Baby's 23rd Month - A Guide To Development And Milestones

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Did you notice your child engaging in a lively conversation with his play phone, similar to how you talk on the phone? Or does he pick up his cup and ask you to take a sip of tea or coffee? Do you wonder why these changes occur? Do you wonder what your child should behave like when he is 23 months old? Well, if you said yes, then you should read our post.

The tiny thing that you brought home from the hospital is almost two now! Can you believe that? He is now walking, talking and even imitating you. He is also trying out more skills, struggling with independence and developing awareness.

23 Month Old Baby Development:

Check out here various changes that takes place during 23 months baby development:

1. Growth:

As your tot approaches his second birthday, he will look much less like a baby. He will be upright, active, mobile and all his baby fat melts away. The way he moves around will also change. The back and forth gait of your baby will be a lot smoother, with a more coordinated stride. He may also climb on stools, counters and tables.

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2. Physical Development:

Your child can now feel very confident on his feet now. He no longer has to squat down. He will bend down to pick something up from the floor. He will also try to stand on his tiptoes.

While taking the stairs, your tot may need to hold your fingers. He will put both of his feet on the stairs while trying to climb. Getting back will be all the more difficult. He may descend backward on his knees and hands. Make sure you watch him as he practices climbing the stairs. Do not leave anything lying on the floor as he could trip over it.

3. Play With Other Children:

At this time, your child would want to play with other children. He will imitate an older kid dribble a basketball and may even run after the kids as they play. He will also invite you to whatever game he is playing.

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4. Food:

You still have to persuade our baby to sit while they eat. You may need to use a high chair to make him sit properly while eating. His tolerance for staying at one place will be short, so avoid making him wait for long periods before serving. Do not force him if he does not want to eat.

5. He Will Wake Up At Night:

It is common for kids to wake up in the middle of the night at this stage. If your child wakes up at night, assess what could be the reason. If he complains about the light coming through the window, put up a blackout blind. Also, teach him to settle himself back to sleep.

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6. Will Learn New Words:

At this age, your baby can follow two-step commands like “come here”, “sit down”. His vocabulary will include words that will be able to say precisely. He can speak brief sentences like “Mom, I’m hungry”, or “juice is finished”. He can also answer straightforward questions like “What is your name? What is your daddy’s name?

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7. Improved Memory:

For newborn babies, out of sight means out of mind, but during toddlerhood, the cognitive skills to remember things improve. Your baby will associate things he sees in real life with the one he sees in the movie or book. At this stage, you must give your baby opportunities to engage in shapeless plays. Give him a set of blocks and ask him to build a tower.

Remember, children grow at different rates. If your baby does not reach the same stage, as other children his age, don’t worry, as will soon enough. If you still have concerns about our kid’s growth and development, then check with your pediatrician.

Hope you liked our post on 23 month old baby developmental milestones. What changes did you notice during 23 months old development? Tell us in the comment section below.

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