10 Toys To Develop Talking Skills In Kids (Babies to Preschoolers)

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The first words to come out of your child’s mouth will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come. Most parents wait in anticipation to hear their child speak for the first time, in the hope of listening to them call out ‘mommy’/’daddy’ or anything close to it. It is also at this point that you begin to help your child interact with the help of various mediums.

It is believed that most children develop their potentiality to communicate by the age of three. So if you want to enhance their ability to interact, better start early!

Toys are said to be a child’s best friend in initial years. Some toys not only help in keeping your child engaged but also serve as a platform that guides them to build communication skills.

Today, we bring you a list of 10 toys that bring a positive change in your child’s speech and communication skills!

1. Play doh

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Play doh are colored clays, which come in tubs. You can help your kids create whatever they see around them with the help of these soft earth. Afterall, creating and imagining is also a type of communication with oneself. Play doh is for children aged two years and above.

2. Just like home microwave oven

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This toy microwave oven is similar to the real oven in terms of its sound and lighting. Such toys offer growing kids an insight into real-life chores and familiarize them with different activities. However, this is only meant for children aged three years and above as it poses a risk of choking.

3. Learning and educational toys

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Learning toys come in different forms. Such toys often have alpha-numerical keys on them, which trigger sounds upon being pressed. These toys will help in improving your child’s vocabulary and solving skills. It is designed for children aged one to three.

4. Musical toys

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Musical toys are colorful and also produce sounds when squeezed or shaken. These toys engage your baby, while also stimulating and enhancing his visual development. Toys like these are best for children aged two years and above.

5. Rattling toys

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Rattling toys are like a box of surprises for your little one. With the various textures and sounds that it comes with, these toys are like an entertainment package for your baby. It is also known to help in improving your infant’s tactile abilities. This is made for infants aged three to 18 months.

6. Themed toys

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Themed toys make use of different settings, such as a jungle or beach. These will not only attract your child’s attention at first glance, but also enhance his knowledge and help him connect with nature. This will boost your kid’s interactive and constructional skills. Such toys are best suited for children aged three to eight years.

7. Buildable toys

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Buildable toys, such as this gardening set, mainly aim to develop the building skills of children. It consists of plastic blocks, which can be used to develop various structures. The building bricks are sometimes decorated with colorful pictures on it. Such toy sets are meant for children aged two to five years.

8. Card games

There are many interesting card games with colors and pictures on them. It is an ideal playing option when your baby is all set to understand colors, numbers and words. Other than being fun to play, card games can also elevate thinking abilities of your child. However, you will have to wait until your child completes four years before introducing this game to him.

9. Medic case

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cute medical play set that consists of all the basic nursing equipment will help your little one understand how to treat the patients around. A colorful and bright set of toys will make this option all the more attractive. And who knows, maybe you have got a doctor there in the making! The medic case is best suited for children aged three and above.

10. Animal soft toys with sounds

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A squeaking panda or a roaring lion is a perfect educational toy with so much fun! Babies will love it and connect to animals better. With the bright colors and contrasting patterns, such toys will certainly catch your infant’s attention. It is designed towards developing the observation skills of babies, by producing sounds when shaken or squeezed. Animal soft toys are best suited for babies aged up to 12 months.

The toys mentioned above could play an important role in improving your child’s interaction skills. So, the next time you are thinking of buying some toys for your little one, you know what to look for!

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