21 Traits Of A Leo Female In Relationship And Friendship

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leos are known for their ability to empower and entertain, independent mindset, and zeal for life. If you are curious to know the traits of a Leo female, this post is for you. Leo women tend to take charge in most situations, which may sometimes invite troubles. They also tend to lack self-awareness, leading them to become too self-focused, domineering, and narcissistic. Some popular Leo women include Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, Meghan Markle, Kylie Jenner, and Dua Lipa. Dive into this post as we discuss the characteristics of Leo female that make her who she is.

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21 Traits Of A Leo Female

Leo women are lionesses—they love power and are extremely comfortable. These Leo characteristics in a female are due to their ruling celestial body—the Sun. Georgina Scarbrough, a single mother of four, grandmother, and teacher, succinctly shares her qualities in her blog. She says, “I am a strong, independent, loyal, caring, kind, hard working, Leo woman. Based on my zodiac sign alone, I know I am a queen. The lioness. The queen of the jungle… I have no time for idleness. No desire to sit and watch life go by. I am a doer, not a talker.

“I work 2–3 jobs at a time, sometimes 50–60 hours a week, depending on my schedule. Not because I don’t have a full time job, because I do, but because I don’t like being bored. I like working and I seldomly take breaks. I don’t care to watch TV because, honestly, I could be doing something better with my time; like making money (i).”

Here are some more characteristics you should watch out for.

1. She is passionate

She is passionate, Leo traits

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A Leo woman is feisty. She is passionate about all aspects of her life—her career, her loved ones, her hobbies, and practically everything she does. She gives it all, irrespective of the task. This passion and effort enable her to succeed. Her enthusiastic and optimistic approach to life is unlike anyone else.

2. She is forward-thinking

It is typical of a Leo woman to go ahead with what she thinks is right. She doesn’t waste too much of her time procrastinating or weighing options. One of the notable Leo women’s traits is that she goes right after what she wants. Always forward, there are only a few ifs and buts in her life.

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Leo women are risk-takers who never doubt their abilities, which helps them excel in everything they set their eyes on. They take challenges head-on and resolve issues promptly to ensure their relationship sails smoothly.

3. She is unafraid to speak her mind

A proud Leo woman is not worried about speaking her mind. She knows what she says and is extremely fearless. She has her opinions and sticks by them. Due to this characteristic, a Leo woman makes a good lawyer.

4. She is extremely confident

You will spot a Leo woman the moment you see her—that’s how striking her confidence is. There is never a space for hesitation. In fact, her confidence can also intimidate a few people. Whether it is her job, flaunting a new dress, or walking into a party, you will immediately sense the Leo woman traits of confidence and self-assertiveness.

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Leo women are perfectionists at heart. They work extremely hard to bring an edge of perfection to their relationships.

5. She is an artist

Leo woman enjoys being in front of the camera

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A Leo personality in a female can also be the artsy kind. She makes for an excellent actress or theatre artist. This characteristic can be attributed to her expressive and confident nature. Well, a Leo woman loves attention—she likes the camera and the lights to be on her all the time.

6. She is expressive

A Leo woman is expressive, and it doesn’t matter to her if she is on a stage or going by her routine day. Whether she likes or hates something, she will let you know immediately. She wants her loved ones to know how she feels.

7. She can be stubborn

One negative trait of the Leo woman that is most striking is her stubbornness. It is a negative aspect of their positive traits like confidence and persistence. Once a Leo woman has her mind and eyes set on something, there is no going back.

8. She is non-discreet in her ways

When a Leo woman does something, she wants the world to know about it, in a dramatic style. She is not discreet about it and loves to have all eyes on her.

9. She is inherently creative

She is innovative, Leo traits

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With her true Leo passion, she is also creative. She likes to keep things interesting and fresh all the time, and for this, she loves to innovate and create.

10. She can be highly influential

With a wide social circle around her, it goes without saying that a Leo woman can be influential. She is often the leader of the group and has strong convincing powers. She loves making a difference in the world.

11. She is loyal

​​Despite her extremely outgoing and social nature, one thing that you can vouch for in a Leo woman is her loyalty. No matter what, she is loyal to the one she loves. It takes a while to get into a Leo woman’s inner circle, but once you have gained her trust, it is totally worth it. She will always be there for you.

12. She is communicative

To be expressive and creative, one needs to be good with words. That’s what characterizes a Leo woman. She uses her words to influence, empower, and convince those around her. It is what makes her a good leader too.

13. She is a leader

A Leo woman is a born leader

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A Leo woman is a born leader and can be quite domineering. This applies to all spheres of her life. She is highly authoritative and may seem bossy at times. Her demanding nature may make it difficult for others to catch up to her.

14. She can be self-centered

A Leo woman’s confidence can turn into her obsession with herself, making her self-centered. Sometimes, her self-centered behavior can be a tad irritating to those around her.

15. She is lazy

Although extremely passionate and fiery, a Leo woman can be lazy at times. This is particularly true for something that she does not believe in.

