8 Step By Step Tutorial For Drawing An Octopus For Kids


Does your little Picasso like to paint or draw and are you looking for ways to encourage his habit? Is he fascinated by the mysterious sea-creature and are you looking for few helpful tips on how to help him draw one? If this sounds like your kid, you should consider reading our post below. Here, we look at some instructions for kids on how to draw an octopus.

Drawing is one activity that most of us love to do, no matter what age. It is a form of expression and communication at an age when the oral language has not been acquired.

Benefits Of Drawing:

Before we look at the instructions, let’s learn how drawing can help your little one:

  • Drawing helps in learning and communicating better. It helps your kid express what he feels, what his vision is, and what he wants out of life. It is a form of expressing emotions, feelings and thoughts.
  • You can use different tools like pencils, charcoals, and chalks. These tools help build your kid’s hand-eye coordination.
  • It helps the brain perform better and develops its capacity to perform.
  • It is also an activity that helps in promoting friendship and spending some good time with family. It helps calm you down and have fun, all at the same time.
  • It prepares kids for the future. Creative people are preferred in all walks of life and drawing enhances that creativity.
  • It opens up the imagination. Art is eternal and has been there since time immemorial.
  • Drawing also helps in building creativity, self-esteem and the sense of expression.
  • It extends your kids thinking across multiple patterns of intelligence.
  • It helps him hone his thinking skills.
  • Enhances multicultural understanding.
  • Enhances a variety of learning styles.

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What Is An Octopus?

An octopus is one of the weirdest looking marine animals ever. It has a dome, or globe-shaped head and eight arms with suckers, or tentacles. Octopi are found all over the world, in subtropical, tropical and temperate shallow water. Kids love octopi, as they are fascinating creatures. An adult octopus is 60-90 cm long and has eight limbs that protrude from the globe-shaped head. A recent study by experts, shows that two tentacles work like limbs and help the octopus to move, walk across the sea floor.

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Facts – Your Kids Should Know About Octopus:

Before you teach them how to draw an octopus step by step, you should make him learn some facts about the animal.

  1. It is a marine animal and is classified as a soft body animal or mollusk.
  1. It is said that an Octopus spends most of its life in hiding
  1. It has a well-developed brain and eight tentacles(limbs), with two rows of suckers each
  1. An Octopus grows up to 1 meter long
  1. The animal is one of the most intelligent invertebrates.
  1. Studies show that an Octopus learns easily, often from watching another octopus
  1. There are close to 300 Octopus species
  1. When caught, an octopus will release a cloud of black color ink to obscure or block the attacker’s view
  1. They are jet swimmers and can vanish in water
  1. An amazing mimic, the species is capable of changing body shape to match other animals.
  1. An Octopus has the tendency to lose an arm to escape a predator and regrow it later
  1. They are active predators and remember the environment and lifestyle. They are capable of complex behavior.

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How To Draw An Octopus – Step By Step Tutorial:

  1. You should divide the page into four halves. Begin by drawing a circle for the head and draw a horizontal and a vertical line inside the circle, touching both ends.
  1. For the eyes, draw two big ovals inside the face
  1. Erase the horizontal and vertical lines inside the circle; make sure that the eyes aren’t erased.
  1. Draw a mouth just below the eyes
  1. Now you need to erase the edge of the circle, just enough so that you can draw one of the eight tentacles.
  1. Now, it’s time to draw the rest of the arms, just go with the flow.
  1. Go ahead and give those eyes some shading, and color the octopus.
  1. You can also draw some water around it.

Octopus drawing for kids is thus easy to build creativity and expression in your little one.

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Step By Step Tutorial For Octopus Craft:

Kids always learn faster when they see pictures. Below is a quick and easy octopus craft that your kids can stick in his room. Craft is a good way of introducing your kid to tools, techniques, and materials. Drawing and craft can teach kids everything from alphabets to numbers to animals and their shapes. Craft helps expand textbook lessons and express concepts and ideas visually (1).

The octopus craft listed here is fantastic. With fun materials and simple instructions, it will capture your kid’s interest and teach him about this unusual creature. The activity will help hone his motor-development skills and hone his hand-eye co-ordination. Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Print an octopus template, cut it and trace it on a purple craft foam. Now cut the foam octopus
  1. Now use buttons to make googly eyes. And then stick red yarn to make it smile.
  1. The best way to help kids do this craft is squeezing some glue on the paper plate, now ask the kid to dip the bottom of each bead into the glue.
  1. Now, glue colorful pony beads on each limb of the octopus
  1. Now, the colorful purple octopus is ready.

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Apart from drawing, arts and crafts have known to be in favor of good academic pursuits. They help augment learning in other areas like science, math, social studies and sometimes language and music. To summarize, drawing is great for kids and parents should pay emphasis on the creative side of the kid. Do not expect them to be an expert; they would take the time to learn. You can stick or frame their work, and see how he progresses.

If you have any further information on how drawing helps kids or if you have any other versions of octopus drawings for kids, do share it with us. We would love to enhance this post. Fellow moms are always looking for some activities to keep the kids busy and interested. Tell us how your little one fared. Did he enjoy drawing the octopus or did he enjoy the craft activity? Share your story. Leave a comment below.

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