Toddler's Development From 25 to 27 Months - A Complete Guide

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Your toddler at this age is more resistant to change and remains self-centered. He is lot more expressive than before. One thing you can easily notice is that he uses receptive language and communicates while listening to what you are saying.

The best way to gauge what exactly is going on in his mind is to watch him play. His activities and games have become much more complex than before at this age. You may even find it difficult for him to stick to one single activity for long.

Here is a quick look at what your toddler does at 25 – 27 Months Old Development:

  • Does not like change
  • Follows routine regarding playing, eating, etc.
  • Can express himself in words and gestures
  • Can open cupboards and drawers
  • Solve simple puzzles
  • Repeat words
  • Get exceptionally attached to favorite things and toys

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Toddler Development Between 25 To 27 Months:

Here we shall take a detailed look into the 25 – 27 month old developmental milestones and growth patterns of a toddler.

1. Motor And Physical Skills Development:

You will find him squatting for longer periods of time.

  • Apart from walking fast he has also developed skills to walk backwards.
  • He is now capable of opening cupboards and drawers, solve small puzzles, and turn pages of a book.

2. Eating Habits:

Your toddler may not show much interest for new foods. You can serve something new with his favorite dishes.

  • You can cut his food into funny shapes and use colorful food to make the plate look attractive.
  • Your toddler at this age will be influenced by the way others eat.
  • He is likely to get curious when he sees other family members eating something.

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3. Speech And Language Development:

Your toddler not only understands simple directions but can also speak a few words at this age.

  • If you attempt to read, speak or write in front of him on a daily basis, he will soon learn those simple sentences, phrases and words. You will find him repeating them again and again.
  • He is now capable of naming objects based on the description.
  • He can also locate his body part that has sustained injury or is causing pain.

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4. Emotional And Social Skills Development:

You will find your toddler mostly self-centered at this age.

  • He will develop a special bonding with his favorite furniture, toy or clothes.
  • You may find him getting aggressive upon being unable to build a block or complete a game. This is because he is yet to develop empathy and understanding of other’s needs or feelings.
  • He is completely driven by his impulses at this age.
  • Your toddler at this age responds to humor much better than before.
  • This is the time when you can explain to him the importance of sharing and taking turns.

5. Cognitive Skills Development:

Your toddler will remain completely absorbed in his games.

  • He will try and solve puzzles with trial and error by practicing the activities constantly.
  • You may find him refusing your assistance in some activities at times.
  • He can now recognize the everyday sounds and turn pages of a book.

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6. Sleep Patterns:

Your toddler sleeps around 12 hours a day at this age.

  • He may have given up his day time nap or may sleep for just few hours in the afternoon.
  • Do not despair if he is still getting up at night.
  • You must teach him to self soothe himself. This will help him fall asleep again easily.

7. Toilet Training:

The average age for potty training is between 18 to 30 months.

  • Your toddler may now ask you to change his nappy after getting wet.
  • Some toddlers may display discomfort and urge to change nappy frequently. These are all signs and symptoms that he is ready to be trained for potty.
  • However, even in spite of this your toddler may not seem very cooperative while being trained. You must not get upset or get disappointed by regressions. He will develop the habit as you go on trying consistently.

These milestones discussed above are simple guidelines. Your toddler shall attain them sooner or later. There is no need to worry as every toddler develops in his own pace. In case you have any concerns, you can always talk to a doctor.

Moms tell us about your toddler especially during 25 – 27 months development and his growing up years.

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