3 Simple Tips For Eating Safe During Pregnancy

Tips For Eating Safe During Pregnancy

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Are you a foodie but are looking forward to eating healthy for your baby’s sake? Are you clueless about foods that you should strictly avoid during pregnancy? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post may be of help!

Eating a balanced diet is a must while you are expecting. Do you know certain healthy foods too can spell danger while expecting? You should say no to some fishes, sprouts and juices that are a part of a regular healthy diet during pregnancy. Do you also want to learn some handy tips to eat safe? Read on!

Five Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy:

Here are five points that you should follow to ensure food safety during pregnancy: (1)

1. Avoid These Fish:

Avoid eating swordfish, shark, king mackerel or tilefish. These fish contain a very high amount of methylmercury, a metal that can harm your unborn baby.

2. Avoid Raw Sprouts:

Steer clear of raw sprouts like radish, alfalfa, and clover. The bacteria enter the sprouts through the tiny cracks in the shells. It is impossible to get rid of the bacteria completely, even though you may wash the sprouts well before eating.

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3. Avoid Juices Outside:

Many health food outlets also sell fresh juices. Avoid drinking juices outside as potential hygiene issues may make them unhealthy. These juices do not require any warning labels and hence may pose various health risks.

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4. Avoid Uncooked Or Raw Eggs:

Food safety in pregnancy is of prime importance.Many harmful bacteria can be present in dishes that contain eggs that are raw or not cooked properly. Various salads, sandwiches, custards and sauces often use eggs that are raw or undercooked. Give these a miss, even if you are not sure if they contain raw eggs.

5. Avoid Raw Fish:

If you avoid these you will ensure complete food safety during pregnancy.Sushi and sashimi are popular raw fish dishes. Avoid having raw or undercooked fish while pregnant as it may contain bacteria or parasites. Also, be careful while eating shellfish, oysters, mussels and clams.

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Three Simple Tips To Eat Safe During Pregnancy:

What you eat while you are pregnant will directly affect your health and the growth of your baby. Here are a few simple tips that will help you follow food safety basics during this critical time:

1. Know Your Ingredients:

While you are pregnant, it is not possible to completely give up on eating out. Before you place your order, always check the ingredients and the method of cooking. If a dish contains raw eggs or fish, ask whether they can be cooked properly for you. If not, it is best to avoid such dishes. Check with your doctor if there are certain food items or ingredients you should avoid. Ensure the dishes that you order do not contain these harmful ingredients in any form or amount.

2. Avoid Eating Leftovers:

You may have enjoyed having leftovers the next day. But while you are pregnant, it is best to avoid eating stale food. Cook and eat fresh food to keep infections at bay.Having fresh food is the best way of having safe food during pregnancy.

3. Read The Instructions Carefully:

If you are eating packaged food, make sure you read the label carefully and follow the cooking and storage instructions.

While you are pregnant, you are at a higher risk of contracting infections that may adversely affect fetal development. Make sure you follow proper hygiene and care while eating at home and outside. Speak to your doctor to know about certain foods or ingredients you may need to avoid.

Did you eat only at home while you were pregnant or did you also eat out? What were the special precautions you followed? Do share your tips here.

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