20 Tips To Diaper Boys And Girls

Diapering a baby isn’t hard, but one has to ready for some nasty surprises. It’s important that you change your baby’s diapers frequently and not allow her to get soaked in a mess and risk contracting infections. Did you know that a baby girl is more susceptible to a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) than a baby boy? Yes, it’s true! It not only depends on whether your child is urinating, at least, six times a day (which is a healthy sign) but also whether you are maintaining a hygienic diapering practice. Moreover, there is a subtle difference in how you must diaper or boy or a girl. And, here’s all you need to know about diaper-draping your kids efficiently:

  1. Firstly, keep the diaper changing sessions encouraging. Your baby must be encouraged that you are there to clean the mess off. Blow your baby kisses. So have a good sense of humor and chuckle.
  1. Place your baby on contoured changing pads or portable pads with soft material for the baby facing side.
  1. Always dress your baby in onesies or outfits that are easy to remove.
  1. Detach the diaper fasteners but don’t remove the diaper yet, let it stay in there under your baby’s posterior.
  1. Use wipes to clean the mess, stuff the wipes into the soiled diaper and hold the messy stuff encased in the used diaper and dispose of it.
  1. Gently lift your baby’s lower back using one hand and with the other slide in a clean diaper underneath in a way that the diaper side with the tabs is under the baby’s bottom.
  1. If you think your baby might develop diaper rash, apply some anti-rash baby cream.
  1. Now bring the front of the diaper up through the legs, fold the diaper and let it rest under the belly button.
  1. Fasten the diaper to let it stick in a way that it doesn’t not cause any leakages and keeps your baby comfortable.
  1. Now you can have your baby wear her pants, so both of you are good to go.
  1. It’s very important that you don’t leave your baby unattended at any time. Since babies are highly active, always hold them with one hand to avoid any fall while you might be groping about for stuff preparing him for the diaper change.

Diapering Boys

  1. You must first drape his penis in a clean washcloth to avoid to avoid a water show.
  1. Each time you wipe, ensure that you lift up and thoroughly clean the area under your son’s scrotum.
  1. Direct his penis downward and toward the center each time you put a fresh diaper on to prevent any leaks. And don’t be surprised if it’s erect because it’s normal for babies.

Diapering Girls

  1. It’s essential that you check the fold between. Clean from the top of the labia downward towards the anus to avoid spreading the bacteria.
  1. Wipe away any sticky substance you may find in the vagina’s folds. It could be vernix that protects the baby’s skin while it’s in the womb. Vernix might reappear because it is secreted from the vagina.
  1. Rinse your baby well during the cleanups. Never use soaps. Applying soaps in the area is known to put your girl at a risk of urinary tract infection.
  1. Girl babies have a pee reflex that can’t be contained. So maybe you should have a waterproof pad underneath.

Other Tips For Diapering Babies

  1. Always keep plastic bags that are also sealable to contain the soiled diapers if you don’t find a place to dispose of them instantly.
  1. Have a designated area at home for the diapering session so you can also have the changing supplies handy.

Try these tips and win a black belt in diapering your child. You may get a little muddy at times, but with eventually your baby will settle into the routine of diaper changing sessions.

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