What Is A Time Capsule And What To Put In It?

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A time capsule is the assemblage of memorabilia from the past that gives you a peek into how things were back then. This post will give some interesting and innovative time capsule ideas. Won’t it be nice if one day, out of nowhere, you stumble upon a time capsule box and discover some weird, wonderful and unique things from a long time back, like a set of handprints, letters, dried flowers, or group pictures? This innovative way of connecting with people from the future leaves you wondering what life was like back then. It is also an exciting way of forging a link with your future generation. It can be a great idea for a family project, an adventure in which the whole family participates. Read on for some creative ideas on time capsules to box your memories and give the coming generations a glimpse of your era.

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How To Create A Time Capsule?

When you create a time capsule, you are creating history for future generations to decipher. So, go ahead and create one that will have a lasting impact, revealing quirky facts and hidden wisdom.

1. Pick a container that fits your style

Pick a container that fits your style, time capsule ideas

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Give a little thought to the occasion and how long you would like to save your time capsule before choosing your container. While any cardboard box, plastic container, wooden box, or jar will do, if you plan to hide it inside the house or garage, you must choose a sturdier container, such as a stainless steel jar, a coffee tin, or a metal box. Make it weatherproof by wrapping it up in polythene. Ensure it reflects your style and consider something oddly shaped to trigger curiosity.

2. Get an idea of the space

Don’t try to find the stuff you wish to hide just after finalizing a container. This way, you will end up forgetting half the things you plan to include. Keep everything you want to save ready—it will give you a clear idea of the container size you will need. Also, zero in on the location—it could be the attic, basement, garage, a distant relative’s garden, or a secret chamber in the wall.

3. Give the container a creative touch

Let your creative juices flow when you decorate and embellish the time capsule. Get your little ones to help you pick the decorations and keep some craft material handy. It would be fun to decorate the box with colorful pebbles, bird feathers, dried flowers, and colored paper. Those that you intend to bury under dirt can be decorated from the inside.

4. Add a cryptic code

You may likely forget about the time capsule after a few years. So, include a map that leads to the capsule. Keep the map in a file that holds important documents. Give cryptic hints for the finder to solve. It will make the hunt for the hidden memorabilia all the more exciting when your future generations stumble upon it. Seal the time capsule with tape, epoxy, or powerful glue.

5. Pick the items you want to store

The time capsule you make is your signature for the future. Items or artifacts that you add to the capsule will generate interest if you include things that will tickle the curious minds after years, decades, or even centuries. Toys, coins, artwork, books, CDs, pens, empty packets of snacks, seeds, chocolate wrappers, erasers, tokens, jewelry, pictures, letters, newspaper clippings, marbles, and even career testimonials — include whatever you like. Getting the whole family to brainstorm with you can also be a lot of fun. You all can also write a letter to your future selves.

Audra Rain, a YouTuber, and a mother shares what she stored in her time capsule that she made in third grade. Reaching into the box, she reads from a paper that lists the items in the time capsule, “A picture of me in third grade, this length of a string shows my height in third grade, a newspaper clipping of an event that was happening while I was in third grade, an item that represents something I had special interest in when I was in third grade, and a letter written to me from my family (i).”

protip_icon Do remember
You can also pick items that you are obsessed with. For instance, you can put in the poster of your favorite music band. Twenty years later, if you chance upon the capsule, it can help you relive old memories.

6. Fortify your storage methods

Give additional attention to how you store the time capsule. If you plan to bury it, use aluminum or a stainless steel jar and cover it with a thick polythene bag as added protection. Bury it at least two feet under the ground. Pictures and posters need to be separated by a thin film of tissue paper to avoid sticking.
Do not let organic and inorganic items touch each other. And to avoid metals from corroding, wrap them in cotton, and place them in plastic bags. Also, do not store food or canned items, as they could spoil the other contents and release harmful bacteria in the container.

Now that you have charted your course for a time capsule, think about the various possibilities and assortments you could include.

Time Capsule Ideas For A Baby Or First Birthday

Apart from the decorations, guest list, and cake, consider a first birthday time capsule for your baby and give it to your child when they turn 18. It’s a fantastic way to store precious memories and make the birthday memorable.

