9 Ways To Turn A Breech Baby Naturally

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Pregnancy is a scary time in a woman’s life. Sure, it’s magical and can bring you great joy, but it’s also terrifying. Your body goes through changes — some temporary, some permanent. You also have to deal with a lot of aches and pains along with mood swings. But that’s not all. One of the biggest fears that a pregnant mom-to-be has is the safety of their baby. If your baby is in a breech position, the chances of a slight complication during delivery are high (.

In a breech position, the baby is in a feet first position in the uterus. This however is not the ideal position a baby should be in. Delivering a baby is better with the head coming out first. Fortunately, it’s possible to turn the babies into the recommended position. Sometimes it happens naturally and at times it can be done by some effort from your side. We are here to tell you what you can do to turn a breech baby naturally. Here are nine different ways that might help, but please do consult a medical professional to find out what works for you:

1. Hydrate


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Drink plenty of fluids! The solution to any problem seems to be to drink a lot of fluids, especially water. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you could also add some lemon or cucumber slices, and some mint leaves to your water to give it some flavor.

Drinking enough water will keep your inner organs in the right state and provide proper hydration and blood circulation. All this can help in the natural turning of the fetus to the ideal position inside the uterus.

2. Downward Dog

Downward Dog

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All you yoga buffs, you’re super familiar with the term downward dog, and yes, it might help you turn your breech baby naturally. In the downward dog facing position, you face down and then support yourself on your hands and legs and hold that position for a few minutes. This downward lying gives the belly and uterus area some extension which may help in the turning of the fetus in the earlier weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, try it for about ten minutes (or longer if you can) every day. There are other similar yoga poses which you can also give a try. But make sure you do them under the guidance of a trained professional as you wouldn’t want to risk your and your baby’s health by trying something too hard.

3. Ice Your Baby

Ice Your Baby

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Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like but instead of shoving ice down your throat, place a pack of frozen peas on your belly. The cold from the ice might encourage your growing baby to switch up their position. Remember that the turning might not happen instantly. If you’re icing your belly, try to do it in a regular manner for a few weeks. Also, before icing, try to locate the ideal area that will encourage your baby to turn inside your belly.

4. Sing To Your Crotch

Sing To Your Crotch

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No, we aren’t kidding! Since you can’t reach your crotch (thanks to your baby bump), have someone sing to the bottom of your belly. Make sure they have a sweet voice, or it could scare your baby away (literally!). You could also play some soothing music and place the speaker near your crotch area. The idea is that your baby will follow the sound and do a 180. This is almost similar to houseplants and flowers facing the source of light. As crazy as it might sound, it could also encourage your little ones to be musical virtuosos when they grow up.

5. The Death Metal

The Death Metal

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Now do the opposite! Play harsh music at the top of your belly, so your baby is forced to turn away from it. If you have someone in your family who won’t stop singing even if they have a terrible voice, this is their chance to shine. Make them sing close to the top of your belly. Maybe when your baby turns away because of their voice, they’ll get the message *wink wink*. So, it’s a win-win for all!

6. The Upside Down

The Upside Down

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We aren’t talking about the sci-fi series Stranger Things! But if you’re a fan of yoga and have been practicing it, you could try to do handstands. Take inspiration from Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli and just go for it. Make sure you have a trained professional guiding you through the process.

7. The Chill And Thrill

The Chill And Thrill

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Try a combination of two moves — icing your baby and singing to your crotch. It’s fun! Your baby might be thinking, “Oh! I hear daddy’s voice, and damn, my head’s getting cold”, making it want to turn.

8. The House Help

The House Help

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Being in the position on your knees and hands might help turn your baby so you could try to mop the floor while you’re on your fours. But there’s another fun way to do this. Throw some candies on the floor, and start crawling around to find all of them. You can eat them as you find them — you deserve the reward!

9. The Drunken Turtle

The Drunken Turtle

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We know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no! You still cannot drink! But all you need to do is lie on your back and elevate your hips with a pillow or cushion. Now, gently rock from side to side for about ten to fifteen minutes. You might see a difference in your baby’s position but ensure that you have cleared it with your doctor first.

Several other ways may help you turn a breech baby. But remember that your doctor should be aware of whatever you try and should have given you the green light. Do not do anything on your own just because you read something online. How did you turn your breech baby? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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