400+ Funny, Random This-Or-That Questions For Couples

You have just got into a relationship and want to know more about them. Playing ‘This or that’ questions with straightforward binary answers will help you with the knowledge. This game is a delightful way to have fun with your partner and get to know each other better. When you have been together for some time or are in a long-distance relationship, things might start to become banal, and boredom might start to creep in. You can use this game to spruce things up and rekindle your romance. But how do you come up with the questions for the game? Fret not, as we have got you covered to address this dilemma. Plunge into this post for a list of interesting and funny questions that will help you differentiate the likes and dislikes of your partner and examine how well you and your love know one another.

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How To Play?

You need to give two options, and your partner has to elect one. They cannot choose ‘both’ or ‘none’ options. Remember, the idea of the game is to have an enjoyable time. Keep these tips in mind when asking or answering ‘this or that’ questions.

  • Do not ask highly personal or sensitive questions.
  • In case your partner is hesitant to answer a question, don’t push them. Instead, move ahead and ask a funny question.
  • If any topic interests you both, you can have a discussion. But do not argue, take sides, or debate and spoil your mood. Have a balanced conversation.
  • You can skip a question if you don’t want to answer. That’s completely alright.

Random ‘This Or That’ Questions

Here are some random queries you may ask your date or partner. You could even talk more on topics you prefer or are interested in and engage in meaningful conversations.

  1. Iron Man or Hulk?
  2. Batman or Superman?
  3. Zoo or aquarium?
  4. Surfing or snowboarding?
  5. Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece?
  6. Medieval knights or samurai?
  7. Be a regular person or a celebrity?
  8. Have a time machine or a teleportation device?
  9. Sunny-side up or over-easy eggs?
  10. Spicy food or sweet treats?
  11. Black coffee or sugar and cream?
  12. Sunrise yoga or sunset meditation?
  13. Wasp or bee?
  14. Rollerblading or skateboarding?
  15. Rich or tall?
  16. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  17. Peas or corn?
  18. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
  19. Broccoli or green beans?
Broccoli or green beans, This or That questions

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Plant a tree or adopt a pet?
  2. Sports or movies?
  3. Cartoons or podcasts?
  1. Travel or Netflix and chill?
  2. Detective or spy?
  3. Canned or frozen food?
  4. Hike a mountain or explore a cave?
  5. Waffle or pancake?
  6. Board games or card games?
  7. Fine dining or street food?
  8. Comedy club or live concert?
  9. Mountain or the beach?
  10. Chocolate chip cookies or brownies?
  11. Winter or summer?
  12. Surf the internet or read a book?
  13. Cheese or pepperoni pizza?
  14. Visit the past or future?
  15. City or countryside?
  16. Museums or adventure parks?
  17. Fruit juice or alcoholic beverage?
  18. Dancing or singing?
  19. Introvert or extrovert?
  20. Skydiving or paragliding?
  21. Wine or beer?
  22. Virtual reality or augmented reality?
  23. Cats or dogs?
  24. Crossword or Sudoku?
  25. Vintage or modern?
  26. Road trip or cruise vacation?
  27. Instagram or Facebook?
  28. Be a chef or a musician?
  29. Nature walk or gym?
  30. Fantasy novels or science fiction?

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  1. Indoors or outdoors?
  2. Silent retreat or dance party?
  3. Shakes or ice cream?
  4. Watch a sunrise or stargaze at night?
  5. Reading a book or listening to an audiobook?
  6. Backpacking or luxury travel?
  7. Saving or spending?
  8. Breakfast in bed or breakfast at a cafe?
  9. Domestic travel or international travel?
  10. Time travel to meet ancestors or descendants?
  11. Glasses or sunglasses?
  12. Ice cream cone or ice cream sundae?
  13. Salad or sandwich?
  14. Romantic comedy or action movie?
  15. Modern or classical?
  16. Zip lining or rock climbing?
  17. Shine or rain?
  18. Solve a murder mystery or a treasure hunt?
  19. Chinese or continental?
  20. Winter Olympics or Summer?
  21. Coffee or tea?
  22. Italian cuisine or Thai?
  23. Bungee jumping or skydiving?
  24. Marvel or DC comics?
  25. Pop music or underground?
  26. Visit Mars or the bottom of the ocean?
  27. Small gatherings or parties?
  28. Painting or sculpting?
Painting or sculpting

