Is It Safe To Undergo Dental Treatment While Breastfeeding?

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Are you a new mom suffering from a severe toothache? Has your dentist advised you to undergo a root canal treatment? Are you worried whether is dental work while breastfeeding safe or not? If you can relate to the above situations, fret no more! To resolve all your queries and doubts, consider reading the following post carefully!

Is It Safe To Undergo Dental Treatment While Breastfeeding?

As a lactating mother, you may be apprehensive about taking medications fearing that they might affect your baby’s growth negatively. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor and inform him about the fact that you are a breastfeeding mom so that he can advise you an appropriate treatment.

If you are suffering from extreme tooth pain or decay, it is likely that your dentist will advise you dental works (fillings or root canals). He may also prescribe certain painkillers and antibiotics that can help reduce the symptoms of tooth or gum infection. It is safe to continue breastfeeding while undergoing most dental treatments. However, your dentist may advise you to suspend nursing temporarily while taking these medications as a precaution to rule out any side effects.

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Different Dental Treatments Considered Safe While Breastfeeding:

1. Dental Procedures:

Dentists use numbing agents such as lidocaine as a local anesthetic during a dental procedure. The numbing drug does not take a toll on the quantity or quality of your breast milk. Your dentist may employ different types of anesthetic procedures if you are undergoing treatment while nursing your baby. Even if you have to undergo a dental procedure for tooth removal, you do not have to stop breastfeeding at all. You can safely nurse your baby, as soon as you recover from anesthesia and surgical pain. (1)

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2. Sedation And Nitrous Oxide:

If your dentist administers valium, you can resume feeding your child as soon as you are awake from your sedation. You can feed your baby before entering and after leaving the surgical room. Most of the medications used for sedation during dental treatment are extremely safe for breastfeeding women (2). There is no need to pump and dump your breastmilk. The amount of anesthetic in your breast milk after a single dosage of sedative is nil or minimal and will not cause any harm to your precious baby.

Nitrous oxide is insoluble in nature and does not enter your bloodstream. It means that the sedative gas used in dental works immediately moves out of the body and does not permeate the breastmilk. Therefore, it does not adversely affect your breastfeeding baby. (3)

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3. Dental Diagnostic Tests:

The diagnostic tests to check the extent of dental decay include X-rays and fine-needle aspirations, etc. None of these diagnostic tests adversely affects your breast milk production, and you can safely continue to feed and bond with your little angel.

4. Using Dental Products:

You can safely use mouth gels, mouthwashes or other dental products such as Anbesol, Medijel, Oraldene, and Corsodyl during your breastfeeding phase. (4)

If you are a nursing mother, it is advisable to postpone cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening for the time being though the chemicals used may not adversely affect your little one.

Remember, before undergoing any specific dental work or treatment you need to consult your health practitioner to go through the medical process comfortably. While breastfeeding, use any medication or dental product only after seeking professional advice from experts.

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Now you know you do not need to suffer in silence while breastfeeding. Go and seek immediate relief from the dental discomfort by booking an appointment with your dentist today!

Hope you liked our post on dental treatment while breastfeeding. Did you undergo any dental work like wisdom tooth removal or root canal treatment while lactating? What medication did the dentist prescribe? Did you breastfeeding baby suffer from any side effect? Share your complete experience about undergoing dental work while breastfeeding here!

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