food, smart pregnancy outfits or special shoes to fit her swollen feet into – this is the general stuff that people around get for her. While the expecting mother enjoys all the attention, she does her bit for the baby as well. She’ll shop for stuff like baby clothes, general toys, or diaper bags. But all of this is for the baby after he/she arrives. Because, according to most of them, how are they to know what the baby would like until he/she is here, right? Wrong. Have you too been thinking on similar lines lately? Then here’s a “gotcha” moment for you – there are quite a few things that a baby ‘actually’ loves while still in the womb!! Surprised?? We wouldn’t blame you if you are. So, lets put everything aside for a while and check out 5 of the things that your baby loves in the womb. Here goes –

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1. The Mother’s Voice


Ever noticed how a newborn baby shows preference to the mother’s voice? When the baby is disturbed, he/she is easily calmed by her voice. When the mother plays with the baby, he/she smiles and coos. At times, even when babies are alone in their cradle/crib, just hearing their mother’s voice immediately makes them happy. All this is because once the baby’s ears develop in the womb, he/she loves to hear the mother’s voice. So, talk to your baby or bond over a story while he/she is still in the womb. Still better, sing for your baby. Your voice needn’t be like that of a professional singer because your baby will love it anyways!

2. Soft Music

Now that you’ve decided to sing, you can add a dash of music to it as well. It is believed that listening to music releases the ‘happiness hormone’ serotonin. So, play your favorite music at a suitable volume and sing along. Make sure the music is not jarring as it can have a disturbing effect on the baby. And yes, your baby can hear the music just like he/she can hear your voice – without headphones! So don’t put them around your belly.

3. Belly Massages


Your belly might be bearing the brunt (pun intended) of your pregnancy. But believe us, it isn’t easy for your baby as well. The fact that he/she is restricted to a small space must be a little tiring for your growing baby too. So, go for some soft belly massages with natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil. The massaging will not only moisturize your stretching skin but will also provide stimulation to your baby. However, stick to natural oils and ensure you do not exert excess pressure while massaging.

4. Happy Mood

It is quite natural to get stressed during pregnancy. There are many reasons that this can happen – hormones, pregnancy-related health issues, or even general family stressors. However, try to manage your stress levels as this definitely affects your baby. It is a simple logic – if your baby can sense your happiness, he/she can sense your stress and sorrow too. So, keep your sunny side up as much as you can. You never know, your baby might just be smiling inside the womb.

5. Delicious Food

Delicious Food

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And you thought those food cravings were only for you? You might have observed a number of times that after you’d have finished eating, your baby would have moved. Just like how a stomach-full meal satisfies you, it is the same with the baby as well. It also gives your baby the much-needed energy boost. So, don’t hold back when those cravings strike. Eat as much as you can. Because that’s what your baby loves too!

Now that you know what your baby loves, maybe it’s time for you to make a new list of gifts for your baby before he/she comes into this world. After all, your baby definitely deserves them!

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