48 Best Gifts For New Moms To Make Her Feel Special & Loved

A new mother goes through many hardships during pregnancy. So, when she finally gives birth to a baby, she deserves everything in the world. If you are looking for some cool and unique gifts for new moms, you are at the right place. Apart from the physical and emotional support, presenting the new mom with a thoughtful gift can make her feel special and loved.

However, there are several things you need to consider before buying a gift for a new mom. For starters, the gift should be useful for the baby and the mother and it can range from baby food makers to baby strollers and even car seats for babies . In this post, we list some of the best gifts you can buy for a new mother. Read on and pick one.

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Best Gifts For New Moms

If you are going to the hospital to see the new mom and the baby, here’s what you can take for her:

  1. Healthy snacks: Hospital food may not be appetizing for the new mom. Get her some healthy snacks such as cheese, crackers, or grapes.
  1. Nursing pillow: There is nothing like a comforting pillow for the baby and mom. It helps the mom relax her back and provides a soft cushion and good support for the baby.
Nursing pillow gifts for new moms

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  1. Nursing scarf: This scarf serves more than one purpose, perfect for multitasking moms, who love style and privacy. The scarf can be converted into a full length nursing wrap with a few snaps.
  1. Nursing pads: The leaking breasts may bring discomfort. Nursing pads will absorb any leaking milk. You can give her either cloth or disposable ones. However, gift the pads only if you are really close to the mother.
Nursing pads gifts for new moms

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  1. Baby monitor: After nine months of gestation and long hours of labor, all the mother needs is uninterrupted sleep. A baby monitor can help the mom keep a check on her baby while she gets her dose of sleep knowing her baby is safe. Pair the baby monitor with a baby mobile and baby night light to make it a thoughtful gift.

Monika Malan, a mother, aims to help new moms transition to motherhood. She says a night light was helpful when she was a new mother: “A friend gifted me one, and I could use it to dimly light the room at night. That way, I could see well enough to change my son’s diaper, but it wasn’t so bright that he would fully wake up (i).”

Baby monitor gifts for new moms

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  1. Diapers: If she hasn’t got enough of them from her baby shower gifts, then give her a family pack of diapers for the baby. Check on the diaper type she’s planning to use: cloth or disposable and gift her accordingly. This will save her a lot of time and effort!

You can also consider gifting a baby activity center, which can also double up as a baby high chair while feeding the babies. Now, let’s take a look at how the mother can be given some “me” time, to ensure she can relax a bit.

Diapers gifts for new moms

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Pamper Gifts For New Moms

It’s a tradition in some countries to pamper the new mom after childbirth. A new mom would love anything that would pamper her, indulge her, and help her relax. So, here goes a list of gifts that can pamper the new mommy.

  1. A spa day: A new mom has a lot of physical stress, including body pains. Every inch of her body aches and there is nothing like a massage to help her relax. Pamper her with a relaxing day at her favorite spa.
Spa day gifts for new moms

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  1. A floaty top: Hiding that cute little belly post delivery can be quite a task. Gifting a comfortable and pretty floaty top can be perfect for breastfeeding and also pass off as a trendy outfit.
  1. Cotton pajamas: Post delivery, a new mom is most likely to spend the first six months in her pajamas as they are super comfortable. Gift her a soft cotton set of dark printed pajamas that she can live in and also step out in.
  1. Bath and body works: Gift her a bath and body set – each with a sample of shea-scented cleansing oil and hand cream, anti-aging face cream, almond-scented shower gel, and skin oil, and cherry blossom hand cream. This would ensure that she can have the option for natural choices, and her skin is not dry.
  1. Massaging body oil: Post-delivery is a period of exhaustion, aches, and pain. Massaging oils relieve pain, soothes the body, and also lightens the stretch marks. Double benefit there!
Massaging body oil gifts for new moms

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  1. A smoothing scrub: During pregnancy the skin might lose its glow. A smoothing scrub with sweet, fruit flavors can help her regain glowing skin. Just ensure that the products are natural and chemical-free.
Smoothing scrub gifts for new moms

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  1. Himalayan crystal bath salt: There is nothing like having a rejuvenating, detoxing, and relaxing bath at home with a spa-like-effect. The Himalayan salt contains minerals and electrical charge that cleanses the skin and charges the body. A newbie mom would love you for gifting this.
  1. Luxury herbal booties: Have you seen a new mom resting? Perhaps not! She hardly gets to rest as the baby needs her constant attention. But, guess what, herbal soft booties filled with flax seeds can help her relax for a while.
  1. Necklace: Jewelry and women are best friends. She wouldn’t mind having more even when she has enough of them. A nice shining necklace with a gold or silver pendant can be a great addition to her collection.
  1. Night gown: A short floral printed nightgown is something she can sleep in comfortably and also breastfeed in.
Nightgown gifts for new moms

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A new mom looks cool with the baby bump gone. Why not give her some cool gifts?