1. A copy of their birth announcement

While most depend on their mobile chats to do the needful, some people still announce births through well-scripted letters and unique cards. You can place them in the time capsule to show the traditions that were followed in your family. If you have digital versions, save them in a pen drive. You can also place a copy of the baby’s birth certificate in the time capsule.

2. Newspaper clips from the day they were born

Newspaper clips will help you remember the day and also record the important dates and happenings of that time. Besides, the clipping will throw light on how the newspapers looked back then. You may have pictures from a travel brochure or travel maps if the baby was conceived while traveling to a particular destination. A print from Google earth or copies of the map of the locality where the child was born. Pictures or copies of the place/site where the baby merchandise was bought.

3. Recorded baby sounds

Your child will be delighted to hear their adorable coos and giggles after growing up. Get a small, handy recorder to record their sounds. It will also highlight the technological changes that have been witnessed over the years.

4. Decorations and invites from the party

Decoration ideas for the party

Image: IStock

It is a fun way to tell your child about the wonderful stuff you did for their first birthday party. The streamers and balloons will add color to that box of memories, apart from indicating the birthday theme trends prevalent in those days.

5. First rattle, spoon

Go with your instinct! Choose any baby keepsake that you think would make your time capsule reminiscent of those amazing moments—the baby’s first pacifier, a toy, a feeding bottle, rattle spoon, first bowl, an empty wet tissue packet, empty and clean baby fruit puree jars. It will be a heart-warming memory for your entire family.

6. Your favorite baby dress

The styles and patterns of baby dresses keep changing so often. Add your favorite baby dress to the capsule, and you are sure to have a rush of nostalgia when you reopen it with your grown-up child.

7. Candid pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words, especially when they have captured your baby’s beautiful smiles. Include cute baby pictures that celebrate major milestones, baby shower clicks, and monthly photographs of the progressing baby bump. Mom and baby pictures will be an added attraction apart from a couple of inclusions from the family album.

protip_icon Quick tip
Ensure that the pictures you place in the time capsule are ones your child will see only upon opening the capsule and not in your personal collection. Let the experience be unique and memorable.

8. Well-worded messages for your baby

Write a beautiful letter to your baby, expressing your feelings and emotions when you first held them. Use attractive stationery paper and ask family members from both sides to write messages. It will be a memorable keepsake or a souvenir for your grown-up child. You may include cute drawings and letters from siblings.

9. Baby names list

Include a copy of the baby names you had short-listed for your bundle of joy, along with the reason why you liked them. The list will be a handy reference book for your child when they grow up and need to use it.

10. A handprint and footprint

Your baby’s first birthday time capsule will not be complete unless you include an adorable handprint and footprint. There’s something special about little handprints and footprints. It will give your child a clear idea of how much you love them.

11. Mom’s pregnancy photos

Pictures of mom’s progression of pregnancy, month by month or the first ultrasound scan of the child in the mother’s womb can also be kept. Pictures and videos of the mom attending prenatal and antenatal classes can be a part of the time capsule too. These serve as permanent mementos of that beautiful and exciting time.

12. Hospital memorabilia

Pictures of the doctor and medical staff who helped deliver the baby or baby’s and mom’s hospital I.D. Bracelets, and the baby’s name card can help to revive happy memories through a time capsule.

13. Audio/video recordings

You may add audio or video footage or recordings of the baby’s favorite lullaby.

14. Current family photo

Capturing a full family photo with your baby is a great idea to keep as a memory or store in a time capsule. You can add pictures of your extended family and neighbors, too. When your baby grows up, they can see their baby picture and all the people with them.

15. First haircut lock

Many families wait until their baby turns one year old to give them their first haircut. You can save a lock of hair from this special moment, along with the date; there you have a unique element of a time capsule.

16. Future predictions

You might have predicted your baby’s future with your partner and family members, wondering if they will become a doctor, an engineer, a farmer, or an entrepreneur. List all the typical and unusual predictions on paper and lock them up in a time capsule.

17. Favorite toy or stuffed toy

Babies often grow fond of specific toys, like stuffed animals, when they are little. Keeping these stuffed toys as a sweet reminder of their infancy is a cute and wonderful idea for creating a time capsule.

