This Primary School Teacher's Relatable Drawings Of His Working Life Will Leave You In Splits

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Childhood! Wasn’t it the best part of our lives? So much so that we constantly wish we could get back to being children again! Get back to being our little naughty selves, make merry, and of course, go to school again! And yes, we’re sure, we all had a favorite teacher too. However, have we ever wondered what it was like for our teachers? It sure wouldn’t have been easy handling a bunch of kids who drove them over the edge, right? Colm Cuffe, an elementary school teacher from Galway, Ireland, is one such adorable teacher. While he loves his job, and the children, there’s no denying the fact that it stresses him out too. So, he found a unique to beat that stress – by drawing comics.

Aptly titled “When’s It Hometime”, he posts his comics, which are not only hilarious but also completely relatable, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. And his thousands of followers are loving each of them. We’re sure that they’ll leave you in splits too. So, here are few of Colm’s comics:

The Teacher Knows Best!

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Haven’t we all faced such ‘major’ heartbreaks as kids? It was only our teacher’s wisdom that rescued us then!

The Many Stages Of A Teacher’s Life…

Source: Instagram

A teacher’s life is only divided into two stages. One – When the vacations start. Two – When the school re-opens!

The Most Truthful Answer For An Undone Homework!

Source: Instagram

This is when a teacher is completely aware the student is right, but cannot confess to agreeing with him!

Who Wants The Rain To Go Away?

Source: Instagram

This is one student who doesn’t believe in the poem, we guess. Come to think of it, what’s the fun in playing outside if the rain goes away?

Time For A ‘Gram’ Update?

Source: Instagram

Just when a teacher starts believing he knows it all – bang! Something definitely comes out of the blue!!

The First Ever Parent-Teacher Meeting

Source: Instagram

This was the time, perhaps, when “maintaining a balancing act” got a whole new meaning altogether! Your kid will probably get to hear about it from you for years to come, and why not?

It’s Halloween Time!

Source: Instagram

The best way a teacher can dress up now to scare the little ones is to be what the dread the most – School Inspector!

And… Boys Will Be Boys!

Source: Instagram

So, if you want to get them to do something different, better be specific about it.

What Teacher’s Nightmares Are Made Of

Source: Instagram

Yes, teachers too have their own set of fears. They too are scared which form the ‘monster’ will take every year to scare the hell out of them!

Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher!

Source: Instagram

You can stop going to school, but the school never stops following the teacher in you, does it?

You Can Run, You Can Hide, But You Can’t Escape…

Source: Instagram

And just when you thought you’ve come far enough where no one will find you – bingo! What you’ve been running from will be right beside you!!

When Work Doesn’t Seem Like Work

Source: Instagram

But then, who can blame the innocent little pupils for whom ‘homework’ is the only work!

Like Student, Like Teacher

Source: Instagram

Whoever said that the child in us never dies, probably saw a bunch of ‘sporting’ teachers arguing over a penalty!

Definition Of A Holiday – For A Teacher

Source: Instagram

Just like nightmares, teachers too have certain holiday fantasies that bring extreme happiness to them. And, walking past those closed school gates is definitely one of them!

School Re-Opening Blues, Anyone?

Source: Instagram

And you thought only students hate it when their summer vacations come to an end? On the contrary, teachers too can go to great lengths to hold on to whatever is left of their summer vacations.

We are sure these comic strips have got you all laughing and nostalgic at the same time. Were you able to relate to any or all of them? We definitely did. So, which of these is your favorite? Please share in the comments section below and spread the sunshine! Cheers!

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