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  1. Soccer or basketball?
  2. Learn to juggle or do magic tricks?
  3. Expensive home or car?
  4. Mediterranean cuisine or Japanese sushi?
  5. Snowboarding or skiing?
  6. Join a circus or a symphony orchestra?
  7. Running or walking?
  8. Fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin?
  9. Hiking or fishing?
  10. Detective in the 1920s or the future?
  11. Bike ride or car ride?
  12. Go camping in the woods or on the beach?
  13. Home delivery or restaurant?
  14. Visit the North Pole or the South Pole?
  15. Train or plane?
  16. Become a famous actor or a renowned scientist?
  17. Resort or cruise?
  18. Horseback riding or camel riding?
  19. Vegetables or fruits?
  20. Fly a plane or sail a yacht?
  21. Humor or intelligence?
  22. Math puzzle or a riddle?
  23. Love or money?
  24. Visit the Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu?
  25. Call or text?
  26. Be a master of disguise or a mind reader?
  27. Intelligence or beauty?
  28. Scuba diving or snorkeling?
  29. iPhone or Samsung?
  30. Go on a safari or a space expedition?
Go on a safari or a space

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  1. Fiction or nonfiction?
  2. Solve a Rubik’s Cube or a crossword puzzle?
  3. Live with your parents or grandparents?
  4. Rock music or Jazz?
  5. Flowers or candles?
  6. Ride a motorcycle or drive a convertible?
  7. Listening or talking?
  8. Ice skating or roller skating?
  9. Facial or massage?
  10. Participate in a cooking competition or a dance competition?
  11. Yoga or high-intensity workout?
Yoga or high-intensity workout

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  1. Visit a museum or an art exhibition?
  2. Photographs or paintings?
  3. Invent a new gadget or a recipe?
  4. Kindle or book?
  5. Stars or planets?
  6. Relaxation or adventure?
  7. Write a bestselling novel or a chart-topping song?
  8. Sunset or sunrise?
  9. Amazon rainforest or the Sahara Desert?
  10. Swimming or yoga?
  11. Have a robot butler or a personal chef?
  12. Mall or flea market?
  13. Hot air balloon or a cable car?
  14. Shoes or sandals?
  15. Build a treehouse or an underground bunker?
  16. Early riser or night owl?
  17. Paint a mural on a city wall or a small canvas?
  18. Free time or money?
  19. Run a marathon or complete an Ironman triathlon?

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  1. In the air or underwater?
  2. Become a professional athlete or a famous actor?
  3. Noise or quiet while sleeping?
  4. Have a pet dragon or a unicorn?
protip_icon Quick tip
You could also ask, “Pasta or Mac n Cheese,” “Karaoke night or Bar hopping,” “Monopoly or Charades,” or something completely random that strikes your mind.
  1. Hotel or camping?
  2. Pyramids of Giza or Taj Mahal?
  3. Working alone or in a team?
  4. Star in a comedy show or a sci-fi movie?
  5. Pencil or pen?
  6. Sketch Pens or crayons?
  7. Swimming in a pool or swimming in the sea?
  8. Be a famous fashion designer or a renowned architect?
  9. Villain or hero?
  10. Live in a treehouse or a lighthouse?
  11. Cake or muffin?
  12. Apple or Avocado?
  13. Dolphins or sea turtles?
  14. Vegetable garden or flower garden?
  15. Charades or twister
  16. Comedy or horror?
  17. Have the ability to fly or breathe underwater?
  18. Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?
  19. Chocolates or sour candies?
  20. Hot dogs or hamburgers?
  21. Discover a new planet or cure a rare disease?
  22. Mustard sauce or ketchup?
  23. Own a spaceship or a luxury submarine?
  24. Reading or writing poetry?
  25. Control the weather or time?
  26. Fame or money?
  27. Have a pet panda or a pet penguin?
  28. Salty or bitter?
  29. Win a Nobel Prize or an Olympic gold medal?

