15+ Types Of Friends You Need To Have Throughout Your Life

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Life is beautiful when you have wonderful friends by your side. Having unique types of friends could boost your fun and happiness.

Friendship makes your life cheerful and meaningful. Some friends always stand by your side in difficult times, while others fill your gloomy days with happy moments. Often friends play the role of a guide, and some are also involved with you in making mischief.

A bosom buddy group is incomplete without a bunch of different characters.

This post lists the types of friends you must have to add memorable and delightful moments to your life.

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15+ Types Of Friends You Need To Have In Life

If you have a few of these buddies, you can keep all the worries out of your life.

1. A loyal friend

Befriend a loyal person who has your back

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A loyal companion is rare to find, but you will not be alone once you have them. They are honest and straightforward and provide you unconditional friendship. They may disagree with your opinions but will make sure you know the truth. You can always depend on them to see your side of the argument.

2. An adventurer

An adventurous buddy is like a fighter. Such friends can help you tackle any extreme situation. They are brave and passionate about exploring the world. Being with such a companero can show you a different perspective of the world. They get an adrenaline spike just talking about life threatening activities like para gliding, parachuting,etc. Hence, they are worth having by your side.

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Friends can also serve as a distraction when you feel low.

3. An honest friend

Honesty could be harsh at times, but it gives you clarity. Honest friends are straightforward, they don’t believe in embellishing the facts and will tell you straight up what you need to hear, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it is. They are usually brutally honest because your well being is a priority for them and not your approval . One of the best aspects of having a genuinely honest pal is, they will teach you how to take a stand for yourself during challenging situations.

4. A foodie friend

Foodie friends who love to eat together

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Foodie friends can make your life joyful. Conversations with them range around food, its preparation, the best places to eat, world cuisine etc. Even if there is a hole in the corner joint in any city specializing in a particular dish, they will know about it. You may often find them carrying food and taking you out to experiment and relish every food corner of the city. Some may even like cooking, and they could invite you for the best feasts.

5. A mentor friend

A mentor friend
Often, you need a mentor to guide you in the right direction. The mentor can be anyone—one of your colleagues, neighbors, or relatives. But, you will be lucky if you get a mentor in your chum. They urge you to expand your horizons and introduce you to new opportunities, ideas, perspectives, people and culturest. They listen to you and give you the best advice. A true ally helps you think positively and keeps inspiring you to do great things. Such friends open your minds and challenge you to think out of the box. They guide and counsel you and keep you on the right track.

6. A funny friend

Have friends who make you laugh

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Every person would like to have a soulmate who can lighten your mood in seconds. Their personality is infectious, and they can make you laugh for no reason. They crack you up with their bad jokes as well as hilarious ones. They have a good sense of humor and can help you deal with any situation.

Diverse friendships can provide a deeper understanding of oneself and also of others. Having a diverse group of friends can make one more accepting of multi-cultures and empathetic. A survey showed that some teens had close friends of different gender, race, or ethnicity. As the graph below depicts, around 60% of U.S. teens reported having a bestie of another race or gender.

Different types of close friends of US Teens

Source: Teens, friendships and online groups; Pew Research Center

7. A good listener

A person who listens carefully can nurture any relationship and we all need a person who will lend us a patient ear when our soul is weary and life seems hard. You can always bank on them to be there for you and hold space for you in case you wish to let off some steam. A good listener always focuses on the person who is speaking. Having such a confidant in life will encourage you to open up with all your thoughts. You will feel respected when you connect with such a reliable friend.

8. A loud friend

It is said that action speaks louder than words, and if you have a loud amigo, none can speak louder than them. They are just oblivious of the term- volume control! They are too loud to be controlled at times, but they would never shy away from supporting you when you are alone. So, be glad if you have them, as they are no less than gems.

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Friends promote healthy behaviors, combat depression, and provide joy and fulfillment.

9. A father-figure friend

These friends are the responsible ones and every group should have one to rein in the antics of the more energetic people in the group. They get things done and make sure everything goes smoothly whenever you meet – alone or in a group. They are super knowledgeable about most things. You can share a strong bond with a mate who cares for you and protects you at every step. They act as a shield for you and are truthful. You can easily rely on them for the right advice.

10. A work friend

A friend who makes work fun

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With people spending more and more of their waking hours at work, having a crony at your workplace can keep all your pressure at bay. Whenever you are stressed with the workload or any project, a chit-chat with them over a cup of coffee can keep you calm. Your office hours can become an enjoyable part of the day with such a colleague by your side.

11. A friend from a different culture

When you have an associate from a different cultural background, you get the opportunity to explore and understand the customs, traditions, and values of another place. You may get to learn new languages and may even have the chance to taste a wide range of dishes. So, enjoy the cross cultural diversity and get new ideas from them.

