5 Tips To Motivate Your Teenager To Study Better

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As time passes, the previous generation keeps finding it harder to connect with teenagers of the present. Communicating and understanding with your teenager keeps getting arduous. These gaps of positive interaction often demotivate the younger lot. It also creates a lack where they begin to feel unworthy and misunderstood.

As a parent you need to empower them, make them understand their value and importance. This can be done by giving them work they like doing. It will help make them feel motivated. Even when it comes to studies, this approach can certainly work.

Here are a few simple things that you can do to learn how to motivate your teenager to study:

1. Empathize:

In order to know how to motivate teenagers to study, you need to understand how he or she feels and think. You need to put yourself in his or her shoes. Teenagers are extremely emotional and sensitive. Talk and try to understand their point of view then explain yours.

  • It is important to understand why your young teenager does not want to do his or her work.
  • The best way to deal is to confront and find out what is stopping her from studying.
  • Your teenager could be inclined towards one subject and fear or not like the other.
  • Your child could be finding it difficult to cope or understand what is being taught in class.
  • Talking to your teen will help you to empathize and identify the source of the problems.

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2. Get Started:

Teens usually get tired after a long day and can be lazy about doing their homework. So just telling your teenager to study will not suffice.

  • Sit with your teen and help her figure out how to go about it. Sort out tasks that she might be finding difficult.
  • You can look for a tutor who’d be willing to teach and assist your teenager with studies.
  • It’s just a slight push that your teenager needs in this phase.

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3. Remember – Yelling Never Helps, Discussing Does:

Scolding your teenager for the smallest of errors isn’t going to do much good. If you keep shouting at her for everything, your teen will emotionally distance herself and may stop listening to you as a sign of protest.

  • Be kind, calm and soft, but firm on your note.
  • Make her understand why you think it is necessary to study.
  • Discuss calmly how it is going to benefit her. It is a lot more effective than random yelling and long lectures.

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4. Don’t Raise Expectations:

Don’t raise your expectations very high the first time. Often very high expectations can constrain your teenager and make her anxious and pressurized.

  • Emphasize more on a regular pattern and hard work.
  • Teach your teenager to aim for small and successive goals one at a time.
  • Teach her to set another goal once she has achieved a previous one.
  • Working through successive goals will help your teen learn and achieve more in the long run.

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5. Emphasize On Extra Curricular Activities:

Make sure that your emphasis on studying does not curb creative interests and other productive activities.

  • Encourage your teen to go out and play.
  • Help her dedicate time for her various interests and hobbies.
  • Doing this will not only refresh your teenager’s mind but will also be a good investment of time into enhancing skills.

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  • Motivating your teenager doesn’t mean getting her to do what you want.
  • The real trick for getting teenagers to study is through involvement, joint problem-solving and a subtle follow up for support and supervision.
  • Above all, never hesitate to compliment. Even for your teenager’s slightest achievement compliment whole-heartedly.

Hope these simple steps help you in motivating teenagers to study! Do tell us how these tips helped you and share more tips on how to motivate your teenager to study if you have.

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