6 Wonderful Tips To Boost Your Immune System During Pregnancy

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People say pregnancy is not a disease. They are right. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and the destination is something worth fighting for. But let us not sugar coat facts. The reality is that pregnancy is tough.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a drastic change as it has to accommodate a new a life and nurture it. But all these changes can take a toll on your health.Your immune system keeps you protected from illnesses. Does your immune system weaken in early pregnancy But why?

Well, your growing baby comprises foreign cells. At its strongest, your immune system will perceive these cells as the enemy and attack them. That is why nature ensures that the body’s immune system is subtly altered to keep your baby safe (1).

But these changes can have an impact on your overall health.

Effects Of Weak Immune System During Pregnancy

A weak immunity during pregnancy can be a problem for everybody.It can become especially troublesome during pregnancy. Here are some of the consequences of a weak immune system (2):

1. Increased Susceptibility To Infection:

A weak immune system during pregnancy increases the risk of infection with poliovirus, hepatitis A, herpes, and malaria.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) And Lupus Flare Up:

If you suffer from RA or Lupus, you can experience a flare up during pregnancy.

3. Prone To Inflammation:

Due to a compromised immune system, it is normal for the pregnant body to be prone to inflammation.

4. Can Cause Hypertension:

In some cases, the changed immune system can react to stimuli and cause high blood pressure too.

5. Recurring Colds And Flu:

With a weak immune system, it is difficult for the body to fight off common illnesses like cold and flu. That is why many pregnant women experience bouts of these illnesses. With the H1N1 virus taking virulent form, a flu today has become a risky proposition.

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As you can see, the very thing that keeps your baby safe can cause your body to fall prey to numerous health problems. So, what is the solution?

Tips To Boost Immune System During Pregnancy

The solution lies in boosting your immune system! You just need to give your immunity a little nudge. Here are a few tips to help you along:

1. Eat Immune Boosting Foods:

Now that the HINI virus has become widespread, it is very important to strengthen your immune system during pregnancy. What you need is a healthy diet. Opt for green veggies, citrus fruits, and garlic. You also need foods like meat, chicken, pork, eggs, cottage cheese flax seed oil, nuts, and seeds. These foods provide the body with fatty acids, vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D, as well as other minerals – all of which can boost your immune system (3).Immunity in pregnancy should be strong.

2. Avoid Junk Food:

Research shows that eating junk food can cause inflammation (4). As your immune system is already weak, the last thing you need is to make it work harder.

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3. Drink More Water:

Make sure you drink enough water. Water is a great way to detox your body. Not just that! Drinking water also ensures that you look your ravishing best during your pregnancy!

4. Take Supplements:

As mentioned before, your body needs additional nutrients during pregnancy. The food you eat may not be able to supply all the vitamins and minerals you need. That is why you need to take prenatal supplements.

5. Work Out:

Why do you need to exercise while pregnant? Well, apart from boosting your immune system (5), working out also helps you prepare for childbirth! So talk to your doctor and start on an exercise schedule.

6. De-stress:

In early pregnancy immune system has to be strong.Stress can take a toll on your already weakened immune system during pregnancy (6). So, it is important to find ways to keep stress at bay. Try meditation, yoga, a good massage, a good book or your favorite music. What you need is a positive attitude to give your immune system a boost.

Pregnancy may be natural, but that doesn’t make it a walk in the park. Pregnancy requires you to be at your healthiest. So, don’t shy away from asking for help. You don’t need to be a hero and do everything yourself. Now is the time to put your family and friends to work!

How do you keep your immune system strong? Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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