180 Fun And Silly Truth Or Dare Questions For Kids To Ask

‘Truth or Dare’ is a popular game that is filled with fun and excitement. It is a great way to break the ice with someone and get to know each other better. Likewise, ‘Truth or Dare’ questions can also help kids socialize and make new friends. Whether throwing a party for your child or hosting a sleepover for their friends, playing ‘Truth or Dare’ is one the best ways to help them have a gala time together.

However, you have to make sure the questions are simple yet interesting, and the dares are safe and uncomplicated. We bring you some exciting ‘Truth or Dare’ questions for kids in this post. Read on.

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How To Start Truth Or Dare?

First, all participants must form a circle. One person spins the bottle. The person who has the bottle’s mouth pointing towards them can choose to answer the question truthfully or by taking a dare to complete a task. The ‘Truth’ or the ‘Dare’ will be asked and assigned by the person rotating the bottle, and the opportunity to rotate the bottle will proceed clockwise according to the seating arrangement.


  • If you select truth, you have to be honest.
  • If you do not like the question, you can ask to change the question. You cannot avoid the second question and will have to answer it.
  • If you lie, you have to bear the  punishment that is pre-decided.
  • If you select ‘dare’ and cannot complete the task, you will be punished, which is predetermined.
  • The consequence for lying or not daring to do a task should be predetermined. Make sure that the consequence is neither difficult nor easy.

Now that the rules are set, and you have understood the game, let’s play.

Truth Questions

When playing with kids, you have to ask questions that are relevant to children. Here are some fun and interesting ‘truth’ questions you can ask kids. Watch as they reveal fun and spontaneous answers, and surprising and unpredictable facts.

  1. Have you ever lied to get out of trouble?
  1. What was the last lie you told your parents?
  1. What are you most afraid of?
  1. Do you have a crush on anyone?
  1. Are you afraid to sleep alone in the dark?
  1. Have you played truant from school due to false illness?
  1. What do you hate to eat the most?

    What do you hate eating the most?

    Image: IStock

  1. A dish that you want to eat all day.
  1. Did you ever pee in the swimming pool?
  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  1. Have you ever fart silently in public and blame others for it?
  1. Do you brush your teeth every day?
  1. Have you ever cried watching a sad scene in a movie?
  1. Have you seen something that your parents asked you not to see?
  1. If you can choose, would you choose mom’s pancakes or pizza?
  1. Have you ever cheated in an exam?
  1. Which foreign place would you like to visit?
  1. If you must be an animal, which one will you be?
  1. If you had to be a bird, which one would you be?
  1. Which dish do you like best?
  1. Mom or Dad, who do you like the most?
protip_icon Quick tip
Keep the questions general. Don’t ask any personal questions that can be difficult or embarrassing for the kids to answer.
  1. Move from one end of the room to another with a plastic cup on your head.Who is your best friend?
  1. Do you have any secrets?
  1. What gift do you want to receive on your birthday?
  1. What insects are you most afraid of?
  1. Which is your favorite toy?
  1. Have you ever destroyed something and blamed others for it?
  1. Who is your favorite actor?
  1. .Which is your most favorite movie?
  1. If you are an actor, which role do you want to play?
  1. What junk food would you like to eat for breakfast every morning?
  1. Which animal would you like to have as your pet?
  1. What would you name your pet animal?
  1. If you were allowed to keep wild animals as pets, which animal would you choose?
  1. Have you ever stolen anything?
  1. If you have ever met an elf, what are your three wishes?
  1. Ever lied that you took a bath?
  1. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  1. Which is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
  1. Have you ever snooped on someone’s conversation?
  1. What do you think is weird about your family?
  1. What do you love most about your family?

    What do you love most about your family?

