5 Simple Tips To Help You Buy The Right Breast Pads

Right Breast Pads

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If you are pregnant or breast-feeding your baby then you must be extra vigilant. Apart from taking care of the health of both you and your baby, there are other things that are related to your body which can cause embarrassment, if you fail to attend to it. One such thing is the leakage of milk.

Generally, while you are feeding your baby, your breasts would have lot of activity going within it to secrete milk. This activity often leads to leakage of milk even after feeding enough milk to your baby. When wet spots appear on your dress, it can attract unwanted attention followed by embarrassment. However, you need not be worried about such issues when you have the help of breast pads.

What Is The Use Of Breast Pads?

It is important for you as a new mom to understand your body and stay healthy when your baby needs you the most.

  • Your breasts remain tender and would have enough milk flow during your baby’s suckling stage.
  • This is the reason why breasts tend to turn sore leading to leakage of milk all of a sudden.

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To avoid such awkward situations, breast pads should be used. These pads possess great functionality. Here are points how they help you:

1. Soaking Milk In Case Of Leakages:

If you are a working mom or live in a large family, then it is essential for you look presentable always.

  • Using these pads inside your bra will help soak the leaking milk from your breasts and will cover the wet spots by preventing it showing on your dress.
  • They will hold the breasts intact and would form a barrier between your nipples and clothing. You can replace it if it gets soaked fully.

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2. Breast Firming:

Owing to the suckling activity of your baby, your breast tends to lack elasticity.

  • Even a supporting inner garment would not able to make it firmer or look good inside a dress.
  • These breast pads will help in offering a firm look to the breast and keep them in position.

3. Curing Tenderness:

After days of breast feeding, your nipples tend to become delicate and tender.

  • When your clothing touches them, you will feel pain and discomfort. To avoid any such discomfort, breast padsare the best options.
  • These pads will form a softer medium and gradually help your breasts to recover from soreness.

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How To Use Breast Pads?

Actually these breast pads are very easy to use. They are made of soft materials to be gentle on your skin and shapely. You just have to follow these steps.

  • Slip them inside your bra and positioning them properly so that the nipples are enclosed within them.
  • Place them properly and wear a bra of right size to make sure that the pads do not get displaced.
  • Replace the pads when they are completely wet and dispose the wet ones.

Buying The Right Breast Pads:

Today you can find various types of breast pads. You can choose from disposable pads to wash-and-wear pads. However, as they are very expensive, you must weigh your requirements before buying these pads.

1. Check The Material:

The material of the breast pads are very important.

  • These pads should be made of soft material to offer comfort and softness your delicate breasts.
  • Find the ones that are designed to fit the exact cup size of your bra.
  • Never choose the ones made out of fully plastic as it can affect the nipple area when there is no air flow.

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2. Absorbing Capacity:

There are pads which have greater absorbing quality than the rest in the market.

  • The ones with soft cushion-type materials or bamboo-lining can be a good choice. These materials are much more absorbent when compared to cotton. If you are not comfortable with cotton, then you can resort to these alternatives.
  • Fabric breast pads have better absorbing ability when compared to plastics.
  • Plastics are uncomfortable as it retains the moisture. This leads to growth of bacteria and also soreness of nipples.
  • If you are on a budget shopping then washable and disposable breast pads are a great find.

3. Choose Pads With Anti-Leak Guards:

Often, fabric pads will not able to stop your milk leakage completely and might cause it to surface on your clothes and soil it.

  • To stop something such events from happening, you must use breast pads that have anti-leak guards.
  • The outer lining of the pads have anti-leak facility.
  • They have laminated moisture lining on the inner wall which keeping the leaking moisture inside and stops it from coming out.
  • Thus, air can enter the space and the skin of your breasts can breathe.

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4. Go For Pads With Breast Pad Pocket:

Generally the disposable pads are quite expensive. You can toss it off once it gets wet and saves you from the hassle of washing.

  • Some are designed with pad pocket to make it more convenient for nursing mothers like you.
  • These pad pockets are designed in such a way that they can hold washable pads completely in place.
  • The breast pad is able to hold on to the cup with the help of a clip which makes it easier for you to release them with a single hand motion.

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5. Improvement Of Bust Shape:

These days many manufacturers make breast pads that help in improving your bust shape.

  • If your breasts are sagging a bit while nursing your baby, these pads can add elegance to your appearance.
  • Make sure that you don’t wear very thin dresses as it can outline the breasts pads that are within your inner garment.
  • Dress fashionably and sensibly to avoid embarrassment. Choose breast pads of any material you like and have a few breast pads handy in your purse when you step out.

Hope by now you must have known what are breast pads used for. Did you come across another pair of useful breast pads? Then please share the details about it to help many new moms out there.

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