Top 10 Tin Can Craft Ideas For Kids

If your kid is a crafting genius, we’ve got just the right thing! Tin can crafts for kids can turn those boring holidays into fun-filled days by keeping your kids engaged and entertained at the same time. With some creativity, guidance, and excitement, your kids can enjoy creating cool crafts using tin cans.

Here is a compiled list of tin can crafts that your kids may enjoy. Read on!

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Fabulous Tin Can Crafts

In the first of this series, we bring you ten tin can craft ideas for kids. Tins are found in just about every household. Combine those with a rope, paints, craft papers and a generous helping of crazy imagination, and you will have a winner on your hands. To get you started, we have listed a few awesome tin can crafts for you to draw your ideas from.

1. Tin Can Stilts:

Kylee and Tara from The Mud Pie Makers show you how to make these super simple stilts in a matter of few hours. All you need are identical tin cans, smaller tin cans like tuna cans for a smaller kid, a rope, and some paint, and your stilts are ready! Have a stilt race with your kid to add that fun element.

2. Tin Can Xylophones:

Busy Bee Kids Crafts bring you this great idea to turn a couple of uneven tin cans into an instant and fun xylophone for your kids. To get started, you need some tins in different sizes and rubber bands or rope. Just tie them all up securely and have your kids drum away with the rubber end of a pencil.

A pair of earplugs may also be necessary to spare yourself a headache!

3. Tin Can Animals:

Tin can animals, Tin can craft ideas for kids

Image: Via link

Chinnu from Chinnu’s Crafts brings you this fun way to turn tin cans into various animals with just a few supplies and some imagination. Use these later as a desktop organizer for your kid. You can also use them as “snack holder” or “popcorn bowl” while you enjoy your kids’ favorite animated movie.

4. Mini Tin Can Drums:

Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes found an amazing way to turn old tin cans into super fun drums. Paint your tin cans and then cover the tops with balloons. Secure with a ribbon glued all around the edge of the balloon. Ta da! Your super fun kid drums are ready for your kids to display their musical acumen.

5. Tin Can Christmas Trees:

Tin Can Christmas Trees

Image: IStock

You can use old unused tins to make creative Christmas trees. Paint your empty and clean cans with spray paint. Once dry, use white paint to put those cute dots and let them dry too. Use an old belt to give that Christmasy Santa Claus feels before setting up a Christmas tree in the tin. You can decorate the tree with bells to make it look prettier.

6. Tin Can Pencil Holders:

Jodi Durr from Meaningful Mama creates this fun colorful pencil holder out of an old tin. All you need is some glue, some Popsicle sticks (which are available at all craft stores), decorative beads or buttons and your amazingly colorful tin can pencil holder is ready to be placed on your kids’ desk.

7. Tin Can Wind Chime:

Tin can wind chime, Tin can craft ideas for kids

Image: Via link

SheKnows suggests making this heartwarming craft item from ordinary tins. Paint your tins in different colors, and punch a hole with a nail and hammer at the bottom of the tin. String a thread through the hole and tie a knot. The knot should be big enough so that the string doesn’t slip through the hole. Tie up all the cans at varying levels from a tree branch or a beam, in a place, which is quite windy. Place them close enough so they are touching, or they won’t make any noise.

8. Tin Can Telephones:

These tin cans telephones are made in a manner similar to the tin can wind chimes. Isn’t it both easy and interesting things to make? Like Joel says on his blog, it is never too late to teach your kids a science lesson, and let them have fun with it too!

9. Tin Can Lanterns:

Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons has a super fun tutorial to make these amazing lanterns. Have your child draw a design on the tin cans with markers and then punch holes in the can with a nail and a hammer. Place some votive lights inside and light them up in the dark. Watch your kids squeal with delight.

10. Tin Can Planters:

The Craft Crow has an interesting idea in tin can planters. Paint or decorate your tin cans in whatever way your child wants (or you can give them a chance to “paint” too). Poke a few holes in the bottom and fill the can with soil. You can plant a few cactus or succulent plants in it to make for an exciting center piece that your child will be proud of.

Points To Remember

  • Use food cans with peel back lids or those without any ragged edges if you are going to have your child decorate them.
  • Punching holes with the nail and hammer should be done only by adults, and in case of older kids, under supervision.
  • If hot glue is involved, never have your child touching the hot glue gun. PVC glue may be handled by kids, under careful supervision.
  • Whenever you use beads, never leave a child unattended. Small things such as beads pose a choking hazard for little kids.

Children’s creativity knows no bounds, and with the right encouragement, they can flourish. So give their artistic side a nudge by introducing them to these tin can craft ideas for kids. With this list of various ideas, such as tin can lanterns, wind chimes, and pen holders, you can bring out the artist in them. These tin can craft ideas are not only a fun way to get innovative but can also help children learn the importance of recycling and turning old things into something beautiful and useful. So go ahead and try these as a fun family activity.

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