Types Of Parents We’ve All Come Across

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Parenthood has no set manual or defining rules, and often parents just do it all instinctively. As such, similar to their unique individuality, even the parenting styles can vary widely. Every household will have some similarities in what they learn from their parents but the differences would be much more than that. Parenting style in a particular house will be formed by the beliefs and personality of the parents or the guardians. In case of differing opinions, often an amalgamation of styles would form. Whatever be the parenting style, one thing most parents would agree on is, it is a challenging task, to say the least. Parents have to juggle their personal lives, career, daily chores in addition to raising a kid, and all these are easier said than done.

But don’t worry; we aren’t trying to make you feel bad. We understand every parent’s plight because you are not alone in your parenting journey. However, the best thing to do is to wing it, accept that parenting has a learning curve, and perhaps understand that you’re human, so you will make many mistakes along the way. Most parents draw their parenting styles from watching other parents they’ve come across or following their parents. So today, we decided to list out some parents that you would have definitely encountered in your life. Keep reading to find out which one you are:


1. The Big Kiddo

No, we aren’t talking about your kids. We are referring to the parent who is more of a kid than their own kid. If you are this type of parent, you probably are your kids’ friends rather than their parents. You share a great bond with them and don’t take things too seriously (at least most of the time). You probably enjoy the company of kids rather than adults, and you don’t fail to put a smile on everyone’s face.

2. The Super Parent

Super parents can do it all! They seem to have extra time during the day, and other parents are probably jealous of them (admit it, you are). They make parenting look super easy, and you cannot help but wonder how they do it. They have a full-time job, make time to work out, cook nutritious meals, keep their house neat and tidy, spend quality time with family and friends, and even have an active romantic life. They also take part in extra school activities and are probably on the PTA board. Seriously, tell us your secret, super parents!

3. The Newspaper Parent

If you’re a newspaper parent, you’re constantly sharing information about your children all over social media. You regularly update your status on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, bragging about your kids’ achievements. That’s your conversation starter and probably your whole personality. We get it, you are proud of your kids, and you want to show them off! Other parents probably think that it’s a tad bit annoying, but hey, you don’t have to worry about that. They would probably do it too if their kids were winning things! Don’t let the world stop you from enjoying those little moments!

4. The Hawks

Every parent wants to do the best for their kids, but some parents take that up a notch. If you hover over your kids every step of the way to make sure they are doing the best they possibly can, you fit into this category. You watch over your kids like a hawk and expect them to be the best at everything they do. You also do everything in your power to help them become the best because that’s how you were raised too. You might be a little bit on the strict side, and discipline means a lot to you. However, no matter what, you never give up on your kids and believe in them always! You are your kids’ biggest cheerleaders!

5. The Hot Mess

These parents probably have the most fun. Their lives haven’t changed much since they’ve had kids. They continue to have a social life and spend lots of time with their friends and kids having fun. If you visit their house, it’s usually a mess because they are out there having fun instead of doing chores. You’ll find that these parents go camping, trekking, visit amusement parks and host several parties often. They live life to the fullest and seem like they are always on cloud nine.

6. The Cool Cats

Every parent wants to be a cool cat, and they try to, but if you truly are a cool cat, you don’t even have to try. These parents are the ones that kids love to be around. Children show them off to their friends and love spending time with these parents. They are supportive, nurturing and do not judge their kids or their friends’ kids. The best part about these parents is that they pay no heed to what others say about their free-spirited parenting style.

7. The Clever Guide

Types Of Parents We’ve All Come Across

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Probably the most tactful among all the parents, this one knows how to guide their kids into doing things without even realizing it. At times, these parents can be a little manipulative too. However, if they use their skill for the good then it’s probably a very effective style. Parents who are the silent and clever “guides”, don’t force their children to do a certain thing, which they know the child won’t do anyway. Instead, they employ tactics like piquing their interest in the activity through some distraction. Say, the parents want to teach their kids computer lessons. Instead of forcing the kids to sit and study, they would probably find some entertaining learning game that also does the same thing. The kid will have their fun while still doing what the parents wanted in the first place.

Parenting comes with no hard and fast rules. You learn on the go and adapt according to your children and their needs. As long as you’re doing the best you can, your kids are in safe hands. Which of the parents mentioned above did you relate to the most? Comment below and let us know! Also, share this with fellow parents and have a fun discussion on which one you most resemble!

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