100 Tibetan And Sherpa Names For Baby Girls And Boys

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The Tibetan region’s culture extends to China, India, Bhutan, Nepal, India, parts of Pakistan, and certain western countries such as the United States as well. Therefore, we bring you some Tibetan and Sherpa baby names to showcase your culture no matter which part of the world you live in. As a matter of fact, Tibetan names do not consist of any last names or surnames. They are carried solo by the given names only. How interesting is that? It basically means that your child carries only one name that defines their personality and is not overshadowed by any ancestral legacy. So, scroll down and pick your favorite name.

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Adorable Tibetan Girl Names

1. Akar

Unique Tibetan and Sherpa baby name meaning white crystal

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Akar means ‘white crystal’ and is of Tibetan origin.

2. Amala

It refers to ‘honored mother’ in Tibetan. It has beautiful meanings in Arabic and Italian that denote ‘bird, hope, love, spotless, or purity.’

3. Amrita

Amrita means ‘everlasting life’ and is a lovely Tibetan name. It also holds several meanings, including ‘beloved, immortality, cute, nectar, divine, or endless.’

4. Boshay

This unique name means ‘Goddess of wealth and success’ and also refers to ‘amber.’

5. Bhasundara

The unique Tibetan girl name is the name for the ‘Goddess of prosperity.’

6. Ceba

The adorable and sweet name Ceba means ‘dear to hold.’

7. Cepla

Cepla is a unique Tibetan baby girl name meaning ‘apricot.’

8. Chesa

The Tibetan name for girls means ‘greatness,’ and is also one of the common Buddhist names for girls. It refers to spiritual greatness.

9. Chime

The meaning of Chime is ‘everlasting or immortal.’

10. Choden

Choden means ‘the devout one or spiritual,’ and has Sherpa and Tibetan origin.

11. Chomden

It means ‘one who overcomes the negative.’ This could be a good pick for your little girl whom you wish to stay positive always.

12. Dalha

Dalha is a common Tibetan name for ‘moon Goddess’ It is a combination of Tibetan words ‘Dawa,’ meaning ‘moon’ and ‘Lhamo,’ meaning ‘Goddess.’

13. Dichen

It means ‘great delight and pleasure’ and is one of the luckiest Tibetan or Sherpa girl names for your baby.

14. Dhargey

Dhargey is a Tibetan name for ‘progress, development, or spreading.’

15. Diki

It means ‘healthy and wealthy.’ This short, popular Sherpa or Tibetan name can be a good choice for your little girl.

16. Dolma

Dolma means ‘motherhood’ and is also a personal name of a female Bodhisattva.

protip_icon Trivia
This name may remind you of ‘Dolma Aunty Momos,’ a popular food franchise in India that sells momos. The franchise is named after its founder Dolma Tsering, who is a native of Tibet.

17. Dronma

The Tibetan baby girl name Dronma refers to ‘lantern or light.’

18. Dorje

It means ‘something indestructible that can cut through anything, equated with thunderbolt or diamond.’

19. Ekadzati

This Tibetan name for girls means ‘Goddess of mystic cults and wisdom.’

20. Ema

Ema refers to ‘exclamation of joy,’ and is a short and sweet name you choose for your girl.

21. Gandhara

It is the name of an ancient Buddhist kingdom that covered northern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. Gandhara also refers to beautiful Graeco-Buddhist art.

22. Garma

Garma means ‘Goddess of dance’ and has Burmese and Tibetan origins.

23. Gewa

This short name means ‘virtue or positive karma’ and is of Tibetan and Burmese origin.

24. Hariti

It refers to ‘green, the protectiveness of children,’ and is also the name of a Goddess.

25. Jaya

Jaya means ‘triumph’ or ‘victory’ and is of Sanskrit origin.

26. Jampa

The Tibetan name for the Buddha Maitreya, and it also means ‘loving-kindness.’

27. Jamyang

This Tibetan name for Bodhisattva Manjushri means ‘gentle voice.’

28. Karlha

This popular Tibetan baby girl name means ‘star Goddess.’ It is a combination of Karma and Lhamo.

29. Karma

It refers to ‘act, deed’ and has its origin in Buddhist and Tibetan languages. According to Buddhism, Karma is the belief that your actions in life determine how good or bad your future is.

30. Khadroma

The Tibetan meaning for Khadroma is ‘divine or holy begins.’

31. Lhamo

The name Lhamo is a common Tibetan girl name meaning ‘a Goddess or a fierce Buddha protectress.’

32. Lhatso

It means ‘the heavenly lake,’ Lhatso is a common name among Tibetans.

33. Lolha

Lolha means ‘the good-mind Goddess.’ This is a unique and popular Tibetan girl name.

34. Lumo

It is a Tibetan name for a female Naga, referring to mythical and magical serpent-like beings living under the sea.

35. Maya

The baby name means magic and illusion

Image: IStock

Maya refers to ‘magic and illusion.’ It is the name of Buddha’s mother and could be a good choice for a deeply religious name.

