50 Elvish Baby Names From The Tolkien Series

Elvish Baby Names

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J.R.R. Tolkien had an extreme fascination with etymology and language, which is visible in his works. He did not just create names for the people of Middle Earth, but also incorporated meaning and background stories for the names into his novels. For the Elven names, he took into account an entirely different set of phonetic and cultural values that neither match nor contradict the Elven rules.

When selecting a fantasy name for your child, you must try to pick one that sounds like a standard name and fits into your culture and language. Below, MomJunction has compiled a list of Elvish baby names inspired by Tolkien mythology that would fit well as a common names. Read on!

Elvish Boy Names:

1. Aldon:

Aldon is essentially a female name, but in the Quenya language, it belongs to men and means ‘tree’. We think it will make a distinctive alternative to widely used names like Alden or Holden.

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2. Aragorn:

This name belongs to the human ranger who guides the Fellowship of the Ring. His human nickname is Strider. Aragorn was later revealed to be the actual heir to the throne.

3. Arod:

Arod, the name of the horse given by Eomer to Legolas to help him in his journey, could also make a viable pick for you. It means ‘swift’ in Old English.

4. Balin:

A courageous and bold choice, Balin could be considered a handsome spin on Benjamin or any B starting name for that matter. This unique name was used for the Dwarf Lord in “The Hobbit”.

5. Baron:

If you want a noble name for your child, pick Baron, which means ‘home or house’ in the Sindarin language. Baron also refers to the hereditary title of honor.

6. Callon:

Callon is one of the rare and appealing Sindarin names, meaning ‘hero’. Some parents might find it a bit unusual, but hundreds of parents, every year are choosing this name for their sons to make them feel like a ‘hero’.

7. Cirdan:

This Elvish name means ‘shipwright’. This character built the ships, which carried the elves, then Bilbo and Frodo, from the Middle Earth.

8. Earendil:

This hero of the Middle Earth interceded for the Men and Elves in order to save the Middle Earth. Eventually, he traveled the heaven with the Silmaril strapped to his bow and became a star. The name Earendil means ‘lover of the sea’.

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9. Elladan:

Elladan, translating to “elf man’, was the son of Elrond. But Tolkien translated this name to ‘elf knight’ or ‘elf rider’.

10. Elrohir:

Elrohir, the name of the twin brother to Elladan, also means ‘elf rider’ or ‘elf knight’. It’s a sparkling name for a boy with a larger than life personality.

11. Elrand:

Elrand is a solid Tolkien baby boy name with boyish strength. It belongs to the half-Elven, the ruler of Rivendell. His name means ‘star dome’. The D ending in this name makes it even more charming.

12. Frodo:

Frodo Baggins is the name of the hero of the “The Lord of the Rings”. This name is used with low frequency. So if you want a unique name for your son, go ahead with it.

13. Gildor:

This name always seems age-appropriate, from the cute baby Gilly to the full-grown Gildor. Gildor was one of the last elves to leave the Middle Earth. He encountered Sam and Frodo in the Shiree. Gildor means ‘the noble star’.

14. Haldir:

This moniker is given to two characters in the Middle Earth. First, the elf who guides the Fellowship through Lothlorien. Second, the man who appears in the Unfinished Tails.

15. Legolas:

Legolas was one of the members of the Fellowship. He’s known for his skill with the bow and arrow. How would Lego sound as the nickname for Legolas?

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16. Lindir:

Lindir is a friendly and sweet name without having the formality of the Tolkien names. This name, meaning ‘fair singer’ belongs to the Elf of Rivendell, who appreciated Bilbo’s rhymes and songs.

17. Logon:

This moniker sounds surprising and fresh even after the several years of the release of “The Lord of the Rings”. In the Sindarin language, this bright and cheerful name means ‘the warm one’.

18. Peregrin:

This variation of Peregrine was borne by a hobbit character in “The Lords of the Rings” series. This elegant and aristocratic name never really made to the United States, where it’s seen eccentric and slightly extravagant. But it’s a rage in England.

19. Pippin:

If you want a casual name for your son, you can pick the second name of Peregrin, Pippin. Its Dutch variation, Pepijn is finding popularity in the Netherlands, where short names are considered stylish. You can keep Pippin as a term of endearment.

20. Rohan:

Rohan, derived from the Sindarin word ‘Rochand’ is the realm in the setting of Middle Earth. The place is inhabited by herdsmen and farmers, known collectively as Rohirrim. Rohan is also an Indian name, meaning ‘sandalwood’. Perhaps, Tolkien wasn’t aware of it.

21. Samwise:

Samwise was the name of Frodo’s servant who helped him throughout his quest. His name symbolizes loyal and steadfast character. You also get the option of choosing Sam as the nickname.

22. Sauron:

This name belongs to the enormously powerful wizard, portrayed as the Dark Tower or Great Eye in “The Lord of the Rings”. He has an extreme desire to get the ring so that he can use it for his gain.

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23. Thranduil:

Thranduil is an engaging name for a bright-eyed boy. It was the name of Legolas’ father in “The Lords Of The Ring”.

24. Theoden:

Given the trend of old-fashioned and elaborate monikers, there’s a high chance of Theoden to be a hit with the parents. It’s the name of the King of Rohan and the keeper of the Golden Hall.

