10 Best Tips for Maintaining A Perfect Posture During Pregnancy

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Each trimester of pregnancy brings about different changes in your body, such as increased weight and loosened ligaments, which can cause additional strain and discomfort. Maintaining good posture during pregnancy ensures that you do not put additional strain on your body. It can also ensure your and your baby’s safety while doing household chores.

The lack of good posture may increase the risks of several problems, including injuries and additional strain to your muscles and ligaments. You may also have an increased risk of falls.

This post brings you the benefits of good posture in pregnancy, as well as some safe positions to keep yourself and your baby safe while pregnant.

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Ten Tips For Maintaining The Correct Posture During Pregnancy

1. Stand Straight:

Hold your head and neck straight. Avoid tilting your head. Keep your knees straight but don’t lock them. You can practice standing upright against a wall and straightening your spine.

2. Drop Your Shoulders Naturally:

Avoid throwing your shoulder blades too far back, as it will only strain your lower back while you are expecting. Allow your shoulders to drop naturally, so that you can stay in a correct and relaxed position.

3. Sit Straight:

Sit on a straight-backed chair. You can place a pillow behind your lower back for support. Place your feet squarely on the ground. Alternatively, you can use a footstool to take the pressure off your back. It is the best sitting posture during pregnancy.

4. Pull In Your Abdomen Gently:

Tighten your abdomen, pull it in as much as possible. Avoid tilting your pelvis forward or backward. Avoid standing with a protruding stomach and with a swayed back.

5. Avoid Standing For Long:

Standing for a long time during pregnancy can adversely affect your blood circulation and make your ankles and feet swell. Studies reveal that pregnant females pursuing standing jobs are more likely to deliver small babies. If you need to stand long, rest a foot on a stool for some time and then switch. Do foot exercises to maintain good blood circulation in your calf muscles (1).

6. Pull In Your Buttocks:

Pulling in your buttocks during pregnancy helps to correct your pelvic posture. The posture shifts your weight in such a manner that the displaced center of gravity stands corrected. Practice this posture against a wall.

7. Avoid Locking Your Knees:

Locking your knees can strain your lower back. So stand on your feet with shoulders wide apart and bend the knees a bit to allow your thighs to support the weight of your body. Also, ensure your weight spreads across your entire foot and does not just strain your heels. Even if you feel awkward in the position, practice the posture in pregnancy since it’s beneficial and safe for you and your baby.

8. Avoid Crossing Your Legs:

Sitting in crossed-legged position results in poor blood circulation and promotes varicose veins. So avoid sitting in a crossed-legged position.

9. Sleep Right:

After the fourth month of pregnancy, avoid sleeping straight on the back. Sleeping on the left side improves blood circulation to the placenta. Completely avoid sleeping on your stomach as it can cause stress to your uterus and adversely affect the fetus.

10 Shift Gradually:

Bend gently when you try to sit after standing for a long time. Make sure you avoid any jerky movement as it can cause strain and injury to your weakened ligaments (2).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I sit with my knees bent while pregnant?

Yes, bending knees while pregnant is safe. You should sit on a chair with your feet touching the floor and knees slightly lower than your hip level (3).

2. How does pregnancy affect posture?

As your pregnancy progresses, the growing weight of the uterus alters your center of gravity and puts pressure on your back, thus changing your posture (4).

Maintaining good posture during pregnancy can benefit you in several ways. It can bring you immense relief from body pains and balances the weight of your body. It allows you to stay more mobile and helps you cope with back pain and other body aches. Moreover, it is a way of ensuring that your baby stays safe inside the womb. A lack of good posture may lead to injuries that may result in prolonged body problems. Therefore, it is paramount to stand or sit with your back straight and sleep in a comfortable position that promotes maximum blood circulation.

Infographic: Pregnancy And Postures

It is critical to know the appropriate and safe body postures while pregnant to facilitate a healthy pregnancy and alleviate discomfort. Save this infographic on the proper postures during different activities and situations in pregnancy.

10 tips for maintaining a perfect posture during pregnancy (infographic)

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