    Image: IStock

  1. What would you do if you are lost on an island?
  1. If I give you one million dollars, what will you do?
  1. Which superhero would you like to be?
  1. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  1. Which Harry Potter character do you want to be?
  1. Who is your favorite teacher at school?
  1. What would you prefer: travel back in time or travel into the future?
  1. If you were to get locked in a shop, which shop would you like it to be?
  1. Which is your favorite day of the week? Why?
  1. What is your dream job?
  1. Who is your favorite sportsperson?
  1. Who do you consider your idol?
  1. Which house rule do you hate the most?
  1. Describe your dream house.
  1. What will your music band be called?
  1. Which is your favorite spot in the house?
  1. What kind of video games can you play all day?
  1. What superpower would you like to possess?
  1. Pick one of the two powers: getting invisible or moving through walls. Give a reason for your choice.
  1. What do you like more, vacation or school?
  1. If you could roam the world for free, who would you take along with you for the adventure?
  1. Which is your favorite subject in school?
  1. Do you have a secret bad habit?
  1. Have you ever had a scary dream?
  1. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?
  1. Which celebrity do you want to marry when you grow up?
  1. Do you want a nickname? If so, what would it be?
  1. Which application do you like the most on your phone?
  1. Do you ever sing in the shower?
  1. Have you ever lied to someone just for the fun of it?
  1. Would you like a younger/older sibling?
  1. Have you ever been mean to someone?
  1. Is there any person you dislike a lot?
  1. Have ever cheated in a game?
  1. Which is your favorite TV show?

    Which is your favorite TV show?

    Image: IStock

  1. What birthday gift do you want to receive?
  1. Have ever eaten anything from the refrigerator late at night when your parents were asleep?
  1. What is the stupidest thing that you have ever done?
  1. What is the quality that your friends have that you want to have?
  1. What do you wish you were good at?
  1. What is the smelliest thing you have ever smelled?
  1. Share any nice thing you ever did for a stranger.
  1. Have you ever brought something home without telling your parents?
  1. Do you have snacks hidden in your room?
  1. Have you ever used lunch money to buy something else? If yes, then what did you buy?
  1. Have you ever half-done some work and lied about completing it?
  1. Name one thing you like most about each person in this room.
  1. Have you ever lied to your teacher? If yes, then what did you lie about?
  1. When alone, ever spoken to your reflection in the mirror?
  1. Ever felt afraid to sleep alone after watching a scary movie?
  1. What is the most annoying habit of your best friend?
  1. Ever faked your parent’s signature on a test result?
  1. Have you ever secretly dumped food and lied that you finished it by yourself?
  1. Have you ever swapped lunch with someone at school?
  1. Have you ever talked to strangers because they are attractive to you?
  1. Do you lick the ice-cream wrapper?
  1. Have you ever made up a fake story just to scare your friends?
  1. Have you ever lost someone else’s belongings?
  1. What is the best day of your life?
  1. What is your favorite drink?
  1. Have you ever done something naughty only so your siblings received scolding for it?
  1. What do you do in your free time?
  1. What would you like to put in a time capsule?
  1. What message would you like to give your future self?
  1. Do you know a dirty joke? Share it.
  1. Have you ever had something straight from the carton?
  1. Which was your first trip to a foreign place?
  1. How long will it take you to prepare for school?
  1. Have you ever tattled about your sibling and pretended to be innocent in front of them?
  1. Do you prefer to get up early in the morning or stay up late?
  1. Are you afraid of riding a roller coaster?
  1. What vehicle would you like to buy for yourself in the future: a car or a bike?
  1. Where do you like to spend time: at the beach or in the park?
  1. Did you find the lost money and keep it without telling anyone?
  1. What is your favorite topping on a pizza?
  1. If you could teleport, which all places would you like to visit?
  1. How do you spend your time when you are alone at home?
  1. What is your favorite game that you like to play with your friends?
  1. Which is your favorite cartoon?
  1. Have you ever skipped a meal without telling your parents?
  1. Have you ever missed a teacher after they stopped teaching your class?
  1. Have you ever overheard the phone conversations of your brothers and sisters?
  1. Did a bird ever poop on you?
  1. Do you like to read a book or watch a movie?
  1. Which dress do you hate to wear?
  1. In the battle between Superman and Batman, who do you want to win?
  1. Have you ever tried planting a tree?
  1. Do you want to change your name? If yes, then what would you call yourself?
  1. Which cartoon character do you think you look like?
  1. Do you want to learn to play a new musical instrument?
  1. Which dance style would you like to learn?
  1. What do you want to be: genius or the most beautiful?
  1. Do you have any secret collection?
  1. What do you prefer: hot dogs or hamburgers?
  1. Do you have bad habits that embarrass yourself?
  1. Have you ever lied about your age?
  1. Is there an urban legend that shocked you?
  1. What is the silliest thing you have ever said to someone?
  1. Have you ever cried while having your hair cut at the barber?
  1. What do you dislike eating the most?
  1. What is your favorite color?
  1. If you opened a restaurant, what cuisine would you serve?
  1. Which is your favorite storybook?