25. Voronwe:

Voronwe is a cool sounding Elven baby name, meaning ‘steadfast one’. It’s the name of the elf, appearing in The Silmarillion, and is a classic Lord of the Rings name.

Elvish Girl Names:

26. Aerin:

Aerin is the Middle Earth invention by Tolkien. Regular folks may consider it as a fancy form of Erin, but in Tolkien’s world, the derivation of this name is Elvish. This name is borne by the socialite and cosmetics heiress, Aerin Lauder.

27. Alma:

This one is inspired by Almarian, the name of the daughter of Veantur. Her name appears to mean ‘maiden garlanded with good fortune’ in the Quenya language. Or you can use Almarian for the first name and Alma as the short form.

28. Anna:

Quite surprisingly, in the Quenya language, Anna is a gender-neutral name and means ‘gift’. This moniker has been one of the top names for over 25 years but in its English form. And it has featured in a number of literary works as well!

29. Aredhel:

This is one of our favorites on the list. Aredhel, also known as Ar-Fieniel, was the daughter of Fingolfin and Anaire. It appears as a classic, old-fashioned name with a hint of the flirt.

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30. Arwen:

This name sounds classic and trendy at the same time. In Tolkien’s world, Arwen is the name of Elrond’s beautiful daughter who eventually gets married to Aragorn to become the Queen of Gondor.

31. Calen:

In the Sindarin language, Calen is a female name and means ‘green one’. This trendy name has a mystical aura that makes it sound so appealing to the ears. It’s also an uncommon variation to Cailin or Caitlin.

32. Elanor:

Elanor was an unusually beautiful hobbit blessed with the Galadriel’s gift of magic. She later went on to become Queen Arwen’s maid. You can also consider this name as an alternative to Eleanor.

33. Elbereth:

Do you want a fun and exotic derivative of the name Elizabeth? Then why don’t you pick Elbereth for your daughter? Elbereth is the name of one of the ancient archangels revered highly by the Middle Earth. You can use Betty or Beth for the nickname.

34. Eowyn:

This vowel-laden name, invented by Tolkien would wear well on your daughter. This moniker peaked in the year 2004 when the last film of the trilogy released.

35. Estel:

This beautiful, childhood name of Aragorn means ‘hope’ in the Elvish language. You know what makes this name a winner? It’s the el sound! Some people might mistake it for Estella, which can give you an excuse to explain the story behind the name.

36. Freda:

This name is as simple and elegant as the little black dress. Freda was the name of the beautiful daughter of Morwen, who was sent on a mission to alert King Theoden about the risk to this kingdom.

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37. Galadriel:

This ‘gala’ name belongs to the wife of Celeborn and co-ruler of Lothlorien. There’s a certain sweetness in this name that adds to its appeal.

38. Haleth:

Haleth is a strong woman character from the First Age of Middle Earth, the ancient history of “The Lord of the Rings”. Her moniker has a finger-snapping rhythm and a sharp sound to it.

39. Idril:

This moniker evokes the history and culture of Middle Earth in just five letters. Idril Celebrindal is the daughter of King Turgon and the grandmother of Elrond. She was one of the first three elves to marry a mortal man.

40. Lia:

Lia, meaning ‘thread’ in the Quenya language, is used widely throughout Europe and in Hawaii. You may consider it as a variation or a mother name Leah but looks prettier than the former on the paper. It’s also one of the top 40 names in Germany.

41. Lobelia:

This Elven girl name is as sweet as an apple pie. Lobelia Sackville-Baggins was Bilbo’s cousin Otho’s wife who always tried to get her hands on the Bag-end. She hated the fact that Frodo was Bilbo’s successor.

42. Luthien:

Luthien Tinuviel is the name of the great-grandmother of Elrond. Her name means either ‘blossom’ or ‘enchantress’. The last name Tinuviel means ‘daughter of the starry twilight’. We think Luthien is a bit more usable than Tinuviel.

43. Melian:

Queen Melian was a semi-divine creature who founded Doriath, the forest realm along with the Elven King Thingol.

44. Morwen:

Morwen was a stern and noble woman living during the final years of the First Age. She is also considered the Elfsheen of her time.

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45. Nessa:

Nessa, meaning ‘youthful one’ in the Quenya language, is also the name of the Valie of joy. You can use it as a shortening of Anges, Venessa, or Anastasia, but it has the potential to stand strong on its own.

46. Nienna:

Nienna is a lovely Sindarin name to pick for your daughter. The correct pronunciation of this name is nee-EHN-ah as in the Sindarin language, the stress has to fall on the penultimate syllable if two consonants are together, and the vowels are not accented.

47. Ronda:

In Tolkien’s Quenya language, Ronda means ‘solid or firm’. Some people may consider it as a fanciful respelling of the name Rhonda.

48. Shelob:

Shelo, the name of the gigantic spider living in the tunnels near Mordor, could also make a nice pick for your daughter. You just have to get past its namesake.

49. Tintalle:

If you want a name that’s cute and funny at the same time, Tintalle, another name for Elbereth Gilthoniel is perfect. Her name means ‘star-kindler’. Your daughter will be floating on cloud nine with this lovely name.

50. Yavanna:

Yavanna is the name of the Earth Goddess of the Middle Earth. This fictitious name has a real potential to be a baby girl name, thanks to its sweet and soothing sound.

We hope you find our Tolkien baby names helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section.

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