15 Times Our Mothers-In-Law Made Us Want To Scream

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When you are in a long-term relationship, there will come a time when you’ll have to meet the in-laws. It’s an inevitable step to take the relationship to the next level, and there is no denying that it is a big one. This meeting can go one of two ways. It can either turn into a beautiful relationship that deepens with time. Or it can end up being one where you have clashes all the time. Some MILs give you unsolicited advice that can tick you off, others get too involved in your lives, and some use every opportunity to undermine you. There might be the lucky few who cannot relate to this and enjoy a beautiful bond with their mother-in-law. But if this sounds familiar to you, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Scroll below to read 15 women share their experiences with their mothers-in-law. Some of them are hilarious, some harmless, and some simply got on their nerves that it made all of us want to scream:

1. When A Mother-In-Law’s Visit Is More Like A Fitness Exam

It’s not the first time that a mother-in-law thinks it’s appropriate to comment on your weight, and it won’t be the last. How about the next time you talk about her old age? Ugh, if only!

2. When You Wonder Why They Even Have A Smartphone

Is it really that hard to understand how the internet works? Guess no number of smartphones can make you understand that.

3. When She Cannot Stop Beating Around The Bush

I wish you would get to the point or just stop talking at once. What are you even trying to say? Do you have a point, or is it just moo? (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans, where you at?)

4. When She Thinks She Makes Complete Sense

Have you ever heard of logic? Does it exist in your vocabulary? Got to agree, it takes a special kind of talent to think these things!

5. When She Proves That She Cannot Be Trusted With Technology

Don’t blame yourself if you’re skeptical about handing over technology to your mother-in-law. If she cannot tell the difference between the time and the temperature, it’s only natural to have your doubts.

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6. When You Cannot Help But Wonder If They Use Their Brain

Don’t be surprised if you have to throw out your cat litter because of all the cement. But hey, your MIL was just trying to help.

7. When You Want To Scream At Her For Discouraging Your Child (Some Things Are Just Off Limits)

Sometimes you wonder if they love their grandchildren or hate them. What do they expect, a Chet Baker?

8. When You Hate Her Guts (She Really Did That?!)

You have to admit that you never thought your mother-in-law would call you out to the world like that. Guess it’s not going to the last time she is going to violate your privacy.

9. When You’re Not Sure Who Needs The Reminder In This Situation

It is not the first time your mother-in-law will hand out such basic instructions to your child, and it won’t be the last. Are you sure you’re not reminding yourself how the mailbox works, ma?

10. When You’re Not Sure If She Hears The Words Coming Out Of Her Mouth

One minute it’s chicken. The next bite, it becomes pork. Probably the only one who believes that it changed. How about laughing at yourself for the goof-up instead? Now, you’ve just made yourself sound ridiculous!

11. When You Cannot Help But Laugh At Her Confidence At Being Wrong

Not sure if your mother-in-law understands what the word means. Or perhaps she is being over-enthusiastic about your daughter being a certain kind of superhero.

12. When You Can Relate To This Dude More Than You Know

Can you really blame the guy? He probably loves family time, but he doesn’t have to love every member of the family.

13. When She Is Passive-Aggressive Beyond Imagination

Mean but hilarious. Enough said.

14. When That’s The Worst Kind Of Advice You’ve Ever Heard

Did she just — ? She did! Wow. No words. We have no words.

15. When You Cannot Argue Because She Defies Logic

Because if you wash your car and take a shower, bad things will happen. Did you not know?

Not all mothers-in-law mean harm. Some of them are just hilarious, and you cannot help but burst into laughter with the things they say. We hope this article brought a smile to your face. If you have a MIL who can share a laugh or two with you, share it with them and make her day.

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