    Which is your favorite storybook?

    Image: IStock

  1. Narrate a funny incident that happened in school
  1. What will you name your future kids?
  1. What is the stupidest thing you have said to your crush?
  1. What is that one wish you would ask for your family?
  1. If you suddenly turn into your crush one day, what would you?

Dare Challenges

Dares for kids should be fun and challenging, but not overly difficult. Choose activities that are safe for children to perform without any risk of harm. Here are some easy and interesting dare challenges for kids.

  1. Walk quickly on a straight line drawn on the floor.
  1. Carry your sibling.
  1. Move from one end of the room to another with a plastic cup on your head.
protip_icon Do remember
The dare should be challenging and fun but not dangerous for the children.
  1. Open your mailbox and scream “Where is my mail” five times
  1. Make a face on the palm of your hand and talk to it for three minutes
  1. Enter text with your nose and send it to the first person in the contact list
  1. Stand on one leg for three minutes and say ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’.
  1. Dance on your favorite song without actually playing the song.
  1. Go outside and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ loudly.
  1. Sing a rap as fast as a rapper.
  1. Dance like a ballet dancer and go to the fridge and come back dancing like a hip-hop dancer.
  1. Sing a song in Spanish.
  1. Wear a pair of trousers on your head.
  1. Stuff your mouth with grapes and hold it for 10 minutes.
  1. Spell your full name backward.
  1. Do a couple dance with an imaginary partner.
  1. Fake the sound of any animal sound.
  1. Balance five plastic cups on your head, and take five deep breaths
  1. Close your eyes and talk to someone in the room for three minutes
  1. Speak without stopping a single second for the next three minutes.
  1. Go outside and howl like a wolf five times.
  1. Sit still without moving even slightly for the next five minutes.
  1. Sing a high pitch song like an opera singer.
  1. Try to moonwalk.
  1. Wear a piece of clothing of the opposite gender and do not take it off until the game ends.
  1. Try to talk with a mouth full of crackers but without dropping the crumbs out.
  1. Speak in a different accent.
  1. Wearing a blindfold, try to go to the main door and come back.
  1. Tuck the shirt in and put it in the ice cubes in the shirt.
  1. Do jumping jacks until someone says ‘stop.’
  1. Crawl like a wriggly worm.
  1. Become someone’s mirror and do everything they do until your next turn
  1. Dance to a foreign song you do not understand.
  1. Tell a funny joke.
  1. Talk to the wall and tell it about your favorite holiday destination.
  1. Pretend to cry like a baby.
  1. Slow dance to a rap song.
  1. Make funny faces for five minutes without laughing.
  1. Imitate someone in the room.
  1. Try to breakdance.
  1. Wrestle a pillow.
  1. Speak like a robot until your next turn.
  1. Pretend to be a bird and try to fly by jumping off the couch.
  1. Keep posing like a model for the next five minutes.
  1. Imitate your teacher at school.
  1. Hug the person you like most in the room.
  1. Do a cartwheel.
  1. Make everyone in the room smile.
  1. Say a tongue twister.
  1. Dance like a professional belly dancer.
  1. Make funny sounds.
  1. Try not to laugh when the others are trying to make you crack up.
  1. Enact your favorite scene from a movie.
  1. Talk like your favorite cartoon character.
  1. Call a friend and tell them randomly how much you like peanut butter
  1. Act like you driving a racing car.
  1. Try to juggle some apples or lemons.
  1. Draw a mustache on your face.
  1. Dance with a broom in your hand.
  1. Sing like your favorite singer during a live performance.
  1. Jump with a cup full of water and try not to spill it.
  1. Laugh differently and funnily.
  1. Stair at someone in the room for the next five minutes.
  1. Walk backward to the front door.
  1. .Talk holding your tongue between your fingers.
  1. Act like a monkey and scratch yourself in a funny manner.
  1. Go to the next-door neighbor and borrow a cup of water.
  1. Eat a bowl of popcorn without using your hands.
  1. Whatever you say for the rest of the evening has to rhyme.
  1. Take a funny selfie and use it as a profile picture until the end of the game.
  1. Repeat your favorite catchphrase loudly for five counts.
  1. Allow the other players to apply different shades of nail paint on your nails.
  1. Tell a funny short story.
  1. Keep telling jokes till someone in the group laughs loudly.
  1. Build a pyramid of plastic cups.
  1. Fold a piece of paper with one hand in one minute
  1. Walk with your shoelaces tied together.
  1. Hold a smile till the next person finishes their dare.
  1. Make a sad face till the next person finishes their dare.
  1. Laugh without reason for a minute.
  1. Say ‘over and out’ after every sentence.
  1. Take a soft toy, like a baby, and take care of it until the end of the game.
  1. Share the weirdest alien story you have heard.
  1. Ignore a person in the room for the rest of the evening.
  1. Eat a bowl of spinach.
  1. Try to sell a paper basket like a commercial model.
  1. Try to lick your elbow.
  1. Recite poetry holding a hairbrush in your hand like a mike.

