This 10-Year-Old Thought It Was Stomach Ache. But The Truth Will Leave You Broken

Stomach Ache

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A lot of women feel blessed and overjoyed once they realise they are pregnant. Other women may feel the opposite for many reasons. Reasons we cannot and should not judge. However, every once in a while we stumble upon a freaky case of pregnancy, which leaves you stunned rather than happy or sad.

In the case below, a very young girl had no idea of what was happening to her and it all started with a stomach ache. Before we begin, keep in mind that the story and facts below may be a little disturbing.

Let’s go to Brazil where a 10 year old girl, yes 10 year old, complained about a severe stomach ache. As she was in school, her teachers ensured she was taken to a hospital.

After getting checked, the doctors came to a startling and heartbreaking conclusion – the girl was pregnant! In fact, she was very pregnant as she was into her 7th month. Surely you must be thinking how a girl this young can possibly have the capacity to get pregnant. Although in many cases, a lot of girls get their period at a young age, which means it is in fact possible for them to get pregnant.

Going back to the pregnant GIRL, her parents claimed that they never noticed how her belly was bulging and they didn’t think they had to take her frequent bouts of stomach ache seriously. Perhaps they could’ve noticed more and ignored less? What are your thoughts? Although details of the parent’s opinions aren’t clear, it is a shocking case indeed!

Obviously after such a bizarre case, there could unfortunately be only one reason, which is why the police were involved. After investigation, the police came to the conclusion that the little girl was raped. Raped by her ex-step father! He even went to the extent of threatening her by saying she would kill her family members if she ever repeated a word to anybody.

We aren’t sure if she had an abortion or not because at the stage of 7 months, it is extremely painful and difficult. There are plenty of people who may be appalled at the thought of an abortion, although sometimes few others may think it is necessary. Such as in this case. What are your thoughts?

Girls this young getting raped is sadly a common tragedy. What’s more common is that usually the rapist is a family member or relative. For example, let’s take a look at the rape statistics in Brazil.

In Brazil, rape is “alarmingly under-reported” and the data that does exist isn’t accurate. However, in Rio de Janeiro, back in 2012 statistics were published. There were 6,029 rapes in the state out of which 4,993 of the rape victims were women. In that same year, 416 women were raped per month, according to the Institute of Public Security. Later in 2013, Rio’s civil police state said that 1,822 rapes were committed and only 70 of those rapists were arrested. The rape victims were mostly young women who didn’t necessarily come from a particular social class.

A lot of people and groups are trying to spread awareness of the crimes and the laws that many people don’t abide to. For example, Eleuteria da Silva, the coordinator of Casa da Mulher Trabalhadora (CAMTRA), a women’s organization that fights against violence against women who is based in Rio de Janeiro says, “The problem is both circumstantial and chronic. Policies do exist, but they are ineffective. They are insufficient to deal with the needs, even given the extent of under-reporting.” Unfortunately, this problem isn’t only in Brazil, many other countries in South America face the same issue.

Let us know what your thoughts and opinions are, below.

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