Top 25 Tinker Bell Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

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Tinker Bell, also known as Tink, is an iconic figure in the Disney community. She is a cute little fairy from the Peter Pan story. She plays a sidekick and best friend of Peter Pan in the series.

Tinker Bell is a favorite of both kids and adult alike. Her sweetness, fragility and ability to fly have made her a favorite of kids all over the world. She has also starred in animated films like “Tinker Bell,” “Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure,” “Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue” and “Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hallow Games.”

Top 25 Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

Tinkerbell coloring pages free to print are very popular with girls. Her yellow hair and green dress are very easy to color. Your child can also add some yellow twinkle dust everywhere to enhance the beauty of this coloring sheet.

Here is a collection of 25 Tinkerbell coloring sheets for your little ones.

1. Tinker Bell:

Tinker Bell is one of the cutest fairies of the magical world.

  • She is a blue eyed, blonde female figure who is shown dressed in a short green dress, green shoes and white puffs.
  • She stays covered in pixie dust, which she sometimes spreads to help humans fly.
  • Tinker Bell is a free spirited girl who does not care about what other people think.
  • Encourage your child to use their imagination and think what Tinker Bell is up to. You can also ask your child to add in a background or create a new pet for Tinker Bell.

2. Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy:

This scene is taken from the film “Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy”.

  • This coloring page features Tinkerbell, Zarina, Iridessa, Vidia and Silvermist watching the ship sail in amazement.
  • The Pirate Fairy is a computer-animated film released earlier this year.
  • The story begins when Zarina steals the Blue Pixie Dust and flies away. Tinker Bell and her friends then set out on a journey to get them back.

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3. Tinker Bell And Peter Pan:

This is a coloring sheet of Tinker Bell from her first film.

  • The coloring sheet features Tinker Bell with Peter Pan.
  • “Peter Pan” is an animated film based on the play “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up”.
  • Peter Pan rescues Tinker Bell from the rubble and together they confront the pirates.

4. Tinker Bell And The Secret Of The Wings:

This picture of Tinker Bell is taken from the film Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings.

  • It is a 2012 computer animated film based on the Disney Fairies franchise.
  • It revolves around Tinkerbell, who ventures into the forbidden woods and discovers a frost fairy named Periwinkle.

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5. Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure:

‘Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure’ is another popular animated film that features Tinkerbell.

  • The story begins when Tinker Bell journeys far North of Never Land, to make peace with her friend Terence and restore a Pixie Dust Tree.
  • You can also watch this film with your child after coloring this sheet.

6. Tinker Bell Trapped In A Birdcage:

The coloring sheet shows Zarina, Tinker Bell’s best friend, watching over her trapped in a bird cage.

  • This scene is taken from the film “Tinker Bell”, a computer animated film based on the Disney Fairies franchise.
  • The film revolves around Tinkerbell, a fairy character created in “Peter Pan,” a Disney animation film.

7. Iridessa:

Iridessa is one of the major characters of the “Tinker Bell” series.

  • Her special ability allows her to manipulate the light, whether it is to give lightening bugs their glows or create rainbows.
  • Iridessa is a fairy of African appearance. She ties her hair in a bun that shimmers with the Pixie dust.
  • She is one of the most talented fairies in the Pixie Hollow.
  • She is a perfectionist and is very passionate about her work.

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8. Tinker Bell And Zarina:

This coloring sheet features Tinker Bell with her best friend Zarina.

  • The page shows Zarina experimenting with Pixie dust as Tinker Bell watches over.
  • Zarina is an overtly curious dust keeper who is intrigued by the blue pixie dust.
  • She spends her time wondering at the pixie dust’s endless magical properties.
  • Zarina is a small and slender fairy with auburn hair, green eyes and light skin.
  • She wears a yellow dress that reaches just above her knees. Her hair is always tied in a messy bun.

9. Tinker Bell And Rosetta:

Meet Rosetta, a charming and well-mannered garden fairy residing in Pixie Hollow.