16. She is sensitive

Despite her confidence and outgoing nature, a Leo woman can be sensitive, especially to other people’s feelings. This characteristic makes her carry the baggage of other’s problems on her shoulders. Because a Leo woman feels so much, her reactions may often appear exaggerated.

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A Leo woman is compassionate. She helps her loved ones without expecting anything in return and patiently listens to their woes.

17. She is ambitious

A striking trait of a Leo woman is her dedication towards her goals. When she decides to do something, she doesn’t stop or let go until she has tasted the sweet taste of success. She is driven and competitive, and this makes her fierce.

18. She is courageous

Ambition combined with a Leo woman’s courage makes her personality attractive. True to her sign name, a Leo woman is as courageous and fearless as a lioness. She is a queen even in her struggles and does not allow other people to ruffle any of her feathers.

19. She loves adventure

Leo women are always up for new adventures

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With courage comes adventure. A Leo woman hates a boring, dreary routine, and enjoys a bit of adventure every day. Her adventurous spirit is always up for something exciting and challenging as new things fascinate her.

20. She is a true fighter

Just like a lioness, a Leo woman is a true fighter. Despite many hurdles that she faces in her life, she is dedicated to fighting for what she believes in. She is known for her never-give-up attitude.

21. She is unconventional

If you know a Leo woman, you know that she is non-conventional and rebels against rules that do not have logic.

How Is A Leo Woman In Love And Relationships?

Leo women are passionate, not only in life but also in all their relationships. They are sincere in expressing their feelings and communicate well. Scarbrough says that finding relationships is difficult for her. She says, “Because of (my fierce independence), relationships have been difficult for me. It is hard to find a man worthy of me, my energy, resources, and my time.

“In recent months, I have come to realize a real queen wants to be with a real king. I don’t mean someone to provide all the luxuries and comforts of life for me because I can do that myself, but I want a partner to go through life with. An equal. Someone that values hard work just as much as I do, is responsible for themselves, takes care of his shit, and understands the worth and value of our time and money.”

Leo women in love

  • They are fun, loyal, extremely respectful, and generous towards their partner. Their charismatic and confident personality makes them attractive.
  • They play the leader in any relationship and love their independence in it. It can be tiring for their partner if they try to suppress or impose things on them.
  • They appreciate when their partners are on the same level as them–intellectual, self-aware, and practical.
  • Some Leo women, when extremely self-focused, tend to be a tad oppressive and steal their partner’s independence. It can spell danger for their relationship.
  • For Leo women, physical intimacy can be fun and super energetic. However, though these women understand the boundaries of love and sex, they may not see how an emotional connection can add to their intimacy and quality of sex life.
  • Attentive and romantic people make the best partners for Leo women as it is an equal give and take in the relationship.
  • They become fierce like roaring lionesses when defending their partners.
  • Leo women can have multiple lovers until they find and settle with ‘the one.’
  • They can be dramatic in their love and sex life, often indulging in playful and teasing games to tempt their partners.

Leo women with friends and family

  • Leo women are extremely generous, loyal, committed, warm-hearted, and faithful to their family members. They are also possessive of people they love dearly.
  • They are born to help and go out of their way to help their loved ones in need. They are not deterred by the amount of time and effort they may have to invest to reach out to their loved ones.
  • Leo women are also reliable and strong. Their individualistic aura appeals to everyone who knows them.
  • They are social and you will rarely find them flying solo. However, due to their high-paced social skills, their loved ones may find it difficult to keep up with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when I hurt a Leo woman?

When you hurt a Leo woman, she may ignore you for several days and divert her focus to other people. She may become dramatic, start having trust issues or even hold a grudge.

2. Are Leo women good at saving money?

Leos are impulsive by nature. They love indulging in luxuries, and this attitude makes saving money a little difficult for them. Also, their generous nature increases their expenditure a great deal. They also struggle to balance their earnings and expenditures.

3. Do Leo women get jealous quickly?

Leos do not get jealous of other people’s success. They are happy and content with whatever they have. However, they often become jealous if their partner gets close to someone else and starts spending more time with them.

Like all other sun signs, there are positive and negative Leo traits in a female. They are born leaders and are well known for their ferocious nature, excitement, and independent mindset. A Leo woman is a perfect blend of confidence, bravery, and loyalty. She is passionate, confident, stubborn, expressive, and creative. She can be your great friend and go out of her way to support you. Also, she can be a great lover, but her authoritarian nature may cause some friction.

Infographic: Traits Of A Leo Woman

Leo women are known to be straightforward and like to be in charge of the situation that they are in. If you know a woman who is a Leo, there are a few characteristics that you would like to know about her. Please read the following infographic to learn more about her traits.

characteristics seen in a female leo (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Leo women are confident, courageous, and expressive individuals who speak their minds.
  • Their attractive, passionate, loving, and honest nature makes them desirable.
  • However, they need to overcome their unfavorable traits for a lasting relationship.
leo traits female_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Are you curious about the mysterious and captivating LEO woman? Get ready to learn all about her personality traits, love life, career, fashion and more!

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