120+ ‘Two Truths And Lie’ Ideas And How To Play It

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Two truths and a lie is a highly engaging game that people of any age group can play. It is considered a unique but simple game to get to know your friends and makes for a great ice-breaker game. Besides, it does not require any setups to play.

The game is based on your imagination and helps test your ability to lie or catch your friend’s lie.

Telling a lie does not come naturally to most of us, but this devilish game encourages you to say white lies, leading to some funny and exciting moments.

Read this post to learn more about the rules of the game and find some unique lie ideas.

How to Play Two Truths And A Lie?

Any number of players can play this game; the larger the group, the better. Let us learn how to play this game.

  • Sit in a circle and introduce yourselves.
  • One player begins the game by telling two truths and a lie about themselves.
  • The rest of the players need to guess which statement is a lie. Once everyone has made their guess, reveal your answer.
  • Take turns and ensure each person gets a chance to tell two truths and a lie about themselves.
  • Make sure the statements do not make others uncomfortable.
  • These statements may be about simple things, such as childhood memories, experiences, hobbies, or any other topic. The lie can be unique or outrageous but say it convincingly so that it is difficult to guess.
  • To make the game more interesting, you can keep a scorecard too.

121 Two Truths And A Lie Ideas

Now that you know the rules, we have categorized different fun-filled two truths and a lie ideas that will gear you to play this awesome game.

Two Truths And A Lie Ideas About Childhood/Family

  1. My mother has a twin.
  1. I cut my sister’s hair
  1. I have 16 first cousins.
  1. I am adopted.
  1. My sister is ten years younger than me.
  1. I home-schooled my children for a few years.
  1. I have never broken my bones.
  1. As a child, I used to have a treehouse.
  1. I was voted the most handsome person when I was in school.
  1. When I was a child, I wanted to be a famous tennis player.
  1. I was stung by a jellyfish.
  1. I am left-handed like my father.
  1. We go on a vacation to Disneyland every year.
  1. I am related to a famous movie star.
  1. We moved houses frequently while growing up.
  1. When I was a child, I was in a commercial.
  1. I had two dogs and three cats while growing up.
  1. I share the same middle name with my mother.
  1. In reality, my sister is my half-sister.
  1. I have a fear of heights.
  1. I can’t play chess.
  1. I can’t swim.
  1. My dad is a cop.
  1. I am scared of clowns.
  1. I love reading comic books during my free time.

Two Truths And A Lie Ideas About Food

  1. I love blueberry pancakes.
  1. I am a vegan.
  1. I love mushroom and cheese toppings on my pizza.
  1. I won a pie-eating contest.
  1. I grow most of my veggies and fruits in my backyard.
  1. I love to eat seafood.
  1. I hate chocolates and chocolate flavor.
  1. I can’t start my day without my morning coffee.
  1. I am allergic to peanuts.
  1. I am a caffeinator.
  1. I take my tea without sugar.
  1. I love any deep-fried food.
  1. I like having my cereal without milk.
  1. Jell-O makes me puke.
  1. I eat only gluten-free stuff.
  1. My favorite fast-food chain is McDonald’s.
  1. I hate broccoli.
  1. I love French cuisine.
  1. I can’t handle spicy food.
  1. I can eat four cheeseburgers in a go.
  1. My favorite drink is coke.
  1. I don’t like anything sweet.
  1. My favorite ice cream flavor is butterscotch.
  1. I make the best cookies.
  1. I avoid eating carbs.

Two Truths And A Lie Ideas About Your Skills

  1. I am a trained pianist.
  1.  I learned to play guitar in my childhood.
  1. I have a collection of puppets, and I do puppet shows.
  1. I am a ventriloquist.
  1. I can hold my breath for five minutes underwater.
  1. I am a trained scuba diver.
  1. I am a marathon runner.
  1. I write poetry.
  1. I am a trained ballet dancer.
  1. I am a stand-up comedian.
  1. I once recorded a hit song.
  1. I wrote, acted, and directed a play.
  1. I have a pilot’s license.
  1. I got a perfect GPA score.
  1. I don’t have my driving license.
  1. I won the first prize in an art contest.
  1. I can juggle five balls at once.
  1. I have taken salsa dancing classes.
  1. I can change a car tire in five minutes.
  1. I won a chess tournament twice in a row.
  1. I know how to knit a sweater.
  1. I can mimic various cartoon characters.
  1. I can fit more than 20 marshmallows in my mouth at once.
  1. I love bungee jumping.
  1. I have read 412 books to date.

Two Truths And A Lie Ideas About Achievements

  1. I am the first person in my family to go to college.
  1. I graduated at the top of my class in college.
  1. I can speak four languages fluently.
  1. I got admission to one of the top colleges of my choice.
  1. I was given a full-time scholarship throughout my college.
  1. Two of my videos went viral.
  1. I have double promoted a grade in middle school.
  1. I own a beach house.
  1. I won a lottery of two million.
  1. I was a college dropout but went back after a few years to finish it.
  1. I have been selected in all the interviews I appeared for.
  1. I was my school’s spelling bee champion for two years in a row.
  1. I have worked hard to pay for my education.
  1. I have more than one degree.
  1. I was my school’s
  1. I fostered many stray animals.
  1. I won my college beauty pageant.
  1. I can communicate through sign language.
  1. I used to do improv.
  1. I wrote a comedy play that went on to become a superhit.
  1. I am a dancing professional.
  1. I can read and write French.
  1. I hold a record in javelin throw.
  1. I hold a record for stamp collection.
  1. I am a multitasker.

Funny Two Truths And A Lie Ideas

  1. I am colorblind.
  1. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
  1. I have swum with dolphins.
  1. I am superstitious.
  1. I learned three languages, but I can’t speak any of them.
  1. I have a pet lizard.
  1. I take a bubble bath every day.
  1. I cuddle with my stuffed teddy while going to bed.
  1. I use fancy fake names at restaurants.
  1. I tried to dye my hair, but it came out in a weird color.
  1. I hate Selena so much that it hurts.
  1. I am terrified of birds.
  1. I won a prize for the funniest video.
  1. I screamed while getting waxed for the first time.
  1. I am terrified of snails.
  1. I think snakes are the cutest reptiles.
  1. I sleepwalk.
  1. Going on a roller coaster makes me puke.
  1. I used to scream out of fear in the elevators.
  1. I gatecrashed a wedding.
  1. I topped the burping contest once.

Now that you know how to play the entertaining game of two truths and a lie, and with some tricks up your sleeve, try to outwit your buddies and enjoy playing it. We hope these ideas give you enough inspiration to come up with unique white lies.