Cool Gifts For New Moms

A gift that you can personalize for the new mom and baby can be perfect and just up the ‘cool quotient’. Here’s what you can buy her:

  1. Mama-bear mug: A normal printed mug can be boring but a personalized mug with the mom’s and the baby’s picture or with some sweet text message can make a perfect gift.
Mug with printed message

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  1. Family photo shoot: Schedule for a photo shoot with the baby before they turn older and hang them in beautiful baby photo frames. The mother will definitely cherish these memories forever.
  1. Teething necklace: Technically teething necklaces are for babies, but a colorful geometric beaded teething necklace can be the style statement for a new mom.
Teething necklace gifts for new moms

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  1. Twisted wide headband: The last thing a new mom cares about is her hair. Give her a wide headband so she can pull up her hair, manage it, and add a style quotient to her appearance.
  1. T-shirt: A plain t-shirt with printed text like ‘My New Name Is Mommy’ can be the coolest gift you can give her. You can personalize the text with your own witty mommy stuff.
T-shirt gifts for new moms

Image: tshirtfactoryro/Instagram

After the comfort, style, and handy stuff, let’s look at some goodies, which can be gifted as a bunch.

Gift Baskets For New Moms

A basket of essentials is the most practical gift you can give a new mom.

  1. Baby essentials basket: It could contain baby towels, baby clothes, baby bibs, baby teethers, mittens, baby pacifiers, baby socks, baby grooming kits, nail clippers for babies, and baby bath products like soap, and shampoo.
Baby essentials basket gifts for new moms

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  1. Spa-at-home basket: The basket includes a shower gel, bubble bath, body spray, body lotion, bath crystals, soap petals all handmade with care.
  1. Emergency basket: This is called so as it has all the items that could be used during an emergency – baby thermometer, baby humidifier, medicine dispensers, baby suction bulb, baby pain medications, and a cute rubber duck to top the basket. While we pray the mother never has a need for this baby first aid kits, it is always safe to carry this along, especially if the mother has to travel with the baby and needs any item.
  1. Handy basket: Nursing and postpartum pains can restrict the movements of a new mom. So a basket of essentials can come handy – you can include a lip balm, small body and hand lotion, post-it-notes and a pen, nail clippers, and cotton swabs. This can come handy when the new mom is unable to get up either because she is nursing or the baby is sleeping.
  1. Food baskets: A basket full of nuts, energy bars, crackers, and easy-to-eat snacks will make her have some healthy snacks. Just right for moms who are pressed for time to prepare meals.
Food baskets gifts for new moms

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Now, let’s take a peek at things that you can custom-make for her, making the gifts absolutely unique.

Unique Gifts For New Moms

If you want to gift her beyond the regular diapers, bags, and gift cards, then we have something for you. Check them out!

  1. Baby hand and foot inkless print kit: Babies grow up fast, and capturing their tiny hand and foot prints can be the most cherished memory for new parents. Utilizing baby handprint and footprint kits is an ideal method for crafting a lasting memento.
  1. Keepsake box: Some gifts are for keepsake and they remind us of some sweet moments. If you want to give a sentimental gift, give a classic linen keepsake box.
Keepsake box gifts for new moms

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  1. Mum and baby pamper hamper: Want to gift something for mommy and baby? Then gift this hamper. You can include a baby gift box with a personalized message. All the baby items in the box can be twined to create excitement until the last item is opened. For the baby you can add baby blankets, rattle, cute baby shoes, baby hats, booties, and bibs. And for the mum you can have a small beauty treat with cosmetics, bath salts, and more.
Mum and baby pamper gift hampers for new moms

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  1. Baby tree: Buy one huge bottle of baby shampoo and baby lotion . Find a twig with many small branches. Tie the twig with the shampoo and lotion using a rubber band. You can decorate the branches by tying baby mittens, baby nail clippers, baby comb, baby brush, rattle, etc.
  1. Baby record book: Help the mother record all the sweet moments she has with the baby, like the baby’s first smile, first roll-over, and more. This baby book would help the new mom make a note of them along with the pictures.
Baby record book gifts for new moms

Image: IStock

It’s the time to reward the mother for doing a wonderful job of delivering the baby.

Push Gifts For New Moms

Wondering what’s a push gift? It’s a gift you give the mom for having done the stressful job of pushing out the baby. And, yes, such a thing exists! Go ahead and indulge her with some push gifts:

  1. Cozy rocking chair: Whether the mother wants to breastfeed or simply sit and relax, a rocking chair is something that would give comfort to both the mom and baby. Buy her a rocking chair that is comfortable and cozy.
Rocking chair gifts for new moms

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Cold press juicer: A new mom needs nutrition. A juicer can come handy to make a quick glass of fresh juice. Make sure you give a product that is easy to clean and one that can ease her routine.
Cold press juicer gifts for new moms

