5 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall In Babies/Infants

Hair Fall In Babies

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As a new mother you would have undergone your share of pensive moments and later laughed at those silly worries. One of those worries that you may face as a new mother is the problem of hair loss in your baby.

All newborns tend to lose their hair during the first six months of their life. The hair that develops after the fall of the birth-hair is completely different.

There are certain red alerts when it comes to excessive hair fall that would need medical intervention.

11 Causes Of Hair Fall In Infants And Babies:

Hair fall in babies is a common occurrence and there is no reason to worry about it. The common causes of hair loss in infants are as follows.

1. The levels of hormones are high in a baby before birth. After birth these levels begin to dip. This sets in a phase of hair fall as the hair enters a resting period during which it does not grow anymore.

2. After birth your baby enters a phase known as “telogen” during which hair fall happens.

3. The next phase of hair growth starts after around 3 months when the old hair starts shedding.

4. Sometimes stress and fever can also cause a spurt of hair fall apart from the hormonal changes.

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5. Your baby may be resting his head on a chair or cot only on one side. If so, chances are that he may develop a bald patch in the area of his head that is in regular contact with the chair.

6. Also, it could be that your baby sleeps only in one direction and rubs his head against the mattress often. This could result in your baby developing a bald patch.

7. Your baby might be suffering from a fungal infection called tinea capitis. This might trigger hair fall along with red and flaky skin on the scalp. At times black spots are also visible.

8. Traction alopecia or physical damage may happen due to tying a ponytail too tight.

9. There might be an occurrence of trichotillomania. In case your baby pulls his hair aggressively or twirls it forcefully. This happens mostly with older babies and might set in hair fall.

10. In case your baby has a weaker immune system a condition called alopecia areata could have set in. This also causes hair fall as the hair follicles turns weak.

11. A thyroid imbalance or an underperforming pituitary gland can also cause hair fall.

Apart from these, other causes of hair loss are rare in babies below 12 months of age.

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5 Solutions For How To Prevent Hair Loss In Babies:

There are some things that you need to keep in mind to take good care of your baby’s hair. Following the tips will help you prevent and control hair fall in your baby, here are they:

1. Your baby may sleep or rest his head in one position. If so, provide him enough tummy time by letting him lie on his tummy on the floor or bed.

2. Tummy time would improve his physical development. It will also reduce hair fall due to lesser friction of the hair with the mattress or cot.

3. Do not comb your baby’s hair too many times.

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4. Do not tie a ponytail too tight.

5. In case your baby has the problem of hair fall even after 6 months of age you should seek medical help.

To conclude, manage your baby’s hair with care and do not fret over the hair loss in infants. For the first 6 months of your baby’s life hair fall is perfectly normal.

Hope you liked this post on hair fall in infants. Share your tips of baby hair care with other mothers on this forum.

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