36. Metog

It is a soft and sweet name most Tibetans prefer for the first-born. Metog means ‘blooming flower.’

37. Michewa

It is a variant of Michewah and has its origin in the Tibetan language. The name means ‘sent from heaven.’

38. Ngawang

Having its origin in Tibetan and Bhutanese languages, it means ‘powerful speech.’ It is derived from two Tibetan elements, ‘ngag,’ meaning ‘speech’ and ‘dbang,’ meaning ‘power.’

39. Pema

The gorgeous and unique name Pema means ‘lotus’ and has its origin in Tibetan and Sherpa languages.

40. Rinzen

The name Rinzen means ‘genius or intellect,’ It has Tibetan and Buddhist origins.

41. Ritveja

The Tibetan girl name Ritveja refers to ‘monk.’

42. Samaya

The Tibetan meaning for Samaya is ‘sacred promise.’ Its variant is Sameh.

43. Sangmu

It means ‘kind-hearted one’ in Tibetan and Sherpa languages. According to Buddhism, those with the name ‘Sangmu’ heal the world around them with compassion and a good heart.

44. Sumati

Sumati means ‘wise mind’ or ‘good thoughts’ and has its origin in Tibetan and Sanskrit languages.

45. Tara

It refers to ‘the mother of liberation,’ and is a short form for ‘Ayra Tara.’ Tara is a deity of meditation worshipped by the Tibetans and referred to as the ‘female Buddha.’

46. Yangchen

It means ‘the sacred girl,’ and could be a great choice for parents looking for a divine name.

47. Yara

The name is derived from the name of a mountain, Yara Lhatse, a peak in eastern Tibet.

48. Yutso

It is an alternative name for Yumtso and is a Tibetan name for ‘turquoise lake.’

49. Zaya

Zaya means flourishing in the Tibetan language. It also has an American origin with the meaning ‘the woman who always wins.’

50. Zaypo

The name Zaypo refers to a ‘beautiful woman,’ and has Mongol and Tibetan origins.

Unique Tibetan Boy Names

51. Aden

Aden means ‘good-looking’ and is commonly used as a nickname in eastern Tibet.

52. Ananda

This Tibetan boy name is derived from Sanskrit and means ‘the one loved by everyone.’ Ananda was Buddha’s cousin and favorite disciple.

53. Apa

Apa is a short and sweet boy name meaning ‘loved by all,’ and has Sherpa origin.

54. Chodak

Chodak refers to ‘spreader of Dharma,’ where Dharma is a fundamental concept of Buddhism and denotes the right way of living.

55. Choejar

The name Choejar is a unique Tibetan name meaning ‘religious wealth.’

56. Cimba

The Tibetan word Cimba means ‘small’ and could be a cute name choice for your little boy.

57. Dampa

Dampa means ‘sacred, real, or genuine.’ It has its origin in Tibetan languages.

58. Dawa

It means ‘moon, month, or Monday’ and is of Tibetan and Sherpa origins. You can give this cute name to your little boy born on Monday.

59. Dote

Unique Tibetan and Sherpa baby name for boys

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The Tibetan baby boy name Dote means ‘thunderbolt’ and has Buddhist origin.

60. Gaden

The Tibetan baby boy name means a ‘place that brings joy,’ and most people like to choose it for their first baby boy.

61. Garab

It is a Tibetan name for ‘adorable, cute, or lovely.’

62. Gyalzen

It refers to the ‘mountain of the spirit, victory, or banner.’ Gyalzen has its origin in Tibetan and Sherpa languages, and the variant form is Gyaltsen.

63. Jalus

The name Jalus means ‘rainbow body,’ and has its origin in Tibet.

64. Jampa

It is a Tibetan name for Buddha Maitreya and means ‘loving-kindness.’ Jampa Kalsang Tamang is a popular Indian actor.

65. Jetsan

Jetsan means ‘king’ in the Tibetan language. It could be a great name idea reflecting responsibilities and courage.

66. Jigme

The Tibetan name Jigme means ‘fearless,’ and Jigme Tenzing is a popular American cinematographer.

67. Kalden

This Tibetan or Sherpa name means ‘of the golden age.’ It is a sweet name you can choose for your little boy.

68. Lobsang

It refers to ‘kind-hearted one,’ and is of Tibetan and Sherpa origin.

69. Mida

The Tibetan name Mida means ‘pistol,’ and a popular namesake is Mida Chu, an American cinematographer.

70. Mingma

Mingma has its origin in the Tibetan and Sherpa languages. It refers to those ‘born on a Tuesday,’ and parents may choose this name for boys born on that day.

71. Nawang

The name refers to the possessive one and is of Tibetan or Sherpa origin.

72. Norbu

It is a Tibetan baby boy name meaning ’jewel, precious, or treasure.’

73. Nima

Nima means ‘sun,’ and has its origin in Tibetan or Sherpa languages.

74. Pabu

This short name for a baby boy means ‘puffball’ in the Tibetan language. It also has its origin in French.

