10 Times You Miss Your Mom After The Wedding

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Getting married is an unforgettable experience for any girl as it marks the beginning of a new phase of life. While marriage brings with itself many new bonds to be formed, some old ones are the most missed and the hardest to let go. One such strong bond that always remains is that of a mother and daughter. Some might form an equally loving relationship with the mother-in-law, but that with your own mother remains unparalleled. In fact, most women agree that they come to know the love for their mothers only after marriage.

Here are the moments when you miss your mom the most after your wedding:

1. Major Missing – Constant Nagging!

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She was always after you – when you came home late, when you used your phone for hours or even when you felt too lazy for a shower. At times you frowned but that push was all you needed to get going. After marriage, it will haunt you to have no one constantly nagging you for you are all by yourself, whether it’s coming home late or missing on your breakfast.

2. No More Mommy Treats!

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That delicious food that your taste buds love and are used to since childhood will no longer treat you. The meaning of home-cooked food is no longer the same. No longer do you receive your favourite dish on demand and seldom does anyone ask you what you want on the menu for the day. The kitchen’s your field alone now.

3. You Miss Your All-Time Gossip Friend

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We all have friends with whom we gossip over phone calls, texts, sleepovers and girls’ nights out. But when it comes to reading your mind, no friend is as good as your mother who senses every right and wrong thing going on with you, and you share every little thing with her. Now that you are married, you miss that late night gossip and secret telling sessions all the more!

4. The Unbeatable Mommy Hug

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It is even scientifically proven that a hug from your mother has a calming effect on you, relieving your stress. According to research conducted at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine, a hug or a phone call from the mother lowers the level of the stress hormone, ‘cortisol’ and eventually controls anxiety (1). Mom hugs have always been the best of the kind. It is an unmatchable feeling to still feel like a baby in her arms as she patiently listens to all your worries.

Do you feel the craving for a mother’s hug even more now?

5. Dr. Mum Does NOT Come To The Rescue

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She has the best home remedy for every sickness and pampers you the most when you are ill. Now, when you fall sick, your Dr. Mum doesn’t come to the rescue and no one pampers you till you fall asleep, as she did. After marriage, you are your own doctor.

We know, you miss her already!

6. The Crown From Your Head Goes Missing

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You are no longer the pampered princess of the house. You could demand anything from her, run around the house in your messiest pajamas, throw tantrums, and be yourself without having to worry about anything. It is not the same anymore when you have to behave sophisticated and step out of your comfort zone with your new family. Sad!

7. No More Shopping And Movie Binges

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Once married, it is hard to find time from your new responsibilities to make plans for yourself. You miss how earlier you made instant plans for shopping binges and random movie dates with mommy dearest. Those impulsive plans seem far-fetched and not so easy anymore.

8. Mum-Yell-Alarm Goes Off

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You might shut your ears and beg to let you sleep more when your mother gives you a wakeup call and even yells when you still don’t budge. But you miss that mum-yell-alarm the most when that boring old alarm clock wakes you up now. There is no one to force you out of the bed and you can no longer say, “5 minutes more!”

9. Tea-Talks No More

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Tea doesn’t taste the same anymore, no matter how flavoured. You miss her the most when you sip your tea with your new family. The tea-talks and bonding over tea sessions change forever.

10. She Was Your Stylist

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At times you might argue like sisters, but you cannot deny the fact that her advice is never wrong when it comes to dressing. She is your biggest critic and adviser on what to wear. But once married you lose your most trustworthy stylist. It is hard to find someone as genuine an adviser as her.

Apart from playing a crucial role as your mother, she has been your constant best friend since the time you came to your senses and while many relationships would change, this one only grows deeper. With major mum missing already happening right now, it’s time to give her a call right away or maybe even a visit!

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