  • In this picture, Tinker Bell is upset over something and Rosetta is trying to cheer her up.
  • Rosetta is the main protagonist in “Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow” Games. She is close friends with Fawn, Silvermist and Tinkerbell.
  • Rosetta is obsessed with beauty and fashion. She tries to look her best and loves giving beauty and makeover tips to her friends and followers.

10. Pirate:

Here is a coloring sheet of Tinker Bell in her pirate avatar.

  • The coloring sheet is extremely easy to color as it has only one character.
  • You can also use this coloring sheet as a poster in your kid’s room.

11. Tinker Bell And Vidia:

Here is coloring sheet of Vidia and Tinker Bell for your little fairy.

  • Vidia is a fast flying fairy and Tinker Bell’s former rival.
  • She has long, plum hair, pale skin, arched eyebrows and pouty lips.
  • Vidia is the main antagonist in Disney’s “Tinkerbell.
  • She is a sly, grouchy and narcissistic fairy, but has a good heart. Phrases like ‘darling’ and ‘dear’ is used by Vidia in a condescending manner to other fairies.
  • Vidia is said to be the fastest fairy and is determined to keep her title to herself. She berates anyone who thinks otherwise.

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12. Tinker Bell With Friends:

Here is a coloring sheet of the entire cast of the “Tinker Bell” film series.

  • Iridessa the light fairy, Fawn the animal fairy, Rosetta the garden fairy and Silvermist the water fairy.
  • Ask your child to color these pixie fairies in their signature colors.

13. Fawn:

Fawn is animal talent fairy from the Tinker Bell series.

  • She is the only fairy who can speak animal languages.
  • Fawn is a tomboy fairy, full of mirth and mischief.
  • She is always up to some mischief and likes to play tricks on her friends, especially Iridessa.
  • Fawn is a small sized fairy with a slender figure.
  • She sports an orange and brown dress and wears orange curl shoes.
  • She has long, braided light brown hair and amber eyes.

14. Tinker Bell And Periwinkle:

This coloring sheet features Periwinkle and Tinker Bell. Periwinkle is a frost-talent fairy of the Winter Woods. She has appeared in a couple of films along with Tinker Bell.

  • Peri and Tink were born from the same first laugh, which makes them sororal twin sister.
  • They share many aspects when it comes to characteristics, appearance and personality traits.
  • Both Peri and Tink have wing shaped patterns on their fairy wing. Like Tinkerbell, Periwinkle also collects discarded items found in Never Land.

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15. Tinker Bell With Queen Clarion:

This is a coloring sheet of Tinker Bell giving a bouquet of flowers to Queen Clarion while Vidia is peeping from behind.

  • The queen is very fond of Tinker Bell. She helped Tinker Bell find her innate magical talent and gave her an appropriate name according to her talent.
  • She acts like a mother to her and makes sure that her treasured fairy lives in peace.

16. Silvermist:

Silvermist is a water-talented fairy with fair skin, brown eyes and black hair. She wears a dress with white and blue gradients.

  • Silvermist has an upbeat way of looking at everything. She is an optimistic fairy.
  • She is a free spirited pixie and mostly listens to her heart more than her head.
  • Silvermist is an easygoing soul and makes friends easily. Her sense of loyalty is totally unmatched.

17. Tinker Bell And Silvermist:

This is an adorable coloring sheet of Tinker Bell and Silvermist enjoying the moment together.

  • Tinker Bell and Silvermist are close friends in Pixie Hollow. She is extremely loyal to her friend Tinkerbell.
  • Silvermist always lends an ear to Tinker Bell in need and gives her good advice.

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18. Tinker Bell With Fairy Mary:

Here is a coloring sheet of Fairy Mary giving a piece of mind to Tinkerbell.