75. Palden

It means ‘spontaneously accomplished.’ Tenzin Palden is the name of the Nepali cinematographer.

76. Pemba

Pemba refers to a boy ‘born on a Saturday’ in the Tibetan language. You may choose this name for your boy who is born on that particular day.

77. Poso

Poso means glory

Image: Shutterstock

Poso means ‘glory’ in the Tibetan language, and can be a great choice for your boy.

78. Rabga

It is a Tibetan word for ‘adorable.’ It was also the name of a Tibetan reformer.

79. Raldri

The name Raldri means ‘sword’ and has its origin in Tibetan languages.

80. Sangye

Sangye refers to ‘full purity and virtue’ in the Tibetan language, and is also another name for Buddha. It is one of the most used spiritual boy names in Tibet.

81. Shigara

If you are looking for a strong name for your boy, then go for the name Shigara, meaning ‘strong as a rock.’

82. Tashi

It is derived from the name ‘Tashi Lama,’ a title referring to the Panchen Lama. He is the next important spiritual authority after the Dalai Lama.

83. Tenpa

This is an ideal name for a baby boy of Buddhist origin. It refers to ‘Buddhist philosophy.’

84. Tenzin

The alternative forms are Stanzin and Tenzing, and the name means ‘guardian of Buddha Dharma.’

85. Tobden

It refers to ‘one of unmatched power,’ and can be a good choice for parents who want their children to excel in their career.

86. Torma

Torma is a Tibetan name for ‘magic stone’ and makes for a wonderful name for a boy.

87. Tsering

It is a common Tibetan name for baby boy, and it means ‘long life.’

88. Tsewang

Tsewang is a common Tibetan name with the meaning, ‘empowered life.’

89. Wangchuk

It means ‘powerful and mighty’ and is a Tibetan name for God Mahadeva.

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Wangchuk is also a popular surname in Tibet.

90. Wangdak

The Tibetan baby boy name means ‘Lordly or protector,’ and could be a powerful name choice for your boy.

91. Wangdue

The name Wangdue means ‘conqueror or subduer’ in the Tibetan language.

92. Wangpo

Wangpo refers to ‘sense of power,’ and is a powerful name you may choose for your little boy.

93. Yaden

This Tibetan baby boy’s name refers to ‘Neo-Tibetan.’ The variant forms include Aaden, Aden, and Caden.

94. Yeshi

Baby boy name menaing wisdom

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It is a Tibetan word for ‘wisdom’ and could be a positive name choice for your baby boy.

95. Yonten

Yonten means ‘knowledge and awareness’ and is a popular Tibetan name for boys.

96. Zapa

Zapa referring to ‘Friday’ could be an ideal choice for naming boys born on a Friday.

97. Zerdan

The Tibetan baby boy name Zerdan means ‘darkness,’ and makes for a unique name.

98. Zopa

If you are looking for a serene name for your boy, the name Zopa, meaning ‘patience,’ is a good choice.

99. Zigsa

Zigsa means ‘snow leopard,’ and is a unique Tibetan baby boy name.

100. Zonpa

This Tibetan baby boy name refers to ‘young’ and is a common name among Tibetans and Sherpas.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Sherpas name their children?

Sherpa babies are named in any of these five different ways (1):

  1. Mingdou system or naming ceremony, where the child is named after a day of the week
  2. Phoming system or naming system in a womb, where the name is given by the head lama
  3. Siuming system or inauspicious naming system, where the first child is demised and the second child is named
  4. Taptse bulue system, where the lama guru named the child after head shaving and offering to God
  5. Middle naming system, where the middle name is given to identify the child’s gender

2. Who performs the naming ceremony in Sherpas?

The child’s name is given by parents or family members in a naming ceremony, which the Lama conducts within three to seven days after the baby’s birth (1).

3. Why do Sherpas have the last name Sherpa?

The word “Sherpa” comes from a Tibetan term meaning eastern people, where “Sher” is east, and “pa” means people. The use of “Sherpa” as a surname is considered the result of a mistake of the census people who were unaware that the system of surnames is non-existent amongst these people as they use only one name (2).

The Tibetan and Sherpa baby names reflect the diversity of the Tibetan communities. Even without the last name, these names speak of the Tibetan culture and beliefs. These names take inspiration from gods, goddesses, and nature or represent the ideal traits of a human being. Since Tibetans and Sherpas predominantly live around the Himalayan belt, many of their names have Burmese and Sanskrit origins. So, now that you know the meanings of the most common Tibetan and Sherpa names, we hope our list will help you find a pretty name for your little one.

Infographic: Tibetan And Sherpa Baby Names

Tibetans give a traditional name to their baby associated with their Gods and ancient cultures. Some names are also inspired by Asian languages, including Sanskrit and Arabic. Dwell into these unique Tibetan and Sherpa names in this infographic and pick one for your little one.

sherpa names for boys and girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team


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  2. Sherpa People Professional Everest Guide at Nepal Tibet Border.
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