15 Negative Traits Of An Aquarius Person

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Aquarius is an air sign symbolized by the water bearer. Aquarians are characterized by their kind and helpful nature, and their progressive thinking compels them to look for ways to bring an impactful and positive change in society. They are brilliant and have problem-solving skills.

Oprah Winfrey, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Virginia Woolf, Ashton Kutcher, and Alicia Keys are some of the most prominent Aquarians.

Like every zodiac sign, Aquarius also has some weaknesses. Ruled by the planet of detachment and rebellion, Uranus, Aquarians are eccentric and erratic. However, they can also be rebellious and oppose authority with fierceness. To understand better, let’s have a look at some of the negative traits of an Aquarius.

15 Negative Signs Of An Aquarius

Every zodiac sign grants its natives some good and bad personality traits. Here are some short comings of Aquarians.

1.They can be stubborn

Aquarians are strong-minded individuals who carefully listen to other’s views and opinions but seldom change their own. They come to a decision after thorough contemplation and stand by their beliefs. That’s why they are known as stubborn intellects.

2.They may be neglectful of their loved ones

Uranus is the planet of innovation that grants Aquarius the ability to think big, bringing about positive reform on a large scale. However, when focusing on creating a change in society, they may neglect people close to them. They may also become distant in their romantic relationships.

3.They can be rebellious

The more Aquarians are forced or told to do something, the more rebellious they can get. They do not like being told what to do. When someone tries to change them or their opinion, they shun that personas they do not like control. This can make it difficult for someone to convince them about something, even for their good.

4.They are too analytical

Aquarians like to analyze but often end up over-analyzing. This is because they are deep thinkers and space out even when someone is talking to them. As a result, they easily drift away wondering about anything in the universe and try to get into the topic’s depth. This habit of theirs may not affect them, but those with them may feel ignored.

5.They can be unpredictable

Aquarians are adaptable and do not mind change. They love change, especially when it is for the better. Their love for adventure makes them bored easily, and their tendency to adjust easily sometimes makes them unpredictable. Their spontaneous nature can exasperate people around them as they won’t know what Aquarians can be up to next.

6.They are sarcastic

Wit and humor are some of Aquarian’s best features. Being sarcastic comes naturally to them, and they hardly realize it. People accustomed to their wicked humor enjoy their sarcasm, but those unaware may feel offended. The Aquarians mean no harm, but their sense of humor can unintentionally hurt people.

7.They hide their emotions

Aquarians are emotional. However, they prefer keeping their emotional side private and hidden from everyone else. When emotionally vulnerable, they may distance themselves from others to spend time by themselves. Their need to be by themselves could hurt those who care for them and wish to support them.

8.They don’t trust easily

Even though Aquarians are friendly, they have a small group of friends. They are close to people with whom they share their feelings. They do not trust anyone easily and prefer to have a small group of trustworthy friends over a large gang of buddies.

9.They are not open to seeking help

Aquarians have a strong desire to be independent and are self-reliant. They trust their judgments and prefer making decisions. But sometimes, they may need help and guidance to proceed further. In such situations, asking for help may not come easily to them and may cause them problems.

10.They feel discouraged

Pessimism is a trait that affects Aquarians easily. If things don’t work in their favor or they meet an obstacle, they lose confidence. They get anxious quickly, and it becomes difficult for others to motivate them to come out of the situation.

11.They can be impatient

Aquarians can sometimes be low on patience. If they set their mind on having something, they are unable to rest until they have it. Moreover, they want things quickly and may not wait too long for them.

12.They can be extremist

There is hardly ever a middle way for Aquarians. They mostly hang on to the extremes. It is a good trait when working towards a goal as they are prepared to give their best, but it can act as a flaw in certain situations. For instance, their moods can fluctuate between the extremes, making them unpredictable.

13.They can easily detach themselves

Aquarians often daydream and can dwell in their imagination even when surrounded by people. They can easily detach themselves and concentrate on their deep thoughts. This quality of theirs can help them focus on something they are interested in. However, sometimes people who care for them and want to reach out to them may feel hurt because of their aloofness and mistake them for being cold and rude.

14.They are mysterious

Do not expect Aquarians to open their hearts to you easily. They are often lost in their thoughts and take their time to trust someone. No amount of prodding can make them open up to you if they do not trust you. Their mysterious nature can frustrate their closed ones.

15.They can get too idealistic

It is difficult to change Aquarians’ minds. To add to it, when they have a certain ideal image in mind about something, they want to achieve only that and nothing else. So they toil hard to achieve the perfect result. But when they cannot match their set standards, it can get frustrating for them to keep going.

An Aquarius is a dreamy individual who enjoys being in their world. But in their fantasy, they often find ways to make the real world a better place. They are rebels with a cause and do not refrain from raising their voice against something they consider wrong. Once they have made up their mind about something, they do not budge under any circumstance. They are firm individuals who need to learn to tackle their impatient nature.

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