5 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Three Month Old Baby

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As your newborn grows, you will observe changes every few days. When babies reach three months, they start responding more to their surroundings, shows a predictable sleep pattern, explore objects around them, and cry less. At this juncture, if you are looking for some smart and effective 3 months baby care tips, you are at the right place. Your baby’s developing activities may excite you, but you need to adapt your baby-care regime to match and support the physical and psychological development of your little one. Additionally, you may need to take necessary measures to ensure their safety. In this post, we have compiled a list of useful baby care tips for 3-month-olds to help you take better care of them.

Most Useful 3 Months Baby Care Tips

1. Continue breastfeeding

Breast milk is still the healthiest food for a three-month-old baby. It is a crucial part of 3 month baby care. Moreover, in the third month, babies tend to develop a feeding schedule. Avoid giving your baby juice, cow’s milk, plain water, or any solid food at this stage. If you are a working mother, pump your breast milk into a bottle with the help of a special breast pump and store it in a refrigerator. Breast milk can last for up to 48 hours in a refrigerator. Instruct your hired caregiver to feed your baby the milk using a bottle when you are away at work (1).

2. Put Your Baby To Sleep

A three-month-old baby tends to sleep for five to six hours continuously. So you can try to start to put your baby to sleep at night. Make sure you make them sleep on their back and let them sleep by themself. Even if three-month-old infants wake up and cry in the night, they tend to go to sleep again sometime (2). However, the night time waking could also mean they are hungry. You may consult with your pediatrician about the baby’s sleep and feeding expectations based on their development and weight.

3. Communicate With Your Baby

In the third month, your baby is much more expressive than earlier and responds to the sounds and gestures. Make simple gestures to amuse your baby. Use sounds and songs to attract her attention. Since your baby tends to develop good grip, you can place safe and soft toys in her hands and let her discover them. Grabbing soft toys will please your baby and entertain her. You can play peek-a-boo games with her (3).

4. Encourage Developmental Changes

In the third month, your baby will exhibit many developmental changes, like chewing, sucking, chomping, and drooling. Even though a three-month-old does have any teeth, they like putting something in their mouth, and this is when teethers can amuse your little angel. Also, your baby likes to go out and watch at the surroundings. So you can schedule some time to take your three-month-old out in the park every day (4).

5. Exercise Safety Precautions

Your baby turns clever now and puts objects, which she comes across, straight into her mouth. So you need to be extra careful and work more for her safety. Scan the environment around her. Keep all medicines, pointed toys, and other stuff that may harm your baby away from her. Place the baby crib away from doors and windows. Disinfect room of your baby and keep it clean at all times. Make sure your infant’s car seat is in the back seat since it is the safest for her. Ensure your infant is well-secured in her car restraint when on the go (5).

Your 3-month-old baby may be developing a personality now. You may now be familiar with their feeding and sleeping cues and schedules. You can begin singing songs to them as they are now more interested in interaction. Further, get them some teethers as they begin to explore the world with their mouth at this age. For 3-month-olds, exclusive breastfeeding is recommended as the healthiest way of nourishment. 3-month baby care also includes taking the necessary steps for their safety and well-being, such as using a car seat when you take the baby outdoors.

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