5 Useful Tips To Help Your Teen Do Her Homework

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Do you constantly nag your teen to complete his homework? Is your diligent teen suddenly neglecting his academics? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea.

Parenting a teen is a test of patience and tact. Do you want to know handy tips to help your teen focus on his homework? The article gives five smart ideas on how to motivate your teenager to do homework. Want to know more? Read on!

Five Tips On How To Get Teenager To Do Homework:

Here are a few smart tricks that can help you know how to get your teenager to do homework without much fuss:

1. Speak To Your Teen:

An open communication with your teen will help you understand him better.

  • Regularly speaking to your teen will make him share his concerns with you freely.
  • Ask your teen why he does not want to do his homework.
  • If your teen was earlier doing his projects and suddenly seems reluctant, try and find out why he is losing interest.
  • Make sure you listen with an open mind and try to understand his reasons for neglecting his homework.

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2. Boost Her Morale:

In some cases, your teen may be unable to understand the subject.

  • The best way to deal with this is to sit together and have a talk.
  • Your teen may not be able to cope up with the pressure of homework and studies. In such a situation, you will need to re-evaluate his study schedule.
  • Enrolling your child in study classes or group tuitions to assist him complete his homework may be an option.
  • Your teen may be afraid of academic failure. He may avoid doing his homework, especially if he fears a negative remark from his teachers. If this is the case, your main aim should be to help him improve his performance at school and boost his self-confidence.

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3. Help Your Teen Overcome Her Lethargy:

Sometimes, your teen may simply be going through a lazy phase.

  • Put all his books together in his bag. Now take it wherever your teen is.
  • Sit down with him and tell him to start with his homework.
  • Sometimes, teens can get into an extremely lazy mode. Even the act of getting up from bed and leaving that magazine to go and pick up books can seem a lot.
  • If your teen is not making the effort to sit down and complete his homework, bring his books to him. It will remind him to focus on the completion of his academic tasks.

4. Bond With Her:

Sometimes, your teen can feel that the only time you love him is when he listens to you. It can lead to a feeling of emotional disconnect and rebellion.

  • Remind your teen of your unconditional love and support.
  • If your teen is emotionally secure, he will listen to you more.
  • Be positive around your teen and help him feel good. If your teen did poorly in something and still had the courage to tell you, support him by appreciating his honesty.

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5. Guide Her Academic Pursuits:

Sometimes, your teen may simply not feel like doing his homework as he doesn’t realize how it can help his academic career.

  • Sit with your teen and help him evaluate various future career options.
  • Take your teen’s preferences and choices into consideration. Browse through various university and college sites. Show him the kind of educational qualifications and grades that are mandatory to pursue a particular course.
  • Once your teen understands how colleges give a lot of importance to school academic records, he may want to work hard.

You are the best judge to understand your teen’s temperament. Try and find out what is keeping him from doing his homework. Try and avoid shouting and reprimanding.

Did you your teen neglect his homework? Do share your experiences on how to get teenager to do homework in the comments section below about how you finally managed to make him do his homework.

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