18. Baby’s growth milestones

Babies grow rapidly during their first year, and you can witness their development and growth each week. Keeping track of these milestones on a chart and checking them off can create a special keepsake to include in a time capsule.

19. Baby’s first art

When your baby tries to draw on paper with tiny hands, it might seem like scribbles, but it’s an important step toward learning to write. Consider storing their adorable, messy artwork in a time capsule.

20. List of baby’s favorite things

Write down your baby’s favorite things, like their favorite melody, stuffed toys, and activities on a piece of paper, and include them in a time capsule for your baby. You can also keep pictures of your baby holding or playing with these items.

21. Baby’s jewelry or accessory

Whether it’s a baby bangle, a chain, a bracelet, a hat, or a hairband, you may preserve any of your baby’s jewelry in the time capsule as a special keepsake of their memories.

22. A playlist of favorite tunes or songs

Make a list of all the jingles, nursery rhymes, tunes, and songs your baby seems to enjoy, and place them in a magical time capsule for your baby.

Time Capsule Ideas For Kids Or Students

Children love to carry out excavations and enjoy ‘Eureka!’ moments. Give them the joy of going down memory lane by creating a fun time capsule with them.

23. A detailed map of the world

The frontiers of countries might change, new boundaries could be drawn, and cities might be renamed over time. Therefore, it would be a great idea to include a current map of the world in your time capsule.

24. A trendsetting object from school days

Every year, something trendy and hip hits the market for school students to use. It could be a fashion accessory, a seasonal toy, an innovative stationery item, a cool gadget, or a new set of trading cards (Frozen, Marvel Avengers, fidget spinners, 3D pens, VR boxes, smartwatches, or Star Wars). Use it if it is handy enough to fit in the box, or include a picture of you holding it.

25. A class group picture

A class group picture, time capsule ideas

Image: IStock

Class photos are a must to help us relive the wonderful school years when we grow up. Include a picture in the time capsule you are creating with your children. It will be reminiscent of your children’s time growing up. You may also include their special qualities in a separate paper.

26. Film, theater, and concert flyers

Movies and music are a good reflection of the trends that prevail at a time. Save a few movie, concert, or theater tickets along with their flyers in your time capsule. When your child opens the time capsule as a grown-up, they will be able to know about your taste in the entertainment world.

27. Childhood heroes or cartoon characters

Just like fashion trends, cartoon characters and superheroes keep changing in popularity. What is trendy today may not be a few years from now. So, go ahead and include little figurines of your child’s favorite superheroes, fantasy, and cartoon characters, whether Doremon, Lightning McQueen, Dora, the Avengers, Disney princesses, Masha, unicorns, Woody, or Buzz Lightyear. Wondering if they would still be around in the future? The time capsule will tell you.

28. Growth chart

It would be a good idea to include your child’s growth chart along with other stuff in the time capsule. It will give the grown-up a clear picture of the physical progress they have made. Instead of the boring markings on a tape, write down the growth points in terms of what they could reach and how quickly they outgrew their clothes.

29. Achievement memorabilia

Every child is proud of the achievements they make in school. Include some of the certificates and medals your child won. It can also include special compliments and remarks received by the child in various activities and snapshots of progress cards.

30. Non-perishable snacks

When your child grows up, their favorite snacks may be non-existent. It is also possible that their tastes change. Put in some non-perishable food items in your time capsule, such as hard candy and chewing gum, as a reminder. You could put them in small trinket boxes. A safe option would be to use just the wrapper. Include menus from your favorite food joints as well.

31. Letter to your future self or stranger

Get your child to write a letter to their future self, talking about their ambitions, likes, hopes for their future selves, or goals that they would like to achieve. You could also talk about what troubled your child, the fears you had to fight, and the best moments you enjoyed.

32. A beautiful art or science project

It could be something as simple as a bookmark you have created or a pebble craft; include something unusual and arty. For those with a literary inclination, include your favorite poems, stories, diaries, or essays. You could also get innovative and add a mini science kit.

33. Pet’s clicks

Having pets at home is one of the best childhood memories. Therefore, including pictures of your cute pet with your child in the time capsule will remind you of the joy they brought to your life.

