9 Tiny Things That Are A Big Deal When You're Pregnant

Pregnancy makes each and every passing day of your term a ceremonious affair. If you closely observe your thoughts, you will find yourself musing about telling things – the last special haircut you’d like before the baby arrives, the tub of ice cream(s) you’d like to devour before you lose your I’m-pregnant-and-can-eat-what-I-want licence, the cute post-pregnancy jumper you need to buy in time – they all have a pattern!

Basically, all that you do or plan has your pregnancy and due date as the foremost reference point. And, boy, are you detailed in your planning! Be it the nursery décor, feeding accessories, clothes, baby cots, car-seats, safety gates or other things – you have every aspect chalked out.

But the irony of the situation is, despite your meticulous planning, there are still some small things about pregnancy you could never have planned for. These rather trivial things are sneaky little surprises in regard to how frustrating they can be to an expectant mother. You may be empowered in deciding your pregnancy diet or exercise regime, but you become clueless when to comes to these insignificant yet annoying little things.

So, what are these pesky things that may become overwhelming during your pregnancy? Read on to find out!

1. Toilet Trips

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When you should be taking your undisturbed beauty sleep, making repeated rounds of the toilet can be quite exasperating. But you really can’t help it because your big belly puts quite a pressure on your bladder. And no amounts of precautions – drinking less water, using a support stool, etc. – make the struggle any less!

2. Commuting Woes

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Sometimes, commuting can be unexpectedly tiring, especially when you are huge, have a stressful day, and don’t even get offered a seat. On the other hand, it is no less than an insult when you are offered a seat, but you aren’t actually pregnant and simply retain your extra-large, pear-shaped post-pregnancy body. Ouch.

3. Clothing Woes

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That phase when you can’t button up your regular trousers anymore, and you still aren’t big enough to fit into your maternity bottoms, can be very irritating. So, you are either left to wait, or fix the buttons with hair elastic bands, belts and what not!

4. Eating Blues

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Another horrible nuisance is that your favourite treats can suddenly become rather repulsive during your pregnancy. You could feel nauseated at their very sight, which can be heart-breaking.

5. Body Image

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If you are one of those individuals who painstakingly work towards maintaining a certain body image, your continuously expanding waistline may bring you anxiety.

But you’ve got to remember – you are no mannequin. You are a person of flesh and blood, who is nurturing a life inside. And that achievement is far greater than donning a few pieces of clothing of a certain size.

6. Bending Down

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During the last trimester, anything that involves bending can be real challenge. Tying your laces, wearing your boots or picking up something that accidentally fell down, everything becomes more difficult with that huge belly.

7. Jostling With Swim Tubes

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Floating, relaxing, and moving freely inside a pool with a swim tube becomes a distant dream by the time you reach your third trimester because you just can’t fit inside them anymore! Instead, you are automatically relegated to sit in the shallow waters of the baby pool or settle on the deck chairs by the pool.

8. Not Able To Enjoy Outdoors

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When you are pregnant, your skin becomes very sensitive and exposure to sunlight can cause you rashes and hives. So, you might have to remain cooped up indoors – boring!

9. Overflowing Emotions

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With each passing month, you are told how the increasing size of your foetus starts resembling the size of certain fruits – from grapes, lemons, and oranges to melons! Don’t be surprised if your overflowing hormones and emotions make you feel guilty about cutting and eating up said fruits!

All things said and done, not only are these small things, they are also temporary. So, don’t let them hamper the awesome joys of motherhood that await you!

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