6 Practical Tips To Introduce Music To Babies And Its Benefits

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Music is not only a form of art but works like magic when it comes to putting the baby to bed. A soothing lullaby helps the baby to feel calm and comfortable, bringing them a wonderful night’s sleep. In this post, we have curated a list of melodious music for babies. Introduce your little one to the world of music and see how their love for singing blooms as they grow. So check out the list of songs, and also venture into some tips to set your baby up for a musical journey.

Can Music Benefit Your Baby?

You have already experienced the calming benefits of good music. A soothing tune has the same effects on your baby too.

Lullabies are one of the first forms of music that you introduce to your baby. You may have seen your little one fall off to sleep while listening to your soothing lullaby, or calm down during an especially difficult bout of colic. Yes, music does have a healing touch, even on your baby.

Some experts believe in using the therapeutic magic of music for premature babies. They feel that listening to music can help premature babies gain weight. Babies who listen to music while still in their mother’s womb do remember the same even after their birth.

Can Listening To Music Make Your Baby Smart?

Various research and studies are still underway to prove the following effects of good baby sleep music on your baby’s intelligence:

  • Exposing your baby to music at an early age can have a positive impact on your baby’s overall brain development.
  • Listening to music can help may help babies understand about pitch and rhythm, which makes it easier for them to differentiate between languages.

Six Tips To Introduce Relaxing Music For Babies:

Here are a few ways to introduce soothing music for baby to sleep:

1. Introduce The Stereo Or Some Live Music:

  • You need to rule out the noisy idiot box.
  • Help your baby listen to music on the stereo or a live musical instrument.

2. Make Music A Bedtime Routine:

  • Make it a routine to play music during your baby’s bedtime.
  • It will help your baby establish a routine. Listening to music will become something your baby will look forward to and enjoy. Use the music to calm down your baby in preparation for sleep. Do everything that you regularly do in preparation for your baby’s bedtime. Give your baby a soothing bath, also give him a nice relaxing massage, make him wear his nightclothes and keep the room dark. In addition to all this, keep playing slow and soft music in the background.

3. Be Around While The Music Plays:

  • Your baby may seem relaxed and comfortable while the music plays, and you may feel it is a good idea to leave the room. Avoid leaving your baby alone while the music is playing, as once it stops, your baby may get up out of curiosity.
  • Stay around and help your baby relax to fall asleep. Slowly switch off the music when you know your baby will not notice.

4. Sing Aloud To Your Baby:

  • Your baby will love listening to your voice, and anything that you sing or hum will be amazing music for your little one. Your baby will also learn to recognize your voice soon after birth while you sing for him.
  • Sing a nursery rhyme, a lullaby, any song you may like, or you can even hum a favorite tune or a catchy ad jingle you may have recently heard.

5. Encourage Your Baby To Make Music:

  • Encourage your baby to experiment with music by giving him age-appropriate musical toys. One of the first musical toys you can get for your baby is a simple rattle. If your baby is too young to play with it, help him listen to the sounds by shaking the rattle near him. Move it from side to side while making the sound and see how he responds.
  • Once your baby is a little older, let him play with simple home tools like kitchen utensils, spatula, plastic bowls and plates. Let him play with various objects and try and see what sounds they produce. The idea is also to help your baby understand the concept of sound, through which he will also learn to enjoy music.

6. Play The Music You Find Nice And Soothing:

  • Let your sense of discretion guide you to select the music that will be soothing to your baby’s tiny ears. If there is a certain kind of music that you like, play it out loud. See how your baby reacts to it and whether or not he seems to enjoy it. Is he surprised? Does he move his head or any other body part to the rhythm? Does he try to look for the source of the music? Does he smile or show his enthusiasm by clapping his hands? Does he cry?
  • Your baby’s reactions will tell you whether or not your baby is enjoying the music. If he does, keep playing the tune. There is no particular language that you have to stick to, as long as your baby enjoys the rhythm.

Soothing music for babies can help them stay calm. Lullabies are the first music introduced to babies to help them fall asleep. Music also enhances brain development and helps the baby understand rhythms and pitches, which later help them learn various languages. You may sing or play calming music for babies. See baby’s responses and reactions to find out their favorite music. Avoid loud and noisy music for long periods since it may impact their hearing. You may also let babies hear live musical instruments with mellow sounds.

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