Twin Flame Separation: Causes, Signs And How To Deal With It

A twin flame relationship seems like a magical journey to spiritual awakening. But even such beautiful bonds between soulmates may experience highs and lows. Our post shares some reasons for twin flame separation and the right ways to deal with it. We understand how difficult it is to face challenges, but one partner sometimes becomes the runner, and the other has to be the chaser to make things right.

As the twin flames share a deeper connection, their distance sometimes becomes gut-wrenching. However, cooperation and trust can help them bloom as ever and enjoy a healthy and smooth relationship for a long time.

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7 Reasons For Twin Flame Separation

While twin flames, also called mirror souls, are connected for life, they can also be separated for a while. Here are a few reasons behind twin flame separation.

1. Absence of self-love

You can’t love others wholeheartedly without loving yourself unconditionally first. When you don’t love yourself enough, insecurity creeps in, and the healthy relationship can become co-dependent.

All your weaknesses are exposed in the powerful twin flame relationship, and a lack of self-love can be discovered quickly, causing conflicts. This may also lead to physical separation. It is crucial for you to develop self-love and respect to build a fulfilling twin flame relationship.

2. Need for healing

Sometimes, one or both the twin flame partners might be dealing with a past trauma such as abuse, heartbreak, health issue, a loved one’s demise, or some other catastrophe, or the problem might be in the relationship itself. Regardless, twin flames have to work on themselves and heal before being together, and the separation phase allows the healing process to commence.

3. Mental and spiritual weakness

Mental and spiritual maturity is vital to a twin flame union. You should manage your emotions and cope with difficult situations well. Twin flames are equals in every possible way, and there is no room for ego or immaturity. If one person tries to establish supremacy or feels threatened by the other person due to their massive ego, it can be detrimental to the relationship.

4. Reflection of flaws

Being in a twin flame relationship entails becoming the best version of yourself. Our twin flames mirror our soul, reflecting every part of us, even the features we do not like. The relationship forces you to confront your worst traits, fears, and insecurities. Some people may fail to take on the challenges of a twin flame relationship and end up bailing out.

5. Inadequate life experiences

A certain amount of experience is required before entering into a twin flame relationship, and learning a few essential lessons is crucial to surviving a twin flame relationship. Facing some highs and lows can teach you important life lessons. The lows can be suffering a few losses and getting heartbroken, while the highs can be meeting new people, dating, traveling to new places, facing your fears, or exploring new hobbies.

6. Timing

The final twin flame union happens at a specific time. Maybe you or your twin soul is not ready for a relationship yet, or perhaps the timing is incorrect. Sometimes, you have to complete a few other journeys, traveling on separate paths for a while, before the twin flame union. The separation could be a necessary step for the final union. So, keep improving yourself, and wait for the signs of a reunion.

7. Barriers

Distance can cause twin flame separation

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Sometimes, specific barriers can lead to a twin flame separation. These obstacles may involve physical distance, such as staying in different countries or continents, language barriers, background differences, diverse faiths, or socio-cultural demarcations. For instance, if twin flames do not speak the same language, it won’t be easy to interact with each other. To unite with your twin flame, it is crucial to triumph over these hurdles.

12 Twin Flame Separation Signs And Symptoms

Knowing the signs and symptoms of the challenging separation phase can help you prepare for it mentally if you are in a twin flame relationship.

1. Increased arguments

As with any relationship, even twin flames might argue occasionally. However, an escalation in these arguments may signal that you are entering the twin flame separation stage. A twin flame relationship can be challenging since you are forced to confront your worst fears and deal with every emotional baggage. While this helps you heal and move forward, it can also lead to intense conflicts between the twin souls. If one or both parties cannot handle the pain, they may make a run for it.

2. Absent communication

If one twin flame partner starts actively distancing from the other partner by cutting off contact, it is a vital sign indicating the advent of the separation stage. In this phase, “the runner” stops actively communicating with the twin soul. For example, they may block the person on social media, stop attending calls, avoid answering messages, or refuse to meet in person. While this may feel painful and frustrating for the twin soul on the receiving end, it is integral to the twin flame journey.

