Toddler's Development From 31 to 36 Months - A Complete Guide

Toddler's Development From 31 to 36 Months

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It is really amazing to see your toddler growing at this stage, as suddenly she feels all independent and self-sufficient.

When it comes to considering developments, you need to understand how these are set. The milestones are considered in specific domains like fine motor skills, gross skills, emotional growth, social skills, cognition and language. Also, it is important to remember that not all babies reach these milestones at the same age.

31 – 36 Months Old Development Phases:

Have a look at what developments you can expect in your toddler during the developmental phase of 31 to 36 months.

1. Movement Skills:

During these months your toddler would be capable of jumping from small heights like a single step without losing her balance.

  • She will now try balancing acts like walking along a tree trunk and hop.
  • She is now capable of balancing while standing on a single foot.
  • She now runs fast with greater confidence.
  • She is capable of copying movements accurately and takes part in action songs as well.

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2. Development Of Eye Hand Coordination:

Your toddler now benefits from wide range of craft activities and play equipment in the playgroup.

  • She is now capable of building an 8 storied tower.
  • She completes a jigsaw easily.
  • You will find her drawings less random, improved control of movement and also the fact that she can now copy simple shapes.
  • You can delegate simple tasks to her like putting the clothes away or her toys in the boxes.

3. Language Development:

Your toddler can now clearly follow instructions.

  • She has a vocabulary stock of probably 1000 words.
  • She will be asking you questions frequently.
  • She will gradually show understanding of grammatical rules that are applied in language.

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4. Ability To Learn:

Your toddler’s intellect has also developed in the course of time.

  • She can now compare two objects of the same height or size though you should not expect any accuracy in this case.
  • She has become all the more imaginative and creates her own stories.
  • She will be able to recall memories of some activities she did few days back.
  • Your toddler now anticipates the consequences of her actions. For instance, she knows if she jerks a cup full of milk it will spill.
  • She can now complete jigsaws with around 4 large pieces.
  • She can now name familiar objects and memorize the new things she learns.

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5. Emotional And Social Development:

Your toddler is now a separate individual. No matter how much she is attached to you, she is guided by her own likes and dislikes.

  • She has now developed her distinct self-respect and has grown protective about her own possessions.
  • Your toddler stays comparatively clean and dry than before.
  • She is now more aware of desires, likes and dislikes of others. You may also find her lending support to her friend in distress.
  • She shows considerably better self confidence in front of strangers and in new situations.
  • She has developed a better understanding of the family rules and you will find her tantrums diminishing with time.
  • She will now enjoy choices over what she can eat.

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The 31 to 36 months baby development and changes discussed above are to help you understand what exactly you can expect from your toddler at this age. There is no need to be concerned if she is yet to attain some of the milestones. In case you are worried about developmental delays you can always notify your doctor.

Apart from this, make sure you have adequate time for your rest and interests. There is a lot of growth to come, so you need to stay calm and take good care of yourself too.

Moms share the changes you have noticed during 31 to 36 months old development. Please share what you feel in the comment section below.

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