  • Fairy Mary is the overseer of the tinker pixies. She is a stout and organized fairy who takes great pride in being a Tinker.
  • Mary had great hopes from Tinker Bell, but was disappointed when Tinker Bell did not like being a Tinker.
  • Her faith was restored when she saw Tinker Bell using her natural ingenuity to invent new devices.
  • Tinker Bell did that to restore all the items needed to bring spring to the Mainland.

19. Tinker Bell With Terence:

Here is a coloring sheet of Tinker Bell with Terence, one of the male protagonists from the Tinker Bell series.

  • Terence is a dust keeper sparrow man and Tinker Bell’s best friend.
  • He rises every day before dawn to hand out the Pixie dust to the other fairies. He has an amiable personality, which attracts people to him.
  • It is said that Terence has a major crush on Tinkerbell, which she is unaware of. He tries to impress Tinker Bell all the time and goes to any extent to help her.

20. Clank And Bobble:

Meet Clank and Bobble, the pair of bumbling tinker sparrow men and Tinker Bell’s first friends.

  • The coloring sheet shows Queen Clarion giving a task to Clank and Bobble.
  • Clank and Bobble show extreme pride in being Tinkers.
  • Both share a brotherly relation with each other. They are the only fairies to reside together in the same home tree.
  • Clank is sweet and sympathetic while Bobble is intelligent and a bit crafty.
  • They love tinkering and performing magic tricks.

21. Queen Clarion:

Queen Clarion is the queen of Pixie Hollow and the overseer of the four seasons.

  • It is believed that she has lived longer than any other fairy of Pixie Hollow.
  • Despite the power and wisdom, Queen Clarion is not arrogant at all. She is extremely lovable and approachable.
  • Queen Clarion has light golden hair, extremely large fairy wings and blue eyes.
  • She wears a dress made of bright yellow fairy dust.

22. Gang:

This is a coloring sheet of all the major characters of the “Tinkerbell” series.

  • The coloring sheet features Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, Fairy Mary, Terence, Silvermist, Vidia, Clank, Bobble, Queen Clarion, The Narrator, The Minister of Summer, The Minister of Autumn, The Minister of Winter, Wendy Darling, Mrs. Darling and Fireflies.
  • Ask your child to bring out their crayon set and fill some beautiful colors in these characters.

23. Tinker Bell And Vidia Fight:

This coloring sheet shows a face-off between Tinker Bell and Vidia.

  • Tinker Bell and Vidia shared a turbulent relationship at the beginning of the series.
  • Vidia prides herself on being the fastest fairy and scoffs at the notion that a fairy like Tinker Bell can be anywhere near her level.
  • Her self-centeredness always creates issues between her and Tinker Bell, as she believes that not all fairies are created equal.
  • Despite her negative traits, Vidia has a good heart that can be seen in “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue”.

24. Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue:

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue is the third installment of the “Tinker Bell” series. It is the sequel to 2008 “Tinker Bell” and 2009 “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”.

  • The story begins when Tinker Bell meets Lizzy, a little girl with a strong belief in the magical land of fairies.
  • During the fairies’ summer visit, two different worlds unite and Tink develops a special bond with her.
  • When the fellow fairies launch a daring rescue, Tinker Bell takes a huge risk, putting her own safety and the future of all fairies in jeopardy.

25. Tinker Bell With Bobble:

Here you see Tinker Bell posing with Bobble.

  • This pixie has chestnut colored hair and bright blue eyes.
  • He wears large goggles with water droplets that make his eyes appear larger than they are.
  • Bobble is a Tinker-talent sparrow man whose nearsightedness makes him a close talker.
  • Bobble admires Tinker Bell for her talent and skill.

These free printable Tinkerbell coloring pages online are ideal for your little daughter’s birthday party. You just need a bunch of printout of these Tinkerbell coloring pictures to print and some sets of markers or crayons to keep your little fairies settled down.

We hope your kid enjoys the Tinkerbell pages printable. You can also create your own Tinkerbell coloring book. If you have any suggestion, drop us a comment below.

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