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  1. Tornado or earthquake?
  2. Calligraphy or paper quilling?
  3. Cuddling or sleeping?
  4. Have a personal chef or a personal masseuse?
  5. Photographic memory or high IQ?
  6. Live in a treehouse or a beach hut?
  7. Be the strongest person or the fastest person?
  8. Speak to animals or communicate with plants?
  9. Blind date or date again with an ex?
  10. Modern dress or traditional attire?
  11. Wild animal or domestic animal?
  12. Be a famous painter or a world-class musician?
  13. Work from home or at the office?
  14. Explore the deep ocean or outer space?
  15. Zero hope or false hope?
  16. Time travel to witness historical events or visit the future?
  17. Loyal or wealthy friend?
  18. Restaurant or food truck?
  19. Kind or beautiful partner?
  20. Late night or early morning?
  21. Shopping or visiting a theme park?
  22. Be happy or rich?
  23. Work under the Pope or the president?
  24. Be an expert hacker or a skilled martial artist?
  25. Cleaning or cooking?
  26. Attend Hogwarts or be trained by Jedi masters?
  27. Tipsy or drunk?
  28. Fight crime as a superhero or solve mysteries as a detective?
  29. Sunday at church or in bed?
Sunday at church or in bed

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Funny ‘This Or That’ Questions

He who laughs, lasts!
— Mary Pettibone Poole

These funny or icebreaker ‘this or that’ questions can add humor to your conversations. Use these silly ideas or come up with your own to have a good time.

  1. Miley or Selena?
  2. Eat a pizza with pineapple or a burger with jelly?
  3. Bumper cars or roller coasters?
  4. Wear socks with sandals or mismatched shoes?
  5. Gummy bears or gummy worms?
  6. Love or lust?
  7. Check dad’s or mom’s internet history?
  8. Bonus or ESOPS?
  9. Be a sociopath or psychopath?
  10. Celine Dion or Rihanna?
  11. Treasure or trash?
  12. Hairdryer or air dryer?
  13. Barefoot or socks?
Barefoot or socks, This or That questions

Image: IStock

  1. Sneakers or flip-flops?
  2. Sleep in the snow or dance in the rain?
  3. Egg with rice or curry with bread?
  4. Salty cake or sweet noodles?
  5. Biting nails or pulling hair?
  6. Rice with sauce or cream with toast?
  7. Vodka with cheese or Rum with rice?
  8. Long nose or long tooth?
  9. Dance like a chicken or sing like a parrot?
  10. Beiber or BTS?
  11. Bald head or full beard?
  12. Lose one finger or gain two fingers?
  13. Realist or dreamer?
  14. Hundred pets or fifty snakes?
  15. Sunglasses on a cat or mustache on a dog?
  16. Rich and few friends or poor and more friends?
  17. Fairy lights or candles?
  18. Free Wi-Fi or unlimited coffee?
  19. Hot cold drink or cold hot dog?
  20. Talk like Darth Vader or Yoda?
  21. Praise or reward?
  22. Full battery on the phone or full gas in the car?
  23. Joke or sarcasm?
  24. Sleep talk or sleepwalk?
  25. Wear clothes that look good or that feel good?
  26. Get or give gifts?
  27. Only emoji or only text and words?
  28. Kiss a jellyfish or cobra?
  29. Dance with a penguin or panda?
Dance with a penguin or panda

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Late by an hour or early by 30 minutes?
  2. Pina Colada or Bloody Mary?
  3. Aliens or robots?
  4. Hiccup or yawn?
  5. Lose the sense of smell or taste?
  6. Own a cafe or a restaurant?
  7. Superpower of invisibility or ultimate strength?
  8. Talking pet rock or a dancing rubber chicken?
  9. No sweets again or no spicy food again?
  10. Sneezing confetti or farting glitter?
  11. Be a king or a politician?
  12. Wear a tutu to formal events or a superhero cape to work?
  13. Sweaty underarms or tangled hair?
  14. Singing like a horse or dancing like a chipmunk?
  15. Have three ears or 12 fingers?
  16. Be a dwarf for a day or a giant for life?
  17. Mom scolding you in public or dad not talking to you?
  18. Date a knight or pharaoh?
  19. Be a monkey for a week or a robot for a month?
  20. Have four eyes or two noses?