    Recite poetry holding a hairbrush

    Image: IStock

  1. Try to act like your parents.
  1. Spin around yourself and try to jump a rope.
  1. Wear a towel as a cloak and rest throughout the night.
  1. Try to touch your nose with your tongue.
  1. Try to make a fish and cat face at the same time.
  1. Allow everyone to tickle you while you control your laughter.
  1. Do an army crawl from one end of the room to the other.
  1. Imitate a cat’s walk.
  1. Sing the title track of your favorite cartoon.
  1. Bark like a dog.
  1. Lick ice cube till it melts.
  1. Unwrap a candy with just your teeth.
  1. Act like your grandmother.
  1. You should wear socks on your hands throughout the night.
  1. Eat a piece of green chili.
  1. Write complete sentences with blindfolded eyes.
  1. Put on your parents’ clothes and act like them when they scold you.
  1. Eat two cookies at once.
  1. Speak in a singing tone till the game lasts.
  1. Behave like a little baby.
  1. Make the person to your right laugh by saying them a joke.
  1. Draw something holding the pencil with your toes.
  1. Burst five balloons with just your hands.
  1. Walk as if you are walking on a tight rope.
  1. Dance like a peacock.
  1. Mimic your sibling.
  1. Put on mother’s jewelry and rest throughout the night.
  1. Allow another player to change your hairdo.
  1. Make a pyramid of cards.
  1. Talk like a parrot.
  1. Balance the jelly on your tongue for one minute.
  1. Pretend to be swimming in a pool.
  1. Drink a glass full of plain milk without sugar.
  1. Skip the rope for a minute.
  1. Laugh each time someone finishes saying something.
  1. Mimic a news anchor reading the news.
  1. Start each of your sentences with “Meow.”
  1. Eat petals of a rose.
  1. Make the sound of a police or ambulance siren.
  1. Wear your shirt inside out.
  1. Make ten paper boats within a minute.
  1. Draw your family portrait.
  1. Pronounce the longest English word in the dictionary.
  1. Slither on the floor like a snake.
  1. Act as if shivering because of extreme cold.
  1. Stand on the sofa and sing your favorite song.
  1. Change your voice and talk to a friend on the phone.
  1. Put ice cubes on the back of your hand until it melts.
  1. Stand outside your house and scream, “I love Santa” loudly.
  1. Write a complete sentence with your non-dominant hand.
  1. Make up a foreign language and try to convey the message to anyone in the group.
  1. Act like a beauty guru on YouTube and give makeup tips.
  1. Call your parents, address them with their first name, and see their reaction.
  1. Move an imaginary hula-hoop for three minutes.
  1. Blow up ten balloons in a minute.
  1. Make a snack for everyone in the group.
  1. Allow someone to sit on your lap for five minutes.
  1. Sit on a pillow and act like you are riding a horse.
  1. Talk without touching your lips together.
  1. Call a pizza restaurant and ask them the difference between the two pizzas.
  1. Go on Facebook and type a status given by the group and leave it for the next three hours.
  1. Use any of the three edible foods as lotions and apply them to your hands and legs.

