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Storytelling is a traditional art followed by our forefathers. It is something that can be enjoyed during babyhood up to early teens. For example, you may tell ‘The Town-Mouse And The Country-Mouse’ Story to your kid to understand the importance of happiness in life rather than materials and money.

Unfortunately, our children are born in a media-centric age where television and the internet have taken priority over these simple pleasures and these early experiences of childhood are slowly fading from their lives. Storytelling has tremendous benefits for your child’s development. Children love a good story, especially those that end with a moral.

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Benefits Of Storytelling

Storytelling has many benefits like:

  • It helps children develop good language and comprehension skills.
  • For younger children, listening to the storyteller’s words helps them learn pronunciation.
  • It nurtures their inner imagination and creativity.
  • The whole idea of a story being told, from the plot to the end, creates a magical experience for children.
  • Storytelling can be used as a medium to explain complex topics like friendship, fear and love and also about cultures and life philosophies.
  • Children can also learn the difference between good and bad through the characters or their deeds in the story. This in turn can help them make right decisions in real life situations.
  • Also, stories are best when they have an interesting moral in the end. These are a huge hit with children and they can reap huge benefits from listening to such stories.

One such story with a good moral is the “Town mouse and the Country mouse.”

The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse Story

Short stories like this one are always entertaining and interesting for children, the story goes like this:

  • One day the town mouse visits his cousin the country mouse at his house in the country.
  • There, the country mouse, full of excitement to play host and show hospitality to the town mouse, serves a humble dinner with beans, bacon, cheese, and some bread.
  • The town mouse with a lot of pride isn’t happy about what his country cousin has served him and asks how he can live in such poor and deprived conditions.
  • The town mouse, wanting to show the country mouse how to live life, invites the country mouse back to his place and the country mouse accepts his invitation.
  • They travelled all day long and reached the town mouse’s house late at night. The town mouse took him straight to the grand dining room.
  • There, the country mouse was amazed to see remains of a fine feast and soon he found himself indulging in jellies and cakes.
  • Just as the country mouse was enjoying his food, they were interrupted by a loud noise that seemed liked growling and barking.
  • When the country mouse asked his town cousin what that was, he replied they were just dogs. Soon as he could finish his sentence, in came running two huge mastiffs that made the two mice scamper to safety.
  • Just after this incident the country mouse decides it’s time to go back to his country house, to which the town mouse asks why he’s leaving so early.
  • The country mouse says he’s better off eating his beans, bacon cheese, and bread in peace than having cakes and ale in discomfort and fear.

Moral Of The Story

The tale of the town mouse and the country mouse conveys that living in simplicity with modest means and being satisfied is much better than living with luxury, abundance, or excess but in constant anxiety.

  • The town mouse had the best of food and luxury at the townhouse he lived in, but every minute he lived in fear for his life with no security.
  • The country mouse though doesn’t have much to live on, but he’s happy and content with it and lives each day with satisfaction.

Why Should You Cultivate The Habit of Storytelling?

Story telling is a part of our tradition that should be continued and not let to die. Our children are born in a media dominant age where it’s all about instant gratification via cartoons and video games.

Why To Start Storytelling?

It’s a wonderful way to bond with your child especially for working parents who are busy all day. Curling up in bed together and reading a story would be a much-needed break from the boredom.

  • By storytelling, you can weave your experiences into a tale that can teach important life lessons to your child.
  • It is less time spent in front of the television. Storytelling can also be a good method to correct your child when he shows unaccepted behavior or lacks gratitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the story teach children the importance of being content with what they have?

The story teaches that one may work hard to get what they want, but if their quest for success costs them their peace of mind, then all the riches are futile. One must work hard in life but also learn to be content with what life has bestowed upon them.

2. What can children learn about the dangers of being greedy from the story?

From the story, children can learn that if you give greed a place in your life, it won’t live alone and will come with stress, anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, and depression.

3. How does the story encourage children to appreciate the simple things in life?

Unlike his cousin, living a modest and tranquil life is the norm for the town mouse. The story guides us to refrain from comparing our lives and adventures with others. It shares that rather than yearning for what we lack, if we learn to show appreciation towards the comforts and possessions we have, we too can lead a happy and contented life.

Key Pointers

  • Storytelling helps children expand their vocabulary, improve listening skills, and enhance memory power.
  • Stories can be narrated to children during road trips, parties, and social events.
  • Storytelling is a beautiful way to spend time with children, teach them important lessons, and reduce screen time.
  • The moral conveys that living a simple and modest life is better than living a life of luxury and worry.
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Stories help children improve their imagination, creativity, and listening skills. They also help them learn the language and improve their communication skills. Stories are a wonderful way to keep your children engaged without relying on televisions and iPads. This story about the ‘The Town-Mouse And The Country-Mouse’ can help your child learn important virtues such as humility and avoiding greed and introduce them to some animals. So, the next time your child asks for a new bedtime story, read this one out for them and watch them be fascinated.

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