34. A family photo album

Family plays a crucial role in one’s childhood. Add a family photo album or multiple collages of all your loved ones and dear ones in the time capsule. This will help your child cherish those lovely days later.

35. A piece of technology

Including a piece of technology like a smartphone or a USB drive from childhood will demonstrate technological advancements when your child opens their time capsule in the future.

36. List of hobbies

People’s hobbies can change with time, so list your child’s current hobbies and put them in a time capsule. This way, in the future, they can be reminded of the things and activities they used to enjoy.

37. Coin or currency note

While the coin or currency remains the same, its design and date can change over time. So, adding a coin or currency note to the time capsule can become a piece of history when you open it in the future.

38. Favorite game equipment

Preserving the equipment of your child’s favorite video game or outdoor game, such as a ball or a video cassette, in a time capsule will let your child know about the trending games of that time and the type of games they played in their childhood.

39. Listofcurrent friends

Documenting the names of your child’s friends will allow you to see how many of them will stay connected after growing up or how their relationships evolve, allowing them to cherish the sweet memories they share.

40. Favorite accessory

Add your child’s favorite accessory to the time capsule, whether a piece of jewelry, a bracelet, an anklet, or a scarf. This way, your child may learn about their future fashion style and preferences.

41. Favorite book

A book can say a lot about someone. So, putting your child’s favorite story or academic book in the time capsule will showcase the type of books they enjoyed reading in the past.

Time Capsule Ideas For Families

A time capsule would be a fun way to reminisce about those special occasions or moments spent with loved ones.

Gina, a blogger, writer, and a mother of three, came up with a thoughtful time capsule idea for her family during the pandemic. Narrating the experience, she says, “As a family, we created a simple Covid Time Capsule, and we filled it with a few items to help us remember this very interesting time.

“In our time capsule, my family included pictures of our time at home, our schedule during homeschooling and lockdown, masks, a sample of the crafts we made, a piece of yarn 6 feet long (to help us remember social distancing, a piece of toilet paper to help us remember some of the shortages, a sample of our favorite masks, time capsule questionnaires (filled out by each member of the family) (ii).”

So, if you too want some interesting ideas for your time capsule, scroll through.

42. A family tree

It would be the most important inclusion in your time capsule. A family tree would be an interesting find if it were to be received by future relatives. It would be fun to flip through your lineage. Get creative and draw one colorful tree with each family member’s picture hanging like a fruit.

43. Unique family traditions list

Every family has some unique traditions and customs that are exclusive to them. Write down all such traditions on paper and add them to your family time capsule. Your children will be delighted to learn about the unusual customs they have to follow when they grow up.

44. Lots of family pictures

Lots of family pictures

Image: IStock

It will be a task half done if you do not include family pictures in your capsule. Try and fit in as many as you can, with some featuring your distant relatives, and those clicked at weddings and huge family gatherings. They will show you how everybody looked at that time.

45. A family heirloom

It could be anything from a piece of jewelry to a part of the ancient carpet, china glassware, listings in old newspapers, wedding invitations, tiaras, semi-precious bracelets, cufflinks, silk, scarves, or hats. If they are too precious to be put away in a box, take a picture and add it to the box.

46. Secret family recipes

Since most of you would be handing over the time capsule to your next generation, it would be a great idea to include some of your family’s secret recipes and tips. This way, they will stay within the family and will be carried over to the next generation.

47. Christmas collectibles

You can create a special section within the family time capsule and include all your Christmas and festive memories. These could consists of the festive menus, gift requests, favorite Christmas tree ornaments, and a pair of Santa caps, socks, and lots of pictures.

48. Original floor plan of your house

Including the floor plan of your house would be a great way to track the changes made to the house and give you the exact specifications of the area.

49. Favorite family game or puzzle

Include any family activity that you enjoy when all of you get together with your relatives and cousins. It could be fishing rods/hooks, dodge ball, cards, puzzles, or storybooks that you read with your cousins.

protip_icon Do remember
When you put a family game in a time capsule, remember to place a scorecard with it. You can have a good laugh at remembering who aced the game and who failed miserably.

