How To Attract A Woman Who Is Not Interested In You?

It is quite common to have a crush on someone that is out of our league. If you’re thinking about how to attract a girl who doesn’t like you, we bring you some effective ways to make her notice you. She might have already noticed you for all practical purposes, but you could have ignored it. So, be confident about yourself and have faith in your ability to woo her. Also, never lose hope because if this doesn’t work out, the tips we present in our post could come in handy for attracting your next crush.

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How To Attract A Girl Who Doesn’t Like You: 14 Ways

No matter what you do, you cannot force someone to like you. However, trying these tips can help you get noticed, so leave the liking part entirely on the girl.

1. Stay in her sight, to be in her mind

The girl probably has no interest in you because she is not aware of you. So, first, get her to notice you. Find out places she hangs out and frequent those places to make it look like you accidentally bumped into her. The more she sees you, the more familiar you will seem to her, and she will remember you. Do not stalk her or stare at her as it can scare her.

2. Be cool

Approach her casually

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Once you have made casual eye contact with her and she looks comfortable around you, then it’s time to connect. You could be dying to talk to her, but do not make the mistake of showing your desperation. Approach her casually. Initiate conversation only if she acknowledges you. If she looks even slightly disinterested, then politely excuse yourself and walk away from her.

3. Look confident

She will admire your confidence

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Confidence is an attractive quality that can get you noticed anywhere you go. When your crush is around you, you may be trembling with nervousness. However, when you meet her, feign confidence. Make eye contact and minimal hand gestures when talking to her. Nod your head slightly when she speaks to show you are attentive to her. Even if she doesn’t like you, she will admire your confidence.

protip_icon Be watchful
There is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. Try not to be boastful of your achievements. Give her time to speak and listen to what she says.

4. Don’t chase her

Suppose you got her number from a mutual friend. Do not get excited and start texting her. You can send a casual message and wait for her reply. If she doesn’t reply, control the urge not to fill her inbox with messages. And do not respond instantly after receiving her message. Plan your message and then send it. Remember, do not show your desperation in any way.

5. Look your best

Appearance plays a huge role in the appealing game. You do not have to look like Brad Pitt to date a girl. But you also cannot expect a girl to notice a shabby personality. How you present yourself tells a lot about your personality and habits. So, ensure that your clothes are clean and you have a trimmed beard and hair. Even if she doesn’t like you, she may notice how well-groomed you are.

protip_icon Do remember
Women notice little details like nails and shoes. Besides wearing washed and ironed clothes, wear clean shoes, keep your nails trimmed, and check your breath before you start talking.

6. Be mysterious

Be mysterious to evoke her curiosity

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For a girl to like you, she needs to think about you. One way to get her to think about you is by being mysterious around her. Let her know limited about you and conceal the rest. For example, show off your achievement but do not disclose all the details. She might come to you out of curiosity to know you better.

Jessica Opare Saforo, a digital entrepreneur, shares that the key to keeping a girl interested is to be mysterious and avoid oversharing in the early phase. She says, “I met a guy once. We went out for a date, and within three hours, I knew everything about this guy’s life. To be honest, it was too much information in too little time (i).”

7. Have a sense of humor

When a girl doesn’t like you, try making her smile or laugh. When you are around her, joke about funny incidents or people you may have encountered in the past. Lookup for goofy one-liners online and use it wherever applicable. Throwing indirect humor could make her think about you and slowly make a space for you in her heart.

protip_icon Quick tip
Do not employ inappropriate humor to entertain a woman. Sexist, racist, and body-shaming one-liners and jokes are off-limits.

8. Flirt with her

healthy flirting can attract a girl who doesn't like you

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Healthy flirting can make her like you. However, do not make a harsh personal remark, especially something about her appearance. If she smiles at you or doesn’t say anything, you can continue to entice her with sweet compliments. But if you sense her dislike, stop it immediately.

9. Have an interesting life

When you are busy doing interesting stuff, you can even charm people who don’t like you. Seeing you have a cool life might allure her and she may feel interested in knowing more about you. However, do not force yourself to do something only to impress or fascinate her. Do stuff that you genuinely enjoy. Pursue your hobbies and other favorite activities more seriously.

protip_icon Point to consider
As shown in the movies, a woman does not start liking a man in a couple of days. So give some space and time and if she likes you, she will come closer to you.

10. Find common interests

If she doesn’t know you or dislikes you, a great way of connecting is by sharing common interests. For instance, if reading books is an interest you both share, she might consider changing her opinion about you. Also, she can become even more comfortable with you and give you more scope to make her like you.

11. Try the push and pull technique

It is a trick to make the girl curious about you. You can start showering her with attention and interest to captivate her. Then you pull back yourself and reduce the amount of attention as a way to push her back. When you try it, she will be confused and might consider thinking about you.

12. Care for her

Share your caring side to attract a girl who doesnt like you

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Even if a girl doesn’t like you, she could fall for you if you show your caring side. Tender love and care can melt her heart and make her see what an amazing person you are. You can indirectly help her or send a message through a mutual friend.

13. Be kind

Kindness is a virtue that most women look for in a guy. So be kind to her and the people around you, as it will create a positive impression on her. Kindness helps build trust and creates a warm atmosphere, making your interactions more fruitful. So, show your caring and loving side and be respectful to everyone. Even if she is not interested at first, she may develop feelings for you over time.

14. Tease her a little

Teasing her a bit adds fun and excitement to your interactions. It shows confidence and your sense of humor, making the interaction light-hearted. However, don’t go overboard, as it may make you look rude and disrespectful. Read her reactions and stop when she’s uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know if a girl likes me without talking to her?

Some common signs that a girl likes you without talking to her are:

  • She looks at you when you are around
  • She is nervous and fidgety around you
  • She asks about you with your common friends
  • She follows you on social media

2. How will a girl react if she knows that I like her?

In most cases, a woman will either reciprocate your romantic feelings or try to avoid you if she doesn’t view you as a potential partner. However, sometimes, a woman might act as usual as she is neither interested nor repulsed by your behavior.

3. How do I know she doesn’t like me?

A girl may exhibit certain discernible signs if she is not interested in engaging romantically with you. She may be disinterested in conversations, spending time with you, or getting to know you better; she may contact you only when she needs something. Moreover, she avoids standing close to you or touching you and often states that you are only a good friend to her.

4. How to attract girls as a quiet guy?

If you are shy and reticent, keep in mind that some girls prefer quiet men. To attract the girl you are interested in, dress well and be confident. If someone approaches you, remain calm, speak boldly, and meaningfully, and use your sense of humor. Showcase your strengths and special talents, in a way that captures her attention.

Any aggressive approach when handling matters of love may be counterproductive. Try to present your best self and establish healthy communication to attract a girl who doesn’t like you. Make a conscious effort to remain in her sight, be presentable, candid, and confident, and take an interest in things and activities she likes. Show her your caring side without looking too desperate to gain her attention. Try your best to woo and amaze your love interest but also prepare to accept that she may not reciprocate your feelings.

Infographic: Ways To Attract A Woman When She Is Not Into You

Being around a woman who is not much interested in you is easier said than done. But there is always room for you to try and change her feelings for you. Wondering how? We give you some practical tips to get noticed by her and gradually make her develop a liking towards you.

eazy tips to catch her eye (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Being cool and confident and staying in sight can attract a woman who is not interested in you.
  • Being mysterious and enhancing your appearance may work. However, chasing may not get a woman interested in you.
  • Find common interests, establish communications, and flirting may help attract a woman towards you.

Learn how to attract someone who isn’t interested using attraction psychology! Discover the secrets to making them take notice and get them interested in you.

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