Dzovig Kassabian, a grade 10 teacher and author of Dzovig Kassabian’s Blog talks about his experience conducting an open class for his students by playing a game of Truth or Dare, He says, “When the sky was bluer than blue and the sun was shining at its brightest, we, grade 10 class, headed to the nearby park to enjoy the well-known game, Truth or Dare. Together, we had brainstormed and prepared some of the questions and commands on the game, then I continued to pile 16 by 16 cards with the help of my daughter. To see who is a daring teller, who a daring doer! It was so much fun playing a game that had the element of chance which kept them excited, and the chande to open up and share points of view, being more transparent to each other how. It was a great way to get to know each other better (i).”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age is appropriate for kids to play “Truth or Dare” games?

There is no specific age limit to playing ‘Truth or Dare’ games. If a child understands the game, they can play it provided the questions and dares are appropriate for their age group.

2. How can I ensure the questions and dares are appropriate for my child?

When playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with children, you have to ensure that the questions are not sexual or suggestive in any way. The questions have to be simple and relatable for children. The dares should not be risky or cause harm to their health or safety. Dares should be fun and easy to complete.

3. What should I do if my child doesn’t want to participate in the game?

If your child seems reluctant to play ‘Truth or Dare’ games, you can make them sit aside and observe the game. When they see how much fun the players are having, they might feel compelled to be a part of it. If not, then do not force them to participate in it.

4. What if a child gets upset or uncomfortable during the game?

If a question or dare makes a child uncomfortable, you should intervene and change it instantly. If it is too late to change, you can take the child aside and explain to them not to take the game too seriously.

5. Can ‘Truth or Dare’ games lead to bullying or teasing?

In ‘Truth or Dare’ games, there is a chance that questions asked could be too personal and dares given could be humiliating. If only children participate in the game, an adult must be present to ensure that it is played within limits so every child enjoys the game.

6. What if a dare involves physical activity that could result in accidents or injury?

As an adult, you should ensure that no player, especially children, is given a dare that could risk their health. If given, you need to change it to protect them from harm.

Truth or dare is a fun game that you can play with your children on game nights and have a gala time together. This list of truth or dare questions for kids might come in handy when you want to have lots of fun, have run out of questions, or cannot think about any fun dare to give them. But one should remember that the questions should not be too personal and not hurt anyone’s feelings, as that is not the game’s intent.

Infographic: Playing The Truth Or Dare Game Constructively

Truth or dare is a game with pretty basic and simple rules and can be made interesting by using your wit, imagination, and guts. Save this infographic where we explain the usefulness and precautions to be taken when children play this game.

truth or dare for kids (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

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