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  1. Postpartum girdle: Save the new mom from postpartum depression by gifting her with a postpartum girdle/shape-wear. It can help her get back to shape and make her feel better without hurting her.
Postpartum girdle gifts for new moms

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Bathrobe: There are never enough bath robes for a new mom, with the baby wetting her maternity clothes often. Gift her a nice laced bathrobe, one that can be comfortable and stylish too.
  1. Soothe shirt: Baby wraps are not always comfortable for the mom and baby. These soothe shirts are easy to slip on, the baby is close to you and is comfortable, and it looks stylish too.
  1. Book on motherhood: There are plenty of books that help a mother learn more about parenting. You could choose a book that best suits her priorities. You can also consider getting baby name books if the parents have not decided on naming their baby.
  1. Yoga mat: If she hasn’t tried prenatal yoga, urge her to take up postpartum yoga by gifting a yoga mat.
Yoga mat gifts for new moms

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  1. Pullover bra: Nursing bras can be cumbersome with the flaps and hooks. Gift her a pack of pullover bras that are easy to wear and comfortable while breastfeeding.
  1. Backpack diaper bag: The new mom doesn’t have to compromise on style for the sake of utility. This is a gift combined with style and purpose. Buy her a diaper bag that doubles as a backpack and holds diapers, baby essentials, and mum’s personal care!

There is no dearth of gifting options, but some gifts show the mother how dedicated you were in selecting her a gift!

Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms

Understand that childbirth is equal to rebirth. So, empathize with her by giving her some thoughtful gifts. Here are some ideas:

  1. Food coupons: Once the baby arrives, the new mom will be spending more time with the baby than in the kitchen. The postpartum pains and nursing can leave her exhausted. Gifting some food coupons can save her the time and effort of cooking. And food delivered right to her doorstep comes as a blessing. She will be more than happy that she doesn’t have to cook. But ensure the coupons you gift her would have healthy meal options, as she needs to load up on nutrients.
  1. Housekeeping service: After the new mom comes home with her baby, she would need truck loads of help at home to organize and set up things. You can offer to clean and organize things at her place or give her a certificate for professional service. Either way, it will be a great help to the new mom. If you are gifting a professional cleaning service ensure you have good references for it.
  1. Goodies bag: A bag is something which will always serve more than one purpose. You can gift a nice bag that is eco-friendly, with a reusable water bottle for babies and a lunch pack.
Goodies bag gifts for new moms

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Baby sling: Sling or wrap can encourage the mom to do light household chores while having the baby close to her.
Baby sling gifts for new moms

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Herbal tea bags: Herbal tea helps the mom relax and also increases breast milk production (1).
Herbal tea bags gifts for new moms

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  1. Woombie: The baby will love this! It is a wrap that keeps the baby warm, cozy, and comfortable giving the feeling of a womb.
  1. Toys: What do toys have to do with new moms? But, how can you not take anything for the baby? So grab some baby toys, such as a rattle, rubber ducks, squeaky toys, for the little one and don’t forget to take some for the older child too.
Toy gifts for new moms

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  1. Dispensing spoon:This one can wait until the baby starts solids. But, it comes in handy and is useful at all times. It’s hassle and mess-free. Load the tube with baby food, squeeze it, and the food ends up in the spoon. When the baby is ready for more, give it another squeeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best gifts for a new mom of twins?

Possible gift options for a new mother of twins include nursing pillows, baby swings or baby bouncers, a double stroller, a diaper bag with two large slots, or a baby carrier for each parent.

2. How can you create a thoughtful and meaningful gift basket for a new mom?

When preparing the gift basket, consider the new mother’s preferences and requirements and include items that will make her feel loved and appreciated.

3. What unique gifts can help a new mom celebrate her baby’s first milestones?

Baby milestone cards, baby memory books, photo albums, and milestone stickers can help a new mother keep track of her baby’s milestones and celebrate them.

There are a ton of gifts to gift a new mom. And sometimes, picking the right one can be difficult. So this collection of assorted ideas of gifts for new moms can help you make the proper selection. Whether it is a helpful nursing pad, baby monitor, or mood uplifting ones such as a spa day or gift hampers, you can pick anyone from the above list. So go ahead and pick one they would like the most, and don’t forget to offer some comforting words and support to help her with the newfound responsibilities and experiences.

Infographic: DIY Gift For New Moms

A personalized gift will make a new mom’s day and convey to her how much you are concerned about her well-being. In the infographic below, we bring you a step-by-step guide on preparing a handmade scrapbook that the new mom will cherish for ages.

diy gift for new mom (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • New mothers can feel overwhelmed, so a thoughtful gift can help them transition.
  • Gifts that promote relaxation and rejuvenation, like massage oils or bath salts, are ideal.
  • Milestone-recording gifts, such as keepsake boxes or baby record books, are thoughtful.
  • The most useful gifts are those that assist in caring for the child, such as a baby monitor or diapers.
  • Consider giving a gift that combines practicality with thoughtfulness for the new mother.
gifts for new moms_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

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