3. Dream connection

During the separation phase, twin flames may connect via dreams. They may have vivid dreams about each other, and if the partners are spiritually advanced, they may even communicate about their goals. You may feel your twin soul’s energy in the dream state and have a full-fledged conversation with them. However, every person may not remember these dreams well or may disregard them as fiction.

4. Twin flame separation blues

Twin flame separation feels gloomy

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Being away from your twin flame may cause separation blues. Sometimes, both the twin flames feel it, and only one feels it at other times. You may feel hurt as your mirror soul is away from you, and the feeling can be similar to that of a break-up. It is common to feel gloomy, alone, and lethargic, and a craving for your twin flame is also common.

5. Twin flame synchronicities

The universe conveys to the twin flames that they are on the right path using synchronicities. While these signs can be seen by twin flames during other stages too, they may ramp up during the twin flame separation stage. Thus, twin souls may see things connected to both of them time and again. These things may mean something to them but will not make sense to others.

For instance, twin souls may see a particular number, hear a song, read a statement, or see an image that has a special meaning for them. It is the universe’s way of showing support to the twin souls to persevere and continue their journey. Sometimes, they help steer the twin flames toward the right path when they go off track.

6. Telepathic bond

Being two parts of one soul, twin flames share a telepathic bond. While the connection may be weaker at the onset, it will become stronger as the twin souls move higher in their spiritual path. Twin souls may feel this telepathic connection even during the separation phase. At times, the connection may be involuntary, and they might think of each other out of the blue.

As they become spiritually advanced, twin souls can communicate with each other and have a conversation using their telepathic bond. Moreover, this telepathic bond can serve as a pull during the separation phase, making twin souls ache for a reunion.

7. Sensing the twin flame

During the separation phase, twin flames can sense their twin. Sometimes, while thinking about them, you may feel their energy around you even though they are not physically there. Some people may also feel their twin’s physical presence or their touch. While you might be sad that they are away, this feeling of them being there can be comforting. It will give you hope and assure you that this separation is not the end.

8. Awareness of their thoughts of you

Awareness of their thoughts

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Knowing that your twin soul is thinking about you is one of the symptoms of twin flame separation. Whenever your twin has you in their thoughts, you will feel it. In the beginning, you might brush it off, thinking it is just your silly hope. However, you may soon realize that they are thinking about you. If they had initiated the separation, they might be trying to avoid thinking of you, which in turn could lead them to believe more about you.

9. Getting over the rejection

If your twin flame is overwhelmed by the relationship, they may walk away from it and become the “runner.” While the bond is not broken, the rejection can be hard to handle. The need to manage and overcome this feeling of rejection is a symptom that you are entering the separation stage. While the rejection can be extremely distressing, it can help in spiritual growth and might be the beginning of your transformational journey.

10. Looking forward to the reunion

As the separation phase nears its end, twin souls may sense the impending reunion. One or both individuals become sensitive to the energy vibrations. While they may not know what they are feeling, they will feel a sense of anticipation, a change in the beats. As the moment draws near, the twin flames might start longing for each other.

11. Feeling more compassionate

As the conclusion phase of twin flame separation approaches, there might be an increased sense of compassion towards yourself and others. There may be a greater inclination to forgive and understand your mistakes and flaws and those of your twin flame. This can be a signal to engage in a future twin flame journey with increased compassion and understanding.

12. You’re filled with a sense of forgiveness and peace

Often, twin flames undergo a period of separation when either one or both individuals recognize the need for personal and spiritual growth. Forgiveness, both for oneself and the twin flame, can be a significant aspect of this healing. As individuals evolve spiritually during the separation, they may find themselves more inclined to forgive and cultivate inner peace.

protip_icon Did you know?
The signs of a twin flame reunion include encountering things that remind you of them, dreaming of being with your twin flame, experiencing a spiritual awakening, and uncontainable excitement.

