11 Amazing Toys For Your Newborn From Fisher-Price

Toys For Newborn Babies

Before stepping into a school, everything that a child learns from is his/her home. And toys are the things that they first play and learn with. Interactive and informative toys are not only engaging but also aid in the learning process for kids.

In the initial months of play the kids learn more through colors and music. It should be something that catches their attention and attracts them.

Fisher-Price toys do just that. These toys are colourful and will certainly keep your child busy for quite sometime. While keeping the child busy it also makes sure that your child is learning something too.

1. Fisher-Price Teethe ‘n Rattle Trumpet

Fisher-Price Teethe 'n Rattle Trumpet

This trumpet is a toy that your kid will love playing with. The rattles bright colors and sounds help in engaging baby’s sense of sight and hearing. When the child will grasp and shake the rattle it will help in improving the child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Not only this but the bright beads present in the rattle will also help in simulating the visual senses of the baby. Buy here

Age Group: 3 Months +

2. Fisher-Price Harmonica Teether

Fisher-Price Harmonica Teether

This is not just an ordinary teether but a teether which makes fun sounds when shaken. It is easy to carry and can be taken anywhere with your kid. It has a soft and chewy mouth piece for the delicate mouth of the baby and also comes with easy grip handles which make it super simple for the kid to hold it. Buy here

Age Group: 3 Months +

3. Fisher-Price Twist & Turn Grapes

Fisher-Price Twist & Turn Grapes

This toy is a juicy twist on sensory and fine-motor-skill-building play for the baby. The bright colors of the toy will help stimulate baby’s sense of sight. The baby can manipulate the colorful twisty grapes which encourages motor skill development and enhances the sense of touch. Buy here

Age Group: 3 Months +

4. Fisher-Price Playful Pals Gift Set

Fisher-Price Playful Pals Gift Set

This set of fun rattles and toys is a gift which will make you an instant hit. The gift pack contains a Giraffe Slider, Elephant Teether, Monkey Rattle, Lion Dumbell Rattle, Butterfly Shaker and a Panda Clacker. All the toys are easy to hold and help in developing the child’s sensory and fine motor skills. Buy here

Age Group: 3 Months +

5. Fisher-Price Musical Smart Phone

Fisher-Price Musical Smart Phone

This battery operated toy will keep your newborn hooked to it. The upbeat music and realistic sounds will keep the baby engaged and enhance their sense of hearing. The phone also has a selfie mirror which will keep your little ones engaged in their own reflections. The toy can be attached to the stroller or a diaper bag and your baby can always has his hands on some fun. Buy here

Age Group: Birth +

6. Fisher-Price Move ‘n Groove Piano

Fisher-Price Move ‘n Groove Piano

This toy will definitely develop your child’s curiosity, sensory and motor skills. It comes with a  soft keyboard with electronic white keys and tactile black ribbon keys. You can select from 2 ways to play i.e. one with musical tones which features short, recognizable tunes and the second play with real piano notes. It comes with a on-the-go handle and a chewy musical note too! Buy here

Age Group: 3 Months +

7. Fisher-Price Musical Gift Set

Fisher-Price Musical Gift Set

This music themed gift set will surely turn your kid into a musician. The set features 5 different types of musical toys which are the newest and the top selling ones of Fisher-Price. It contains a Harmonica Teether, Maraca Rattles, Bat-at Guitar with fun sound effects, Xylophone squeaker/rattle and a Tambourine Mirror. All these toys will help in developing the child’s sensory and motor skills. Buy here

Age Group: Birth +

8. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym

This electronic and musical gym is perfect for your baby’s lay and play and tummy time activities. It comes with 5 linkable activity toys and a machine washable padded mat. The music plays up to 10 long minutes in the long play mode. This gym helps in the overall development of the baby’s skills. It helps the baby develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, thinking and problem solving skills. Buy here

Age Group: Birth +

9. Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym

This musical toy allows the baby to lay and play, tummy time and sit and play. The baby is rewarded with music whenever he/she kicks the piano. It also has movable toys on the overhead gym. The long play music lasts up to 15 minutes and the piano is removable too so the baby can take it along wherever he/she wants to. Buy here

Age Group: Birth +

10. Fisher-Price Rainforest Grow-With-Me Projection Mobile

Fisher-Price Rainforest Grow-With-Me Projection Mobile

This remote controlled and battery operated toy fits to most cribs. It helps soothe your little one with sweet rainforest friends, soft leaves accent, full color projections and nature sounds. Your little one will love gazing up to the full color scene present on the mobile canopy. It can also be converted into a dresser-top musical soother with ceiling projection. Buy here

Age Group: Birth +

11. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Convertible Car Gym

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Convertible Car Gym

This toy is absolute fun to play with because your child can lie on his tummy and play, and sit and ‘pretend’ drive with music and lights. It helps in developing the baby’s motor skills and senses such as sight and hearing. It gives 20 minutes of constant music and has a real car horn. It also comes with movable activity toys like the lion rattle, hula hippo, key clackers and also has a steering wheel with music! Buy here

Age Group: Birth +

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