This Story Of A Woman Getting Pregnant 5 Times In 10 Months Will Leave You Shell-shocked!

Woman Getting Pregnant 5 Times In 10 Months

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We live in a world where people can cross all lines to make money; morality, danger and ethics be damned! In a country like India, there are far too many people who need the money, but far too little money to go around. If you thought faking marriages and lifestyles is depraved enough, don’t lose sleep. All that is passé and today, women even fake pregnancies. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But, sadly it’s true. Read on to learn more about why women fake pregnancy.

Why Fake It?

One of the methods of receiving money is pretending to be pregnant. For example, women in India are claiming to be pregnant 5 times within 1 year in order to gain government benefits! Wondering how it’s possible? Well, it’s not. The “future mothers” do this so they can make some money.

How Women Fake It?

An audit of beneficiaries of the Janani Suraksha Yojna, which is in Uttar Pradesh was launched by the Indian government in 2005. The JananiSurakshaYojna was created so pregnant women below the poverty line can receive a paltry amount of Rs 1,400, which helps them eat nutritious food after the baby born. The scheme began as a means to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality (death of the mother or child) by encouraging institutional delivery.

Misuse Of Benefits:

Unfortunately, many villages in Uttar Pradesh do need that extra money, which is why the villagers are misusing the government benefits. However, the misuse goes both ways; even the employees of the Public Health Centre (PHC) have been shaving funds of the allotted Rs 1,400.

Fake Pregnancy Cases:

If you’re pregnant and below the poverty line, you are entitled to receive money; here are some examples of women who have mostly successfully faked their way through.

  1. One woman over the course of 4 months declared she was pregnant 3 times! Luckily for her, she went unnoticed and received the benefits.
  1. Another woman was paid the Rs. 1,400 so she could take care of herself and her child, but guess what? This woman had not conceived a child in 12 years!
  1. This case is so ridiculous; we’re not sure how it was ignored. A woman at the age of 60, yes 60, declared herself to be pregnant 5 times in only 10 months!
  1. One woman claimed that she had a baby on August 24th, 2011. However, it was discovered that she as well had a child 12 years prior.
  1. Sticking to the impossible scenarios, another woman claimed to be pregnant thrice in the span of 4 months. However, things didn’t work out for her because when she kept depositing the money in the bank, the bank officials grew suspicious and informed the PHC. After this incident, the investigation began, and many such cases were discovered.

Public Health Centre Cases:

Officials responsible for the scheme are under inquiry, and the inquiry committee is trying to piece together the discrepancies. The authorities are calling it a “large pan-UP scam” because the PHC employees were making fictitious transfers of the Rs. 1,400. They would lie to women who received only a small cut whereas the officials kept the rest of the money. According to sources, “In the Baundi PHC alone, 200 such cases have been found. Five employees have been suspended, and the district magistrate has ordered a probe.”

Additional director of the health department of the state government, Dr. Subodh Sharma stated, “I have inspected records at the public and community health centers and am waiting for a report from bank authorities. Once I receive that, action will be taken against the guilty. It is unfortunate that this scheme is being misused.”

Some world we live in, eh? Tell us what you think. Leave your comment below.

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