Be It Sudden Guests Or Weekend Parties, Trust Frozen Foods To See You Through

Frozen foods – A reason now to enjoy your parties all the more!

We all love to party, but for women, a party means staying put in the kitchen for most of the day cooking a sumptuous meal. It also means we are so tired by the time the guests arrive that instead of talking and enjoying the party, we look forward to bedtime when we can stretch out and let our aching and tired body rest! There is an option of ordering takeout, which not only is very expensive but also the quality of food is never assured. So what are the other options? Enter the frozen foods platter.  It saves time, is extremely convenient, and is super tasty while being healthy. Furthermore, these are also a big-time saviors when you have sudden guests for lunch or dinner and you have very little time left to cook.

Why Go For Frozen Foods?

Well, can you relate to a situation where you want to call friends over but have been deferring it time and again, thinking about the number of hours you will be spending in the kitchen sweating and toiling away? It happens with all of us. And also, it’s not easy catering for snacks, the main course, and the desserts! So why not order? Firstly, even if you enjoy outside food, there is no assurance that your guests will like it. Secondly, calling people home and ordering from outside might look good. On the other hand, frozen foods are not only healthy but are also great in taste. Secondly, you are making everything at home in a fraction of the time required without compromising variety or taste. And thirdly you do not end up spending the whole day in the kitchen and can enjoy quality time with your guests.

Why Go For Frozen Foods

What Does Frozen Foods Have To Offer In Veg Snacks?

As we all know, no party is complete without lip-smacking snacks adding flavor to the conversations. Hot and tasty snacks work as great appetizers and help set the party’s mood. But when it comes to snacks, do you feel that your options are limited, and even more when it comes to veg snacks? Even after spending hours deliberating on the menu you cannot go beyond chat and tikkis? Well, maybe it’s time to check out the great and tasty variety that frozen foods have to offer in veg snacks. Be it Veg Seekh Kabab, Mac and Cheese Pops, Quinoa Patty or Beetroot and Cheese Tikki, now you can make your guests feel spoiled for choice with these sumptuous and ready to serve snacks!

What Does Frozen Foods Have To Offer In Veg Snacks 

What About Main Course and Desserts?

Now can you imagine yourself making Cheeseful Naan, Garlic Naan and Premium Malabar Parathas all for the same party? Too much I guess. But now you can serve your guests upto 5 different types of assorted Indian breads, thanks to the variety that Goeld has to offer. Also, not ending here, you can add some delicious curries to this bread assortment like Daal Makhani and Paneer Butter Masala, thereby completing your main course, for which all that you need to do is cut, heat, and serve! Sounds too good, right? Also, since no meal is complete without desserts, Goeld has super tasty options to choose from like Papaya halwa or Sewai Kheer, which your guests are sure to love! So go ahead and have a look at the options you can have for your next party by clicking here.

What About Main Course and Desserts 

Does It Mean I have To Have a Big Freezer?

Well, absolutely not because you can order this a few hours before the party and when time comes, just cut, heat, and serve! You do not even need to go to the nearest departmental store to buy these, since these are easily available online. Also, for those who have a small kitchen or fewer utensils, these can be a big savior because you can call as many people as you want without having to worry about the size of your cooking utensils or even kitchen. So be it a housewarming party or a kid’s birthday party or just catering to lunch or dinner for sudden guests, you do not need to worry about anything at all!

Does It Mean I have To Have a Big Freezer 

Can I store What’s Left?

Most frozen foods come with a shelf life, enabling you to store the extra packets you might not have needed for the next occasion. If stored as per instructions, you can easily keep this for months, which will definitely come in handy for your next party! Thus, it also leads to zero wastage, unlike cooking at home or ordering from outside, in which case, the leftovers have to be consumed over the next couple of days or thrown away.

Will It Be Expensive?

So now that you will be able to save on time and add on the convenience factor, the next question that arises is will it be expensive? Well, no. This is because you will be only using as much as required and the rest can be stored safely till the next party, leading to zero wastage and more savings!

So as you can see, frozen foods are a great way to not only save on time and money but also make parties more fun. You can now focus on looking forward to catching up with guests and friends and spending a wonderful evening together rather than focusing on buying, cutting, chopping, and cooking!

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