15 Unbelievable Things The Experts Don't Tell You About Childbirth (You Won't Believe #10)

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We live in a world where information on just about everything is accessible online. Sadly, however, there are few things in life people don’t choose to share, especially when it comes to giving birth. But don’t worry, there are very good reasons as to why you are kept in the dark; doctors, midwives, and even mothers try not to freak out mothers-to-be. Here are unbelievable things the experts don’t tell you about childbirth, starting at number 15:

15. Wait For It:

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If you think the hardest part is over, think again. Taking care of your baby and bringing them up is the REAL challenge :)

14. Women Power:

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After giving birth, women truly understand how strong and capable they really are. Bravo!

13. Blood For Days:

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After giving birth, you will bleed quite a bit for upto 4 to 6 weeks. Again, this is normal.

12. The New Normal:

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Your lady parts are going to change, but it does somewhat go back to normal. However, it will be a new normal; so don’t be surprised when you take a peak!

11. “Natural” Birth:

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If natural childbirth is your choice, make sure everyone involved knows what you mean because “natural birth” can have a different meaning for different people.

10. Don’t Panic:

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During labour and delivery, the umbilical cord can get stretched or compressed, which can lead to your baby’s heart rate to drop briefly. This is common, but scary, so be prepared.

9. Prepare For A Catheter:

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When you have a C-section, your doctorputs a catheter in your bladder to keep it empty for surgery. Also, it’s handy post surgery because you will be in too much pain to go to the toilet.

8. You May Swell:

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Swelling when it comes to your ankles and face is common because of water retention. Once the fluids leave you system, you’ll be as good as new!

7. Breastfeeding Woes:

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Many women find breastfeeding painful, but that’s okay, because you and your baby are both learning and adjusting. If you do experience pain, at least you’re now prepared.

6. Expect Exhaustion:

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During pregnancy, especially the last few weeks, you will get very little sleep. Then, during actual labour you may not sleep at all, and finally, you will barely get any rest while taking care of your newborn.

5. No Pain, No Gain:

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Sometimes you need an epidural because let’s be honest, who can endure so much pain? We apologise for being the bearers of bad news, but there are times when the anaesthesia doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because of various medical reasons, or simply your body doesn’t accept it.

4. When Nature Calls:

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While you’re pushing during delivery, sometimes your doctor may say, “Push as if you’re pooping!” Little do you know that the doctor is telling you the half-truth, because there’s a large probability of you actually pooping. Right then and there. Don’t get grossed out or worry, because this is extremely normal, and no one will care! We promise.

3. Define Modesty?

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If you’re conscious, or even if you’re shy and modest then these thoughts will go straight out the window. While giving birth, you most probably will see a couple of nurses, medical residents, assistants, and of course, the doctor. Point is – a good number of people will look between you legs! Luckily, you won’t be in the mindset to even notice.

2. Just Keep Pushing, Pushing, Pushing:

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Going back to movie portrayals, what they don’t show is the actual amount of time you will have to push – the husband and nurses encourage the almost-mommy to “push, push!” and voila – there is the baby! Unfortunately, you have to push a lot more and for possibly a long time. So, be prepared that you may have to push for hours, and don’t worry, it’s completely normal!

1. Food Is Bad For You?!

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While you’re in labour, you’re not allowed to eat anything. The most you can do is have clear liquids or ice chips (movies accurately portray this).This is more for women who have a C-section, willingly or unwillingly. During C-section, you are under anaesthesia, which means there is a possibility of food getting stuck in your airways. However, when you’re concentrating on giving birth to a tiny human being, hunger may just be the last thing you think about.

If you’re a mommy-to-be, we hope you feel more prepared after reading this!

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