8 Awesome Tips To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

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One day I was cleaning the house when my little daughter came and offered help. It was adorable to see her work with those tiny hands. Once she learnt the job, she began doing it regularly, and my son, too, joined her. I was moved at their concern for me and that’s when I wondered how to make cleaning fun for kids.

If your children are good enough to assist you with daily chores, you may find ways to ensure that they are not losing out on fun when cleaning the stuff for you. Therefore, MomJunction comes up with some useful tips to play while you work.

8 Brilliant Tips To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids:

1. Allot Kid’s Favorite Cleaning Jobs:

Figure out which kid likes which cleaning task. If your six-year-old daughter likes washing cups and dishes and your son likes dusting the furniture, let them do the same every day. Even if you may have to rewash the dishes and clean the furniture again, you are building lifelong skills in your kids.

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2. Play ‘Beat The Clock’ Game:

Set a timer and challenge to your kids to complete a cleaning task within the set time. For instance, ‘Can you put ten scattered books on the floor back in the shelf in two minutes?’ Playing such ‘Beat the Clock’ games will motivate your children to keep your house clean.

3. Arrange Kids’ Friendly Competition:

When the floor is full of toys and games scattered everywhere, you can set a competition for your kids to clear them. Give each child an empty bucket, set a timer, and encourage them to compete to collect the toys. Encourage them to do a task right. You will find your floor clean within a few minutes.

4. Clean To The Tune Of Music:

How to make cleaning fun for kids? Play your kid’s favorite music CD and motivate your kid to do simple cleaning tasks to the tunes of music. Your child may find cleaning listening to her favorite music an entertaining job, and she may enjoy cleaning often. You can also lend your child your amazing iPod if your kid likes listening to your music collection on the iPod while cleaning.

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5. Provide Your Kids Appropriate, Fancy Cleaning Tools:

Wouldn’t your kids like to clean using a small mop of their favorite color? So, provide your kids appropriate cleaning tools of their favorite color and small size to encourage them to use the tools to clean. You can provide bucket, cleaning brush, furniture duster, and other necessary attractive cleaning tools of their favorite colors and small sizes. This is one of the best kids cleaning games.

6. Reward Your Kids:

Kids love bagging rewards for their appreciable work and good behavior. So, you can reward you kids their favorite toys, games, clothes, shoes, and other attractive items when your kids accomplish a cleaning job. Rewards will motivate your kids to keep your home clean and tidy always.

7. Play ‘Find The Treasure’:

Hide a few coins around your kids’ room and ask your kids to clean the room and find out the coins. Let your kids know that they can find the coins only if they clean and arrange the room properly. Playing such ‘Find the Treasure’ game will inspire your kids to find clean their room to find more coins.

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8. Use Attractive Images:

Visualization often attracts and inspires kids. So, use colorful images to acquaint your kids with cleaning and organizing chores. Show your kids images of other kids arranging their bookshelf and cupboard. You can also show you child the images of floor mopping, cleaning dishes using the dishwasher and dusting the dust off the furniture, and other cleaning activities. Visualizing the cleaning tasks will give your child a clear idea of the task and motivate her to try it out.

Did you introduce any fun cleaning activities for kids? Which fun cleaning activities do your kids enjoy? Share your ideas with fellow moms. Leave a comment below.

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