Top 15 Twilight-Inspired Baby Names

The movie and book franchise Twilight is known for its mysterious and romantic plotline and dwells in the world of fantasy. If you are a big fan of the series and love the characters, here are some Twilight-inspired baby names for your child. Apart from the main characters Bella, Edward, and Jacob, there are several other characters in Twilight known for their humility, strength, wisdom, and power. If you connected with any of their storylines personally, you might use their name for a special significance. Scroll down to explore the names from the movies that would suit your baby the most.

15 Best Twilight Baby Names

1. Edward:

Robert Pattinson became the heartthrob of millions of girls after his appearance as the vampire Edward in the Twilight series. Meaning ‘wealthy guardian’, Edward was quite a fitting name for the character who always hovers over Bella. This old-fashioned name has been steadily making a resurgence in popularity with traditional parents.

2. Bella:

Bella, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Bella is the name of the primary lead of the novel. She was a young, awkward and accident-prone girl who falls in love with a vampire and the craziness ensues. Bella was not even in the top 200-baby girl name list. But now, it is on the 58th spot, beating famous names like Maddox and Miley. Alternatively, you can go for Isabella (her given name), which means ‘beautiful.’ Isabella is still a favorite among the parents.

3. Cullen:

Cullen, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Cullen, the last name of Bella’s husband, means ‘handsome.’ In the series, the Cullens, which also include Alice, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle and Emmet form a coven or family, and stay in the woods, all by themselves. Thanks to the Twilight effect, Cullen jumped 300 spots in the baby name ranking and is currently on the list of top 500 names for the baby boys.

4. Esme:

Esme, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Meaning ‘beloved,’ Esme is a suitable moniker for Edward’s caring and charming adoptive mother. She also plays the role of the peacemaker in the group. Related to the French name Aimee, Esme was originally a male name exported from France to Scotland via the royal family. This distinctive, sophisticated and charming name has been gaining quite a steam these days.

5. Carlisle:

Carlisle, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Carlisle is the head of the Cullen family. He works as a doctor in the society and is well respected in the community. He created his small family by saving the lives of Esme, Rosalie, Emmet and Edward and turning them into vampires. When the first book of Twilight released, this name was nowhere in the US baby boy name list. But it is now starting to pop up in the charts.

6. Rosalie:

Rosalie, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Rosalie is another name that experienced a resurgence following the release of Twilight. It is the name of one of Edward’s adoptive sisters and it means ‘white rose.’ Rosalie had the hardest time accepting Bella as Edward’s girlfriend and the member of her family. Renowned for her beauty, Rosalie enjoys admiring herself in the mirror and fixing cars.

7. Jasper:

Jasper, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Jasper is the name of the newest member of the Cullen family and Edward’s adoptive brother. Initially, Jasper had problems adjusting to the Cullen’s non-human eating habits, but later, he becomes accustomed to it. Jasper has a unique ability to control the emotions of people around him but struggles to control his thirst for human blood around Bella. Meaning ‘spotted stone,’ the name Jasper is quickly popularizing itself. It was the 330th most popular name for baby boys in the United States.

8. Alice:

Alice, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Alice is the name of Bella’s future-seeing best friend and Edward’s adoptive sister. Sweet and strong, Alice means ‘noble’, and got a huge push up the names chart because of Alice Cullen. And, even we think it’s more feminine and dainty than most of the classic girls’ names.

9. Jacob:

Jacob, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Jacob has become a very popular name in the past few years, thanks to the handsome werewolf from the Twilight series. The character Jacob was a Native American and a member of the tribe living in the same areas as Belle. Stephanie Meyer did a good job in selecting Jacob (meaning to take off) to represent a body which turns into a wolf to kill the vampires.

10. Renesmee:

Renesmee, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Renesmee is the offspring of human Bella and vampire Edward. Bella combined both her grandmother’s name, Esme (Edward’s mother) and Renee (Bella’s mom) to come up with this unusual Renesmee. Renesmee has a unique ability to show people what she has seen. She can also let everyone read her mind.

11. Sam:

Sam, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Sam is the werewolf and the leader of the La Push Pack of wolves. He is not the rightful leader of the pack but had to assume the leadership for being the first human to have phased. Sam helps Jacob track Bella down in the woods where she stays after Edward leaves her.

12. Laurent:

Laurent, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Laurent is the name of the vampire who is not a part of the Cullen family. He gets into the good books of the Cullens by warning them of James’ tracking abilities. After spending some time with the Cullen, he returns to Forks and attempts to kill Bella, only to be finished off by the wolves. The French name Laurent may not be super popular in American countries, but is quite famous in Belgium.

13. Aro:

Aro, Twilight-inspired baby names

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If you want a short and straightforward Twilight inspired name for your son, go for Aro. Aro is the name of the vampire and the head of the Volturi or the Vampire royalty. Aro has the unique ability to see everything that a person thinks and see all their memories just by touching them.

14. Victoria:

Victoria, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Victoria is the vampire who seeks revenge on the Cullen family after her mate, James, is killed by Edward. She tried to kill Bella by creating an army of newborn vampires. Victoria also knows the safest place to escape. She is a beautiful girl, with flowing red hair and so, is her name.

15. Emmett:

Emmett, Twilight-inspired baby names

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Emmett is another vampire from the Cullen family. He may appear a bit intimidating, but in reality, Emmett is a softie. This sincere, honest, creative, and laid-back, name is on the rise as the male variant of Emma and Emily. After the release of Twilight, Emmett skyrocketed 200 spots.

Twilight has been a fan favorite for many years. The movie’s tales of romance between mythical creatures inspire many. With their divine appearance, vitality, and grace, the characters of these movies define friendship and power. What’s more interesting is that these characters have elegant names. If you are yourself a Twilight-geek and wish to celebrate the movie’s theme, this list of Twilight-inspired baby names could be helpful. So, go through this list carefully and revisit the mythical land to select which character you’d name your child after.


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