How To Deal With Twin Flame Separation

There is no specific time limit for the separation period; it can go on for a long time. Here is how you can deal with this challenging period in your life.

1. Figure out the reason for the separation

While you might be emotional during the separation phase, it is crucial to understand why it occurred. Exploring what went wrong will allow you to change things around — if it is in your hands. You will learn a few lessons and can cope better instead of moping.

2. Become the better version of you

Focus on personal growth

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The separation phase is a period of personal growth, and it is the best time to focus on yourself and begin your spiritual transformation journey. Do away with all the negativities by connecting with your higher self, out your flaws, and working on them. In this stage, you can gain new learnings and apply them in your life to become a better version of yourself.

Furthermore, when you put your heart and soul into improving yourself, you will be able to take your mind off your suffering and not experience heartache. Working on yourself and advancing spiritually can pave the way for a twin flame reunion.

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Use your twin flame separation as an opportunity to grow as a person. Prioritize your well-being by starting a new workout regimen, practicing meditation and yoga, and indulging in activities that will rejuvenate you from inside.

3. Don’t attach your happiness to your twin flame

Some people may feel incomplete without their twin flame, especially in the separation phase. They might associate all their happiness with the presence of their twin. While twin souls play a significant role in your transformational journey, remind yourself that they are not an indispensable part of your happiness.

Happiness comes from within. It is crucial to be happy and content with yourself before you enter a fulfilling twin flame reunion.

4. Find a healthy outlet for your grief

A part of your soul has been ripped away from you, so it is natural to feel pain. Acknowledge the loss and take time to grieve. The best way to overcome the pain is to find a constructive outlet for your grief. Do things you love—travel to places you always wanted to go to, paint, or explore a new hobby.

Instead of pining for what you lost, you can put your energy into your future goals and work toward fulfilling them. Keeping a journal can help you sort out all your negative emotions and clear your head. Also, practicing yoga and meditation can help you get out of the funk. Reach out to your well-wishers or other people in a similar situation if it becomes too overwhelming.

5. Remember that the separation is meant to make you stronger

Being away from your twin soul can feel like the lowest point in life. You may feel hopeless and sad, worrying that you will not feel happy ever again. Remember that separation is meant to make you stronger during this bleak phase. It gives you and your twin time to heal any past emotional wounds. This problematic situation will help you evolve and grow as a person.

Marianne, author of the blog Light the Way Home, talks about her separation from her twin flame. Having been in several relationships, the one she had with Jed seemed different; it was truly a sacred connection. However, the unexplainable had happened. She shares, “Without warning, Jed cut me off cruelly and abruptly. I can honestly say it was the worst grief I have ever known – an inhumane kind of grief.”

She went through all stages of grief, even turning to God at one point in time. She further says, “Seven days later, a random article about twin flames appeared on my laptop screen. It talked about the runner stage, and suddenly a chink of light appeared in the darkness. It was the only thing that made any sense. It didn’t take away the pain, it didn’t stop the suffering, but it did give me an insight into a bigger picture of the universe (i).”

6. Use positive affirmations

The separation phase can challenge your self-confidence, and you may become cynical and hopeless. In such a scenario, positive affirmations can rebuild your confidence and fill you with positivity. They will help you keep any negative energy at bay. Use statements such as, “I am strong.” “I am adored and cherished.” “I am complete.” and “I have unconditional love for myself.”

7. Keep them close

Keeping your twin flame in your life in some form is a great way to close the gap between you two sooner. It will keep the hope of a reunion alive and help you deal with the separation better. Thinking about them is one way to do it. Due to the telepathic bond, twin flames are in tune with each other’s thoughts. So, whenever you think of them, your twin will most likely know it and think of you.

Also, keep the other lines of communication open between the two of you. For instance, avoid blocking their number or unfriending them on social media platforms. For instance, avoid blocking their number or unfriending them on social media platforms, which can make it easier for both of you when the union is on the cards.