Hard ‘This Or That’ Questions

If you are enjoying your time with your date and want to have engaging discussions about personality or life, these thoughtful ‘this or that’ questions would help you know and analyze each other’s opinions.

  1. Powerful or popular?
  2. Nietzsche or Kant?
  3. Live without stylish outfits or life without a mobile?
  4. Ethics or aesthetics?
  5. Stay fit or have unlimited food?
  6. Existentialism or nihilism?
  7. Piercing or tattoo?
  8. Aristotle or Plato?
  9. Teleporting or telepathy?
Teleporting or telepathy

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Utilitarianism or deontology?
  2. Winning the lottery or working hard?
  3. Cognitive dissonance or confirmation bias?
  4. Vacation with a partner or sibling?
  5. Squats or burpees?
  6. Pause or rewind life?
  7. Democracy or authoritarianism?
  8. Stranded in a desert or an island?
  9. Capitalism or socialism?
  10. Predict the future or read minds?
  11. Libertarianism or communism?
  12. End terrorism or accidents?
  13. Socratic method or dialectical materialism?
  14. Technical or creative person?
  15. Freudian psychoanalysis or Jungian psychology?
  16. Marry the hottest person or the richest person?
  17. Artificial intelligence or human intelligence?
  18. Travel in the future or past?
  19. Determinism or free will?
  20. Spend a month with an enemy or lose a best friend for a lifetime?
  21. Theism or atheism?
  22. Make money through an illegal business or be in loss?
Make money through an illegal business or be in loss

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Philosophy or psychology?
  2. Unlimited power or respect?
  3. Veganism or vegetarianism?
  4. Underdressed or overdressed?
  5. Philosophy of mind or philosophy of language?
  6. High school or college?
  7. Dark matter or dark energy?
  8. Spend life in a village with no Internet or live in a city with unlimited Internet?
  9. Western philosophy or Eastern philosophy?
  10. Wake up in a jungle or underwater?
  11. Renaissance art or Baroque art?
  12. Rich and foolish partner or poor and loving partner?
  13. Existentialism or nihilism?
  14. Be a cult member or a cult leader?
  15. Evolutionary psychology or cognitive psychology?
  16. Club or house party?
  17. Multiverse theory or simulation theory?
  18. Have wheels as feet or swords as arms?
  19. Postmodernism or structuralism?
  20. Have peace in life or save the world from global warming?
  21. Neoclassical architecture or Art Nouveau architecture?
  22. Get stung by bees or scorpions?
  23. Neurophilosophy or bioethics?
  24. Give up texting or alcohol for five years?
  25. Aesthetics or epistemology?
  26. Bookcase or Mercedes at home?
  27. Ethics of care or virtue ethics?
  28. Sacrifice money or wisdom?
  29. Cubic zirconia or moissanite?
  30. Religion or spirituality?
  31. Archimedes or Euclid?
  32. Hitch-hiking or traveling in a luxurious car?
  33. Classical conditioning or operant conditioning?
  34. Eat lots of chocolates for free or spend money on healthy food?
  35. Byzantine art or Islamic art?
  36. Continue or restart your life?
  37. Buy makeup or jewelry?
  38. Marry at 20 or 50?
  39. Speculative fiction or magical realism?
  40. Wealthy parents or wise parents?
  41. Parallel universes or multiverse?
  42. Stuck in a queue or traffic jam?
  43. Renewable energy or fossil fuels?
  44. Zero presents or useless presents?
  45. Sustainable agriculture or factory farming?
  46. Steal someone’s brain or bank account?
  47. Space colonization or Earth preservation?
  48. Lose online contacts or real-life contacts?
  49. Human immortality or transhumanism?
  50. Plenty of casual friends or one best friend?
  51. Nature conservation or terraforming Mars?
  52. Teach a naughty child or clean a person’s home?
  53. Designer babies or genetic editing in adults?
  54. Spend one year without family or spouse?
  55. Deep learning or symbolic AI?
  56. Be an FBI agent or detective?
  57. Human settlement on the ocean floor or in space?
  58. Be lucky or smart?
  59. Reversing climate change or adapting to it?
  60. Be realistic or idealistic?
  61. De-extincting extinct species or preserving endangered species?
  62. Be feared or loved?
  63. Be a miser or spendthrift?
  64. Breakfast or dinner?
  65. Renewable plastics or biodegradable plastics?
  66. Marry an army officer or a billionaire?
  67. Electric cars or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles?
  68. Be a hard worker and earn respect or lose respect and earn more?
  69. Universal healthcare or private healthcare innovation?
  70. Free plane rides or free Uber rides?
  71. Socrates or Plato?
  72. Be with pirates or ninjas?
  73. Freudian psychology or behaviorism?
  74. Speak animal language or all foreign languages?
  75. Space exploration or ocean?
  76. Good at sports or music?
Good at sports or music