50. Legends and quirky stories

It would be interesting and rather spooky to include family legends and secret stories. They are bound to generate a lot of curiosity if some stranger were to chance upon your time capsule. So, out comes the schizophrenic aunt, the cousin who is believed to have met the Bigfoot, or someone who married a prince.

51. Family handprints

Creating a collage or board with handprints from each family member is a wonderful idea for a family time capsule. It will serve as a touching reminder of how everyone has grown over the years and also help you remember loved ones who are no longer with you.

52. A family scrapbook

A family scrapbook including the names, hobbies, pictures, signatures, and future aspirations of the family members would make a great time capsule idea for the family. It will also serve as a heartfelt reminder of the cherished memories, happy moments, and special experiences you all have enjoyed together.

53. Favorite family movies or serials

Adding a list of your family’s favorite movies or TV shows you have watched together during holidays or daily and keeping them in the time capsule could be a lovely reminder of the happy laughs you shared watching them.

54. Family budget or the grocery list

Including your family budget or a grocery list provides insight into your financial priorities and daily life when you created the time capsule. It also shows how your finances and essential needs have changed over time.

55. Memories from a family trip

Keeping the memories from a family trip, such as postcards or souvenirs, in the time capsule will bring back the happy memories you experienced during your travels together when you open it later.

56. Family video tour

Recording a video tour of your home and family members and keeping it in the time capsule will allow you to revisit your family at the time and see how things have changed over the years.

57. A gratitude list

List down the things your family members are grateful for with regard to each other. This will bring a sense of unity and strengthen your bonding as you look back at them through this time capsule.

58. Family members’ achievements

Capture your family’s feats and accomplishments in writing or pictures. Celebrating each other’s success through a special time capsule, be it their academic, sports, arts, music, or professional achievements, is a fantastic idea.

59. Memorable sayings in the family

Collecting your family’s famous and notable sayings and inside jokes and storing them in a time capsule will help you cherish the strong bond

you share with your loved ones.

Time Capsule Ideas For Couples Or Anniversaries

If you have ever felt that the dates you spend with your sweetheart just zip by, capture those moments in a unique couple time capsule. Create the perfect love flashback with all your favorite courtship memorabilia and open it when you celebrate a major milestone of your married life.

60. First date memories

Get started with your first date questionnaire. List down what your expectations were from each other, how you felt, your first reactions, and how the first date ended. Get each other to answer all the questions and read them years after you put them into the time capsule.

61. Happy couple pictures

Couple of pictures are an absolute must for your time capsule. They must include snapshots of the two of you in various moods, posing happily. Be sure to include pictures of when you proposed, those with your besties, and family members.

62. Wedding invites, videos, and gift tags

Add in a few memorable videos (of your first dance together) from your wedding. They make for some awesome back-in-the-day discoveries when you watch them after a few years. Include your wedding invitation, gift tags, and guest list in the capsule, along with a part of your wedding ensemble. You can include pictures of the store where the wedding dress was purchased. If the dress was an heirloom worn by the bride’s mother or grandmother, then it will be fun to include their wedding pictures too.

63. Bucket list

You must have a long list of things you wish to do as a couple—the holiday destinations you want to visit, activities you like to undertake, something you want to treat each other to, the food you want to cook for each other, and your dream house. Create a list using fancy stationery and tick off things you have done after opening them years later.

64. Love letters to each other

A beautiful moment when you open the time capsule and find old love letters

Image: IStock

It would be a beautiful moment when you open the time capsule and find old love letters that you had written to each other. Arrange a perfectly romantic setting to celebrate another awesome day and reread them. If a stranger happens to open the capsule, they would be treated to a wonderful love story.

65. Anniversary and Valentine’s Day cards or gifts

Pack in some of the tiny Valentine’s Day and anniversary cards or gifts you have given each other. It could be dried flowers you have collected from all those bouquets you have received or tiny notes. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the patterns and styles of cards from the year you married?

66. Date night plans

It isn’t an end to your date nights once you get married. The two of you can get naughty and creative at the same time and create a list of date night plans. Get innovative and let those romantic ideas unleash. Write down your thoughts on paper. Next, fold the paper and put it inside the capsule as a secret from each other. Check if all the plans have materialized when you open the capsule after years.

