"How Will He Balance A Sporting Career With Family?" Twitter Asks Virat Kohli Reminding Everyone That Parenting Is A 2-Person Job

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We live in the 21st century, and women have proved over and again that we are capable of multitasking and being successful while doing that. Whether it is Jacinda Arden, who runs a country with a baby in her arms, or Indra Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsico and a mother of two, women have gone above and beyond to shatter the stereotypical notion that working women cannot balance motherhood or vice versa. When it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, women are still asked such regressive questions, and it’s time that changes. To make people realize how misogynistic it sounds to ask a woman, “How will she manage motherhood and her career?” one Twitter user reversed the same question and questioned a dad-to-be. And the netizens had different reactions. Wondering who we are talking about? Read this article to know more.

The Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli, and one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses, Anushka Sharma, recently announced their pregnancy to the world in August 2020. The news took over the internet by storm, and fans were amazed and excited for the happy couple. To show the world how odd it is to ask a man these questions, a Twitter user asked Virat Kohli how he will manage fatherhood and his career. Here are the reactions:

You Know Something Is Not Right In Our Society When The Same Thing That’s Said To A Woman Is Odd When It’s Said To A Man

It’s Either-Or! You Cannot Pay Attention To Your Kid AND Have A Career!

What Does “Settled” Even Mean? UGH.

How Else Will He Be Able To Take Care Of His Child?

You Know Our Society Needs Help When Having A Career Becomes A Bad Example

All The Things We’ve Heard In The Name Of “Culture”

How Can He Do Whatever He Wants? He Has To Think About His Family And His Wife’s Wishes!

Most Twitter users got the sarcasm of the post and responded with wit to bring out the double standards and misogyny in our society. But some dimwits missed the point of the question and took it in the literal sense. Here are some of the tweets:

Good To Know You Can Read *shaking head*

Thank You For The Information, Kind Sir

And Then There Were Two

Are You New To Sarcasm?

Are You Sure That Will Be Good For The Baby?

Parenthood is a responsibility that has to be shared between two people. Except if you’re a single parent, of course! But when a couple has a baby, both the father and mother’s duty is to share equal responsibility for the child.

From changing dirty diapers to taking the night shift and teaching the kids to lend them an ear when they want to talk/share, both parents have to raise a child. However, society is still stuck with the regressive idea that it’s the woman’s primary responsibility. The truth is that every parent, be it a man or a woman, has to change their priorities once a baby comes into their lives. They won’t have the time for date nights, weekend getaways, and Saturday night outs with their friends after a baby is born.

Your lives will become filled with sleepless nights, regular trips to the pediatrician, and feeding schedules. It’s a significant change, no doubt, but it’s for both parents and not just the mother. Posing the same questions to a man that a woman faces every day seems bizarre, but the sad reality is that this unfair mindset has become normal in women’s lives. It’s time that changes! It’s time society stops defining gender roles and confining women into boxes. It’s time for an era of equal parenting! What are your thoughts on this matter? Comment below and let us know.

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