23-Month-Old Baby's Developmental Milestones And Growth

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The tiny baby you got from the hospital, wrapped in your arms, is almost two years old now. The baby’s 23rd month may be marked by different activities such as walking, running, imitating you, being a pro at throwing tantrums, and talking – seems unbelievable, isn’t it! You see them do all those things every day, and it might make you wonder about how a 23-month-old behaves. You may want to know if the sudden behavioral changes, increased awareness, and struggling with independence is normal and expected. Read on as we tell you all you can expect in the 23rd month of your toddler’s life.

23rd Month Old Baby Development

Check out here various changes that takes place during 23 months baby development:

1. Growth:

As your tot approaches his second birthday, they will look much less like a baby. They will be upright, active, mobile and all their baby fat melts away. The way they move around will also change. The back and forth gait of your baby will be a lot smoother, with a more coordinated stride. They may also climb on stools, counters and tables (1) (2).

2. Physical Development:

Your child can now feel very confident on their feet now. They no longer have to squat down. They will bend down to pick something up from the floor. They will also try to stand on their tiptoes.

While taking the stairs, your tot may need to hold your fingers. They will put both of their feet on the stairs while trying to climb. Getting back will be all the more difficult as they may descend backward on knees and hands. Make sure you watch them as they practice climbing the stairs. Do not leave anything lying on the floor as they could trip over it (1).

3. Play With Other Children:

At this time, your child would want to play with other children. They will imitate an older kid dribbling a basketball and may even run after the kids as they play. They will also invite you to whatever game they are playing (3).

4. Food:

You still have to persuade our baby to sit while they eat. You may need to use a high chair to make him sit properly while eating. Their tolerance for staying at one place will be short, so avoid making them wait for long periods before serving. Do not force him if they do not want to eat.

5. They Will Wake Up At Night:

It is common for kids to wake up in the middle of the night at this stage. If your child wakes up at night, assess what could be the reason. If they complain about the light coming through the window, put up a blackout blind. Also, teach them to settle themselves back to sleep (4).

6. Will Learn New Words:

At this age, your baby can follow two-step commands like “give me”, “sit down”. Their vocabulary will include words that will be able to say precisely. They can speak brief sentences like “Mom, I’m hungry”, or “juice is finished”. They can also answer straightforward questions like “What is your name? What is your daddy’s name?” (5).

7. Improved Memory:

For newborn babies, out of sight means out of mind, but during toddlerhood, the cognitive skills to remember things improve. Your baby will associate things they see in real life with the one he sees in the movie or book. At this stage, you must give your baby opportunities to engage in shapeless plays. Give them a set of blocks and ask them to build a tower (1).

Your baby is almost two years old as they reach the 23rd month. Their energy levels are soaring; they are undergoing rapid growth and development. They will learn to speak new words, and their appetite also changes. However, not all children grow at the same rate. Suppose your baby does not attain a milestone, as other children of their age, fret not, as they will, sooner. Nonetheless, if you feel your baby’s 23rd-month development is not satisfactory or you suspect any developmental delays, consult your pediatrician.


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