Taurus Woman Characteristics And Personality Traits

Taurus Woman Characteristics And Personality Traits

A Taurus female is known to be stubborn, self-reliant, and hard working. Ruled by planet Venus, she is naturally attractive and sensual. Being an earth sign, she is practical and patient. She is loyal and grounded as a person.

Symbolized by the bull, she is determined, tenacious, and unafraid of labour. She can do anything to accomplish her goals. Gigi Hadid, Janet Jackson, and Miranda Kerr are some of the most popular Taurus women. Continue reading this post for some Taurus female traits to understand her better.

21 Taurus Female Traits

You probably are curious about a Taurus woman and want to know more about her. To end your curiosity, we have prepared this list of a Taurus woman’s common traits.

1. She is calm

A Taurus woman is mentally resilient and can stay composed even in stressful situations. Her confidence in herself enables her to battle severe hardships in life. Her strong willpower lets her conquer difficulties.

2. She is patient

Good things in life do not come quickly, and a Taurus woman is aware of this, which is why she is calm and patient. She knows the importance of hard work and works patiently to get the best results for her labor.

3. She is a true friend

Striking a friendship with a Taurus woman may not be easy because even though she is outgoing, she has a small group of trusted people as friends. She holds them close to her heart and is protective of them. She has their back and helps them overcome difficult situations.

4. She is logical

Whenever you need life advice, you can seek it from a Taurus woman. She is a logical thinker who analyzes the situation from all angles and offers you the best advice.

5. She is career-oriented

Ambition is important to a Taurean woman, and she does not stay calm until she hits her target, like her zodiac symbol ‘bull.’ She is focused and does not like leaving any work incomplete. Also, she is a natural leader and has exceptional organizational skills.

6. She is diligent

Working with a Taurus woman can be a great experience because she is dedicated, focused, and true to any work or profession she takes up for herself. Irrespective of the number of hurdles she faces, she will do everything to complete her work in time.

7. She is trustworthy

A Taurus female is trustworthy and loyal to her friends and family. Share a secret with her, and she can keep it to herself, no matter what. Also, she is an honest person, so there is nothing pretentious about her.

8. She is romantic

A Taurus woman is full of love for those who matter to her. She is loving and caring and can go out of her way to keep her partner happy. However, she is also territorial, which means she cannot tolerate seeing another woman around her partner.

9. She is a planner

Planning and strategizing come easily to a Taurus woman. She enjoys taking up the challenge so she can hone her managing skills. She has a realistic approach to life and prefers to deal with facts and figures instead of fiction and imagination.

10. She is organized

A Taurean woman has an eye for detail and prefers to keep everything organized around her. She gives attention to even the smallest of aspects related to any task. She will fight difficult situations and handle everything only to be able to complete the task at hand.

11. She is stubborn

If a Taurus woman makes up her mind about something or someone, then there is hardly any chance she will budge from it. She is mentally strong and sticks by her principles and values in every circumstance. She does not give in easily, especially if she is sure that she is right.

12. She is fond of recreation

As hard-working as she is, a Taurus female also knows how to relax and unwind. When she is not busy focusing on her tasks, she lazes around like a koala bear. She knows how to take a step back from a busy schedule and enjoy life.

13. She is possessive

A Taurus woman works hard for everything in life, which makes her possessive about something or someone that belongs to her. Even in matters of love, she cannot bear to see her partner mingling with another attractive woman as it makes her feel insecure and envious.

14. She is fond of luxury

A Taurus lady works to own all the luxuries that she fancies. She has an eye for fine things and desires to lead a comfortable life. She does not mind indulging herself occasionally in overspending on something she finds of value.

15. She is aesthetic

Her love for fine things does not stop as she wants her surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing. Her house, room, wardrobe, work desk, and everything she owns looks and feels good. She puts in great efforts to make everything eye-pleasing.

16. She is self-reliant

Since she can withstand labour, she seldom depends on anyone else for any work. Patience and resilience are her virtues that further make her self-reliant. She trusts herself to get things done and has no problem depending on only herself to finish a task.

17. She is sensuous

Physical pleasure is up a Taurus woman’s street. She considers intimacy as an art form and loves all the aspects connected to it. She loves hugging, kissing, cuddling, and foreplay. She leisurely enjoys every moment of loving her partner.

18. She is a homebody

A Taurus woman may be a social person, but she prefers staying at home with her feet up while reading a book or catching up on her favourite series. She is not a party person and does not enjoy spending time with a large group of people. The lady prefers peace to a commotion.

19. She is fearful of the unknown

Taurus is a fixed sign, and so a Taurus female dislikes change. She is not adaptable and fears facing unknown situations. She is more of a planner and prefers to know things in advance before signing up for anything.

20. She is self-centred

She is almost thinking about herself, which can sometimes make her seem selfish. But she is pondering over her actions and decisions because she wants nothing but the best for herself. She is ambitious and wants to work towards things she wants in her life.

21. She is generous and kind

A Taurus woman has a big heart and is kind to people. Reach out to her for help, and she will always be there. She easily gets attached to people and can do anything for them. This attachment of hers can hurt her as she will find it difficult to detach from people who negatively influence her life.

How Is A Taurus Woman In Love And Relationships?

With Venus as the ruling planet, a Taurus female exudes sensuous energy. She likes to be adored and loved by her partner. She is passionate and dreams of having an intense love affair. However, she feels vulnerable in love and does not let her guard down unless she is completely sure of her partner.

Taurus is a fixed sign, which makes her approach to relationships traditional. She is a devoted and loyal partner who likes to have a loving companion and a complete family. She takes her time to settle down but once she decides to do it, then nothing can make her waver.

Once she falls in love, her relationship becomes the centre of her attention. She likes someone who pampers her with gifts and surprises. She is not a selfish lover and pampers her partner in and out of the bedroom. However, emotional connection is necessary for her before she gets intimate with her partner.

A Taurus female is reliable. She wants stability in life and a committed companion who can make her life more beautiful. She is a romantic lover who can commit her life to the person she loves. So, if you have fallen in love with a Taurean, you can rest assured of a good life.

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