Trichomoniasis During Pregnancy - Everthing You Need To Know

trichomoniasis during pregnancy everthing you need to know

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Pregnancy is one of the exhilarating phases a woman goes through!

With tons of congratulation come worries to any new mommy regarding her and her unborn baby’s health. It is important to pay attention to all kinds of diseases and get yourself checked to be on the safe side. One such disease is Trichomoniasis, here we have tried to throw some light on the relationship between trichomoniasis and pregnancy and its effects on the baby.

What Is Trichomoniasis During Pregnancy?

Trichomoniasis, also known as Trich, is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that affects 7.4 million people across the globe annually. Caused by a parasite and while sometimes it may go unnoticed, at other times it can have side effects. It has some very dire consequences and effects on a pregnant woman and her baby.

Though chances of trichomoniasis in pregnant women are higher, men are generally the carriers of this disease.

Symptoms Of The Infection:

There are a few common symptoms of Trich. Depending on the gestation period of the parasite, symptoms can show as early as the next day or take a few months as well.

  • Discharge from your vagina, varying from greenish color to yellow, often accompanied by itching and extreme discomfort due to irritation.
  • Pain during urination and discomfort during intercourse.
  • Rarely, few women also experience extreme pain in lower abdomen.

Symptoms can take anywhere from 5 days to 28 days to show up. A doctor will be able to diagnose the STD with a physical examination of your vagina and lab test.

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How Can It Affect You During Pregnancy?

Sometimes, the symptoms of Trich might never crop
up or show, so it makes the disease hard to detect. However, the disease can have certain effects on your pregnancy and your baby.

  • Premature Birth:
    The disease can cause preterm, premature birth of your baby.
  • Lower Baby Weight:
    The disease can also cause your baby to be underweight at the time of birth.
  • Infection Risk:
    You might have higher susceptibility to HIV and your baby has a chance of contracting Trich as well. Giving antibiotics can cure your baby, though the chances of infection are rare.

Getting Tested For Trichomoniasis:

If you are pregnant and experience any symptoms of the disease, it is important to get a test done to confirm the existence of the disease. It will help in two ways:

  • Get Treatment In Time:
    If you are diagnosed with Trich, it is important to get treatment immediately and also ensure your partner gets his treatment done, whether or not symptoms exist.
  • Reduce Risk:
     Since Trich can lead to complications in child birth and premature birth, you would be able to treat it in time and reduce and mitigate all kinds of health risks for you and your baby.

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Treatment of Trichomoniasis In Pregnancy:

If you and your partner are confirmed to have Trichomaniasis, doctor will put you on medicines for the treatment. It is important to mention to your attending doctor that you are pregnant, so that they are able to give the correct medicine as some medicines can have adverse effects on your pregnancy.

  • Medication for treatment is oral.
  • Both partners should undertake the treatment and complete the recommended dosage.
  • Avoid any kind of physical contact to ensure safety for the three of you- you, your partner and your unborn baby.
  • Avoid alcohol and any kind of drug use.


If you are diagnosed with the disease don’t lose hope, it can be treated easily as we discussed above.

  • Also, as a precaution, practice safe sex and stay with one partner. Your gynaecologist would be the best and most trustworthy person to speak to
  • It is better to speak up and get treated, than let it affect you and your baby in any manner. Ensure you talk to your doctor and get all answers to all your questions.
  • Consult a doctor immediately if you think you could have Trich. Trich, like most other health ailments today can be treated with minimal side effects. It is however prudent that you consult a specialist to ensure you get the best treatment on the offering!

Now that you are equipped with basic trivia on Trich, be sure not to neglect any variations in health especially during pregnancy, for this is a delicate phase where the mother and child’s health is extremely vulnerable.

We would like to know your experiences.

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