8. Avoid the victim mentality

During the separation stage, you might lose yourself amidst the pain and sadness and forget the world around you. The victim mentality might take hold of you, making you feel responsible for your troubles. However, you need to understand that this is just a passing phase; your pain does not define you.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of hiding behind pain, use it to understand your insecurities and fear. Accept responsibility for your actions and keep moving forward.

9. Be grateful

Separation from your twin soul might feel like the end of the world. You might go into your shell, losing interest in everything around you. However, to deal with the separation successfully, you need to start living your life. Be grateful for the things you have and for the opportunity to meet your twin soul and attain a higher sense of self. Expressing gratitude can help you overcome the pain of the separation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens during a twin flame separation?

During the separation period, twin flames may choose to go their separate ways or discover ways to reconnect, depending on the type of relationship they had. Twin flame relationships could last weeks, months, years, or even lifetimes for some people. But when the separation phase sets in, twin flames go through a feeling of intense pain that can get unbearable as time progresses. They may sometimes connect in their dreams and communicate subconsciously, but it’s rare.

2. What does 111 mean for twin flames?

The angel number 111 represents a twin flame encounter or finding perfect true love inside a twin flame partnership. If the twin flames see 111 after their separation, it might signify new beginnings.

3. What are some common mistakes that twin flames make during a separation?

During a separation, twin flames may cling to the idea of the relationship instead of focusing on individual growth. They may engage in excessive chasing or running behaviors and resist the separation’s lessons. Also, they may neglect self-care and personal boundaries, hindering the twin flame journey, delaying the reunion, and deepening the emotional pain. However, it is vital to remember that each twin flame journey is unique, and while these mistakes can occur, they are not definitive or universal.

4. Can twin flames still communicate or connect during a separation, and if so, how?

Twin flames may engage in telepathic communication, exchanging thoughts and feelings energetically. Dreams, synchronicities, and signs can also serve as avenues for connection. Additionally, some twin flames may choose to communicate through written letters, emails, or other forms of digital communication. However, it’s important to note that each twin flame journey is unique, and the level and type of communication can vary depending on the individuals involved and their specific circumstances.

5. Why is twin flame separation so hard?

Twin flame separation could be challenging due to the deep emotional bond and intense love involved. In addition, the belief in the divine nature of the connection can amplify expectations and emotional turmoil. These factors may make twin flame separation a difficult and transformative experience.

6. Can twin flames forget each other?

Twin flames share a deep, lasting connection that transcends physical and temporal limitations. Hence, it is unlikely that they forget each other. However, they may temporarily lose awareness of their counterpart for different reasons, such as daily routines, responsibilities, and external pressures. Sometimes, twin flames forget because individuals need to focus on their healing and self-development before fully reconnecting with their twin flame.

Separating from your twin flame can be an emotionally tiring and challenging phase in one’s life. It is normal to isolate oneself and feel that you have lost a part of your own. But you should have patience throughout the healing process and give yourself time to process things. Instead of focusing on the negative side of things, you can use this time to focus on yourself and uplift yourself mentally and spiritually. You need not feel alone because you will meet each other again sooner or later if you are meant to be.

Infographic: Dealing With Twin Flame Separation

Separating from your twin flame can be an emotionally challenging experience. But it is important that you take care of yourself during this period and be hopeful for the future. Although it is easier said than done, we have prepared an infographic containing a list of tips that can help you during this phase. Read this infographic and make sure to save it for future reference.

ways to manage the twin flame separation phase (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Twin flame relationships have an inner soul connection, and one is said to be another’s mirror soul.
  • Lack of self-love is the primary reason for conflicts and separation in twin flame relationships.
  • Increased arguments, absent communications, and separation blues are signs of twin flame separation.
twin flame separation_illustration

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Feeling lost and confused after a twin flame separation? Can you aim for a reunion? Learn why twin flame separation happens and what you can do to heal during and after the separation.

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