12. A tedious friend

There is always a tedious comrade in every group. Such a friend is usually good at heart and carries pure intentions. They do not complain but teach you to handle situations patiently. You can call them whenever you need them for moral support.

13. A social friend

Social birds in a friends’ circle are always active. They are talkative, extroverted, and charming. They like to meet new people and make friends. They serve as a natural medicine and keep sharing the love and pain of the group. Having such compadre will make you happier and fill your life with memorable moments.

14. A lazy friend

They might be perceived as lazy, but they are comfortable with their idleness and love to relax. Such confidants are comfy with the mess around them and are often considered late-comers. You have to push them to complete their tasks on time. But you may not know that they are creative people, and you should appreciate having such lovely people in your group.

15. A childhood friend

Childhood friends

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Old friends witness our growth in life. The comfort level we enjoy with them cannot be duplicated with any other partner, sometimes not even a sibling. They have seen you at your worst and your best and are still around. Their presence is like sunshine on a cold winter day, cozy and comfortable like an old sweater. Though they may be far from you, they would be there for you through thick and thin and run through walls for you. Whenever you need them, your childhood playmate will always be there for you. So, do not forget to stay connected with such good ol’ friends as they are precious.

16. Frenemies

While the term ‘frenemies’ typically implies a relationship combining elements of friendship and rivalry, having frenemies can serve as a source of healthy competition, motivating you to strive for personal and professional success. Frenemies can help you discern who your true friends are by contrasting genuine relationships with more superficial ones and providing a more realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, dealing with frenemies can build emotional resilience and teach you how to navigate complex social dynamics.

17. Acquaintances

Although acquaintances are not friends, time might make the relationship look like friends. Acquaintances come from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Interacting with them exposes you to diverse perspectives and cultural diversity, helping you broaden your understanding of the world. While close friends are essential, having a broader network of acquaintances provides a more extensive social ecosystem. According to research, people who talk to acquaintances tend to be happier than people who have fewer acquaintances (1).

What Are The Benefits Of Friendship?

Studies show that people with close friends have better mental health than those without friends. They are satisfied with their lives and are less likely to suffer from depression. Apart from mental health benefits, there are physical benefits too. People with friendships are less likely to have heart disease and other chronic diseases (2). Friendships lend you a sense of support that can improve mental well-being. Friends are even a source of motivation and identity.

Human beings are social and need connections between each other to have a fulfilling life. Friendship allows you to share your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay not to have friends?

Although it is a good thing to have genuine friends, it is okay not to have one too. If you feel happy and content on your own, then it is okay to spend your life this way. Some people do not prefer friends because they love solitude, fear disappointment, or are too busy. Many people trust family members more than friends. In such circumstances, they might not feel the need to have friends.

2. Who are toxic friends?

Toxic friends make you feel lonely, stressed, and guilty. They diminish your self-esteem, blame you for their mistakes, and make you suffer in friendship. Being with a toxic friend may hamper your happiness and well-being. As a parent, you can make your child understand the signs of a toxic friend so they don’t build friendships with them. According to Dr. Sarah Lyall-Neal, a mother and writer, ”Toxic people unfortunately don’t come with a warning label. My 7-year-old self didn’t recognize the blaring red flags indicating toxicity. My friend could be a lot of fun. We loved playing Barbies, even when we were old enough we felt the need to hide it. We also made up all kinds of adventures to go on at each other’s houses. In the meantime, she was tearing down my self-esteem every chance she got. At school, she talked about me behind my back and spread rumors that I would only find out about later (i).”

3. How can I recognize a fake friend?

The characteristics of a fake friend are:

  • They do not support you in your time of need.
  • They envy your success.
  • They leave you feeling tired and drained out.
  • They don’t talk well about you.
  • They always want to gain something from you.

Friends are unique gems. You meet several people in your life–some leave with time, while some remain with you, some irritate you, some inspire and some make you laugh. Each one has something unique to offer, each one makes life interesting. True friends occupy a special corner in your heart.Irrespective of the type of amiga you have, feel fortunate and keep showering love on them.

Infographic: Types Of Friends That Everyone Should Have In Their Life

Different kinds of friends enrich our lives with their viewpoints, experiences, and support. And, if you’re lucky enough, you may have all these qualities in one true best friend. So, scroll through the infographic below to know the various types of friends one should have in their life.

different types of friends you need in your life (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • We all need at least one friend who’s truly honest and loyal and someone who actually listens to us.
  • We also need someone who’s always there to make us laugh and try new adventures, right from food to travel.
  • Having a friend at work who can also be like a mentor or a guide to give a broader perspective of our field is also important.

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