Image: IStock

  1. Multinational corporations or global governance?
  2. Good health or lots of money?
  3. Rational choice theory or bounded rationality?
  4. Emotion or reasoning?
  5. Picasso or Van Gogh?
  6. Bookworm or a couch potato?
  7. Ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia?
  8. Grow plants or feed street animals?
  9. Kantian ethics or utilitarianism?
  10. Never get married or stay with your ex?
  11. Do charity for a day or volunteer for a social cause for life?
  12. Truth or dare?
  13. Chess or Go?
  14. Be an employee at a big company or CEO of a startup?
  15. Quantum physics or geometry and topology?
  16. Be a wise and older person for life or be young and beautiful forever?
  17. Artificial intelligence or machine learning?
  18. Be a part of the Justice League or the Avengers?
  19. Virtue ethics or care ethics?
  20. Be with parents or in-laws?
  21. Uncover an ancient secret or make an invention?
  22. Passion or dream job?
  23. YouTube videos or Instagram reels?
  24. Job satisfaction or high salary?
  25. Shakespeare or Dickens?
  26. Real life or social media?
  27. Text message or GIF?
  28. Spend one month with family or one year alone?
  29. Loved by one or followed by many?
  30. Matte or sparkle?

We hope you can now select questions that you may want to ask your crush or date effortlessly. If you are meeting them for the first time, ask simple and funny questions. Don’t scrutinize the answers too much. However, if you are playing the game with your partner and want to know more about their lifestyle, priorities, and personality, asking hard questions would be ideal. We hope you have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do couples find exploring each other’s preferences interesting through such questions?

Couples find it interesting because it can help deepen their understanding of each other, enhancing communication and intimacy. This can improve the overall quality of their relationship and make it long-lasting.

2. Can This-Or-That Questions reveal hidden aspects of a partner’s personality?

This-or-That questions can reveal some aspects of a partner’s personality, especially if they are used in a conversation or game designed to encourage self-disclosure and exploration of personal choices.

3. How can This-Or-That Questions deepen a couple’s understanding of each other?

This-or-That or either-or questions can help couples better understand each other’s preferences, discover shared interests and values, and encourage open communication. By asking each other questions without passing judgments, couples can learn to communicate effectively and build trust, ultimately strengthening their relationship.

The initial days of a relationship are mostly focused on getting to know the likes and dislikes of your partner. However, even after several years of being in a relationship, there may be times when you need cues to initiate a conversation. Further, you may feel confused about what kind of questions to pose. In such cases, the above questions split into different groups could be helpful for a fun and interactive session. These questions include a wide array of topics that could result in some surprising revelations. So, get your partner talking with these questions to know them better. Keep the conversation light and skip to the next question if they seem uncomfortable talking about certain topics.

Infographic: This Or That Questions For Couples

Are you sure you know everything about your partner? If not, these questions are perfect for knowing each other’s likes and dislikes; if yes, it wouldn’t hurt to try and learn a little more. So take a printout of this infographic or note the questions down and cozy up on the couch or bed to ask each other some funny and exciting “this or that” questions.

this or that questions to know your partner better (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Know your partner better by playing ‘this or that’ question game.
  • Based on your rapport, you may pick funny questions such as ‘treasure or trash’ or ‘Miley or Selena’ or hard ones such as ‘religion or spirituality’ or ‘money or love.’
  • The idea is to have fun.

Looking for fun and engaging ideas for conversations with your partner? Explore this video that features the most extensive collection of “would you rather” questions created specifically for couples.

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