10 Things Your Mom Never Told You

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Mothers are the best; almost like angels from above. They love wholeheartedly, unconditionally, and are undeniably selfless. After all, mothers would do anything for their children.

Moms love their children so much that they may be hiding things from them just to keep them happy. Not sure what we are talking about? Being a mom, in our opinion, is like having a 24/7 job. As kids, we make their lives exhausting, life-changing, heart-wrenching. And of course, rewarding. (yeah, you can wave your collar now)

However, as we grow up, we understand how much our mothers go through for us, which leaves us with nothing but gratitude and gratefulness. So, here are the ten things your mom has never told you.

1. “Burrppp!” That’s What Your Mom Wanted To See You Do.

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As mentioned, moms are extremely selfless. If there’s only one piece of brownie, she will let you have it in a heartbeat. Apart from the fact that your eyes get huge and you may or may not drool a little bit, she will always think of your happiness first. Also, she knows what your tummy wants – thanks to mommy superpowers.

2. Those … Tears …

Let’s imagine how she probably cried (out of sheer happiness) when she found out she was pregnant. She cried when she gave birth to you and when she first held you. We don’t necessarily mean we are blaming you for your mother’s tears. It’s just that they tend to cry with fear and worry for you, or even your own pain and happiness.


3. She Was Hurt. A LOT:

We probably don’t remember actually doing this, but we most definitely hurt her by pulling her hair, by grabbing her with sharp fingernails, by biting her while drinking milk, bruising her while kicking her within the womb. We even stretched her stomach; we put her through labor pain; contractions and what not.

*I am sorry, Mom*


4. Moms Always Carry You:

Moms are always there to lift you up physically and emotionally. Physically because she did carry you in her stomach for 9 months, she held you when you were an infant, she held you when you were a few years old, and she still holds you even if you’re too big to sit on her lap. Emotionally, she’s always there for you if your spirits need to be lifted, if you need to vent, or simply just want to cry.


5. The Perfect Woman Who Thinks She Is Not One:

As we grow up, we truly realize how awesome our moms are. However, she thinks otherwise. She is her worst critic, as she can be hard on herself when it comes to you. She may have made mistakes, but she is only human, and sadly, she regrets those mistakes because it affects you. Moms, we think you’re perfect, no matter what!

6. She Has Pulled All-nighters:

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People always complain about pulling all nighters – be it for a college essay or an office presentation, but little do you know that moms are pros at staying awake all night. When you were a baby, she would make sure you fell asleep first, no matter how late. If you’re sick all night, she will stay awake to ensure you feel better and that you have no trouble at night. Having a nightmare in the middle of the night? Mommy to the rescue!

7. Emphatic Moms:

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Mothers have strong intuition and empathy. They always know when you’re happy, sad, and angry. If you’re happy, mom is happy. If you’re sad and crying, mom will start crying too, because their heart breaks to see you in tears.

8. You Always Come First:

Guess what comes before you for your mom? Nothing. In her mind, your wants and needs are more important than hers, and this will never change. NEVER.

9. She’s Always Afraid:

From the moment you were conceived and till now, no matter how old you are, she will always protect you. We are sure you’ve had plenty of arguments with your mom because of a party she didn’t let you go to, or a road trip with your friends she said no to. It’s only because she is afraid for your safety; her mama bear instincts kick in. She stays up late just to make sure you are home safe and sound, and even the smallest tummy ache worries her because all she wants is for you to be okay.

10. No Regrets:

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These points may seem as if kids are terrible, but that’s not true. No matter what, your mom will go through everything all over again. Despite the pain, grief, and other bad moments, this is one experience she will always cherish.

As you can see, being a mother is difficult and time consuming, but also an absolute pleasure. Now that you know what mothers go through, give your mom a big hug and tell her you love her; that’s all she needs.

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