10 Uncommon Girl Names That'll Make You Say "Wow!"

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Naming a baby can be quite a task, especially if you are seeking a name that’s rare and unheard of. It’s common to have a hard time deciding on a moniker with a major wow factor. You aren’t alone in this journey though, most parents want to ensure that their child has a beautiful name that is one-of-a-kind. With so many parents choosing unusual names for their little girls, many of these have now become famous.

To help moms decide on a unique moniker, we made a collection of brand new baby girl names that are genuinely inspirational. From classic to modern names, moms here will find monikers that they’ve seldom heard of. So, read on to be seriously floored by ten cute baby girl names that are sure to make your jaw drop.

1. Bay


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It’s common to address your lover as Bae, but this variant also happens to be a lovely name choice for your baby girl. It’s a great way to call someone you hold so close to your heart! Bay in English means “sea inlet”, but it can also be referenced to the bay leaf, an aromatic kitchen ingredient. For those who love food and are nature lovers, it’s a perfect name pick for your daughter. Quite rare and sweet!

2. Decimus


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Ancient baby name choices are gaining popularity these days, especially with all the rage aroundThe Hunger Games. A Roman numeral-inspired name, Decimus, was earlier used to name parents’ tenth child. Even though parents no longer opt for so many children, Decimus will also stand out as a rare baby girl name for the one born on the tenth of a certain month. Go for this; it’ll make for a unique choice for your little one!

3. Dariela


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A baby girl name with French roots, Dariela is a feminine version of Darrell. This name means “dear one” or “the beloved”. It’s a great alternative to Isabella or Gabriella, and as the statistics suggest, in 2012, only fifteen baby girls across the United States had Darriela as their first name. With this fantastic girl name, people won’t confuse yours with other babies, that’s a guarantee!

4. Birdie


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Birdie is a nature-inspired name that is unconventional and has a vintage ring. Derived from English, however, it predominantly has Scandinavian roots. Only recently has this name garnered so much attention, despite it being quite a common moniker back in the day! An adorable baby girl name, it’s bound to bring a smile on any face. The name Birdie was also popularized by an Ann Margaret film in the60s called “Bye Bye Birdie”.

5. Lux


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This moniker speaks for itself, and it’s a feminine baby name with a fancy appeal. Lux is sophisticated and sure to be an uncommon baby name for your adorable daughter. Original and distinctive, Lux is such a pleaser; you’ll have found very few out-of-the-box name choices like this. This moniker will stun your friends and family as there is little possibility of finding a duplicate of your baby in the crowd, let alone her classroom (haha!).

6. Snow


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Snow is such a pretty name choice for your little girl; it’s sure to make anyone say “wow”! Nature-themed and a reminder of the chilly holiday season, Snow is thoroughly lovable and that’s unlike any other moniker. One that’s seldom heard of; Snow is an excellent pick of your bundle of joy.

7. Patience


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Well, this cute little moniker is laden with so much virtue, it’ll give your baby girl a whole lot of inspiration for life. Patience is a feminine name of Latin origin. It’s a virtue name but a bit different from the regular ones like Hope, Faith, or Charity. Though used to name characters in famous plays and movies, this name has recently attracted some hype.

8. Avalyn


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A feminine name that’s a variation of Ava, Avalyn means “desired” or “water”. Avalyn is a unique combination of two famous names, Ava and Evelyn, a fast-rising name that’s yet to become ordinary. A lovely girl-name, Avalyn has such a mesmerizing ring to it; it’s a fine choice for a baby girl that’s pretty and as good as a valuable accessory to carry lifelong.

9. Eloise


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While there are many options for baby girl names, this one has undoubtedly found its way on our list of most favorites. A name with French roots, Eloise means “intelligent” or “smart”. A chic moniker, it was chosen as a character name in classics like Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Lost, and Love Happens. Built with a deep meaning, isn’t this an unusual moniker to bless your daughter with?

10. Renata


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A mystical baby name choice, Renata means “reborn”. Latin in origin, Renata also has Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese variants. Renata is a pretty terrific name choice with Biblical references. And you could use this either as a first or middle name. If you hold strong Catholic values, this could easily find a spot in your top five name choices for your girl. It’s also laden with a profound meaning, the perfect moniker your baby girl will proudly flaunt.

Baby names are all over the place, but it’s rare to find one that touches your heart and makes you go “aww”! This list is undoubtedly not exhaustive but is bound to help you find an original, rare name for your precious daughter. Which one of these uncommon baby girl names inspired you? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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