67. Naughty ‘never-have-I-ever’ questions for your spouse

It is time to bring in your naughty, sensual side. Write down a list of personal, naughty ‘Never have I’ questions for your spouse. It would be great fun, coupled with some intimate reactions when you quiz each other on these questions after your marriage enters the autopilot mode, and the two of you are happy and comfortable with each other.

68. Birthday cards

Including loving birthday cards you have shared over the years in a time capsule will help rekindle the love between you two when you open the time capsule later. You could also be pleasantly surprised by what is written inside!

69. A bottle of wine or champagne

Adding a bottle of wine or champagne to your time capsule will be an amazing idea to celebrate your future anniversary. Store a high-quality, long-lasting drink to enjoy its taste even after many years.

70. Wedding vows

Every married couple has a special memory of their wedding vows. So, putting those vows in a time capsule will be a lovely way to remember the promises they made on their big day and their love for each other when they open it later.

71. Special love playlist

Crafting a playlist of the love songs that hold a special value to your relationship is an exceptional time capsule idea. It will help you reminisce about the remarkable memories and celebrations you shared as a couple.

72. Recorded video message

Including a video recording of expressing your love and emotions to each other could be a perfect time capsule idea to view in the later years. This will be a sweet reminder of your shared feelings, love, care, and connection.

73. Career achievements and goals

Creating a joint time capsule with your career achievements and goals can be unique and noteworthy. It will highlight your journey together and the support you have given each other along the way. Later, you can look back and see how much you’ve accomplished as a couple.

74. Family goals

Many couples like to set family goals, such as the type of house they want and the number of children they plan to have. Listing and preserving such family goals in a time capsule will be a great idea to track your progress as a couple when you revisit them.

75. Itinerary of the memorable trip

Another romantic idea is to include the itinerary of an unforgettable trip, such as your honeymoon or a foreign vacation, in the time capsule. Opening it later will bring back the beautiful memories of your time together.

76. A travel souvenir or a trinket

Adding a travel souvenir or trinket from a particular place you visited to the time capsule will undoubtedly remind you of the delightful memories you experienced together.

Whatever you decide to include in your time capsule, it is bound to get you nostalgic when you revisit it after a gap of a few years. Seal them up with a lot of care and store them for your future generation. They are a narrative between the past, present, and future—just don’t peek into them before it is time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I not put in a time capsule?

Apart from edibles, you should not put rubber as it can snap over a period of time. You should also not put staples, nails, or paper clips as they tend to rust. You should use plastic wrap to preserve fabrics. Compostable items like leather should also be packed in plastic to prevent other items from getting soiled.

2. How long does a time capsule last?

A time capsule may last for several years, depending on the objects put in the capsule and the way the capsule has been preserved. They may last for 50 years or even more.

3. What is the oldest time capsule?

The Samuel Adams and Paul Revere time capsule is believed to be the oldest time capsule. It was buried underground in 1795 (1).

4. How will my time capsule be remembered by future generations?

The memory of your time capsule will depend on its contents, condition, relevance, and cultural significance. Future generations may remember it better if they have stories associated with its creation and their contribution towards it.

The unique concept of creating a time capsule is a creative and fun way to store precious memories and moments to reflect on later. Use these time capsule ideas and suggestions to build one of your own and include whatever you wish to remember. Each object in the time capsule will stir up nostalgia, whether it be your baby’s first handprint, your child’s favorite toy, or the love letters you sent to your partner. So go ahead and get started with your own unique time capsule ideas for your future self and for posterity.

Infographic: Ideas For A Time Capsule

If you are planning to make a time capsule but are still deciding what to put inside it, we are here with an infographic that will help you with the same. Here’s a list of things that you can put in your capsule and save for future generations to discover later. Read on to learn what they are.

ideas for a time capsule (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • A time capsule is a memory container to store photographs, letters, currency, etc., to pass on the information and heritage to the next generation.
  • Pick the container and items that reflect your style and tickle curious minds.
  • Children can put interesting goods in them to have a bouquet of memories to look back on when they grow up.
time capsule ideas_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Create a captivating time capsule to immortalize cherished memories for future generations! Follow our complete guide to create your own time capsule masterpiece.

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  1. Inside the Box Massachusetts State House Time Capsule Revealed
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